Business Intelligence Analyst LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Intelligence Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His natural curiosity and intelligence meant he thrived on being busy and sorting things out.
Genuine and authentic, him a wicked sense of humor sweetens him intelligence and business savvy.
Simply put - he understands the business model of competitive intelligence gathering.
As a competitor, he approaches business and challenges with an intelligent strategy.
John's reputation as an intelligent and thorough analyst and technologist is well-deserved.
John is not only a very intelligent person in his business, but he also cares about "you" in your business.
Always available for advice, he has impressed him with his intelligence, business acumen and attention for detail.
He is intelligent, thorough, makes sure he understands the business rationale as well as the program requirements.
He routinely comes up with creative, intelligent solutions to business problems.
What impressed him most was his obvious intelligence and him drive to ensure that the best outcome was achieved for the business.
Extremely intelligent, he is quick to grasp the business challenges and implement the appropriate actions.
John is very intelligent and, not only does he have a great grasp on technology, but also on business.
John combines both business expertise and that rarest of talents - emotional intelligence.
He creates a positive environment and drives his business with intelligence and charisma.
He's highly experienced, business-savvy, sensible, intelligent, talented and witty.
He demonstrated that he is a highly intelligent guy in business and in life.
He always looks for opportunities to generate business and in the last he is v intelligent at crunching numbers.
He is very competent, intelligent, self motivate and he always has a brilliant solution for any business problems.
John is very talented, he is driven by business results, dedicated, extremely intelligent and capable to align people and business.
He presents as an intelligent and able businessman and is committed to making his business succeed.
This intelligence combined with his broad view of the business, made him his ideal sparring partner.
Unlike others, he remains humble while providing real intelligence in business.
As always, he honors time commitments and writes intelligently about a business that can be complicated.
John knows how to take a sheet of numbers and turn it into concrete, actionable business intelligence.
John also created a business intelligence framework and model that enabled a segmented cohort analysis of our business.
He has a keen business sense and a high degree of intelligence which he uses to evaluate and analyze business needs.
His understanding of our business, having only been here a little more than a year is a testament to his dedication and intelligence.
John dove in and started asking pointed, intelligent questions to better understand the business and figure out next steps.
What makes him, especially unique is his combination of intelligence, business savvy, sense of humor and refusal to fail.
He's dedicated, articulate, intelligent, and as cool as a cucumber, even in the most delicate business situations.
He is remarkably intelligent, sharp as a tack, knows exactly what he wants and is a master of business.