Business Leader LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Leader Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is both an intelligent and learned business leader as well as a great leader.
John has made me a better business owner, business strategist and leader of people.
He is energetic, passionate, decisive, which made him a strong business leader during the challenging business situations.
His business acumen, competitive drive, and contagious enthusiasm has positioned him to be a leader in the business.
John has a broad business acumen and it is open to evaluate new business ideas to innovate and become leaders.
John is a strong leader within him business area and eloquent advocate for his business requirements.
John is a terrific business leader that allowed my business to thrive within a larger organization.
John's understanding of technology and his business acumen makes him a super business leader.
John is a decisive and results-driven business leader with a passion for growing businesses.
John was a great business change leader at a very challenging time within the business.
John is a phenomenal business leader capable of running and the entire business unit.
John is an outstanding leader who balances very effectively the needs of the business as well as those of the individual.
He will help all leaders consider new perspectives as they look at challenges that are impacting their role or business.
He was an inspiring, energetic and positive leader and was much respected and liked by all throughout the business.
John helps business leaders reinvent their businesses/departments by getting them to think outside of the box.
I was always impressed with his desire to help other business leaders without any expectations in return.
I have tremendous respect for what he has done for our business and have found him to be a great leader.
Him constant diligence and appreciation for the business made him one of the leaders in each assignment.
John is an extraordinary leader in the business and is valued very much beyond him leadership here.
John is a business thought leader and you can always count on him to do what he says he is going to do.
Not often do you come across a business leader who is trustworthy and backs up everything he promises.
John is an energetic, thorough and very effective business leader, that are borne out by his results.
He understands companies and business leaders as well as their challenges because he has been there.
John knows how to ask the right questions and help business leaders get to the root of a problem.
He links businesses to each other, leaders to one another and becomes a friend at each juncture.
I can only highly recommend him to others, and see him as a very valuable leader to any business.
John is an outspoken leader who is passionate and convicted in his approach to his business.
And last but not least, his honesty and straightness in doing business makes him a great leader, .
His overall understanding of business allows him to be a leader in most any role he is assigned.
John comes with my highest recommendation for any business looking for a leader with impact.
John is also one of those business leaders that walk the talk, and who actions immediately.
He has been an inspirational leader who has been instrumental in taking the business forward.
Other business leaders there respected him-listened to him-and acted on his recommendations.
John's passion for both business outcomes and the “how” make him an invaluable leader.
He has proven to be an excellent visionary and leader when it comes to growing businesses.
He is a true leader and you want him by your side when you're trying to conduct business.
He makes the business connection in a way that is non threatening and leaders understand.
He can flex to the needs of both the young entrepreneur and the veteran business leader.
John is bright, energetic and well rounded leader who is well oriented in the business.
John is the rarest of business leaders in that he possesses so many diverse strengths.
John is an idea man and who is very well connected to business and thought leaders.
John's passion and enthusiasm are infectious and he was a leader within the business.
He is passionate about his business and would be a great leader in most environments.
John is a leader who amazes you with his simplicity & understanding of the business.
Overall, he is an example of a successful business leader with exceptional character.
A true business leader, who would be considerate to all only to achieve his mission.
He's an outstanding leader who is not only smart but also has great business sense.
John has and is an inspirational business leader and equally an all round good guy.
This combination, along with his genuineness, has made him a great business leader.
John is a leader with the dedication and leadership to make any business a success.
John has all the traits that will make leaders successful in today's business world.
He is an extremely diligent business leader and very passionate in what he does.
John is an outstanding business leader - it has been a privilege to know him.
A leader whom is not afraid to roll up his sleeves and built up the business.
He is a trusted leader, passionate about the company and about the business.
John is a great leader and someone to look up to in the business sense of things.
John is proven business leader with extensive leadership experience across many businesses and functions.
John is a charismatic leader with vision and business acumen that sets him apart as a phenomenal leader.
He takes the time to understand their business and is an effective and commercial leader in the business.
He partners with business leaders to really understand the business, its strategy and how people help it succeed.
As a leader, he is decisive, he knows where the business needs to get to and he is focused in his approach.
He is an innovative leader, always seeing the growth opportunities in different aspects of the business.
His success in doing so is measurable and known within the state by its business and government leaders.
John is passionate about what he does and gives you the guidance tailored to you as a business leader.
His deep understanding and passion for the business makes him an overall leader of the organization.
He is an experienced, committed and well respected leader for all stakeholders within the business.
He exceeded our expectations, and he was the leader in bringing new business to our organization.
He is an inspirational leader and cares as much for the individual as he does for the business.
Partners look to him as a strong leader who can help them advance their business and get results.
John is a thorough leader, who is committed to the growth of his employees, and business.
He gives you the autonomy and self-belief that you need as a leader to thrive in any business.
He is an incredible leader who uses metrics to measure the business needs of the organization.
Veeraraghavan is an intelligent business leader well known for his acumen and thoughtfulness.
John is a leader within our business group, and he would be an asset to any organization.
In his opinion, leader with these attributes will help you shape your business for tomorrow.
He always impressed him with his follow up and commitment to his needs as a business leader.
He's always looking towards the future and strategic in his approach with business leaders.
John in not just an incredible photographer, he is a strong leader and businesswoman
He should be the template for anyone who wants to call themselves a great business leader.
He is a real leader who puts his heart into anything he does as if it was his own business.
Additionally, as a business leader, he is always striving for improvement and excellence.
During this assignment, he was widely recognized as an excellent leader in his business.
John knew the business inside and out and was a thought leader within the organization.
He is an uncommon leader who has the capacity to shape the next evolution of business.
John is an excellent business leader who consistently added value to both companies.
His passion for the business is also appreciated and he is a great thorough leader.
Am sure he has all it takes for oneself to grow into an effective business leader.
He will prove to be an asset, and leader, in businesses lucky enough to get him.
John is a very solid global business leader who always want to make others great.
He will definitely be an asset to any company who needs a good business leader.
He is a leader in the business and is recognized by his many awards and honors.
John creates an environment for business leaders whom aspire to be "winners".
He always knows what business leaders need and can bring it in clear details.
John is someone that any small business owner or leader should get to know.
There's just not a better business leader out there (in his humble opinion).
He is one of the most astute minds in the business and is a natural leader.
John possesses all the right attributes of a great leader in business.
John's approach in business and as a leader is very humble and understated.
This may have a lot to do with his previous experience as a business leader
A humble leader who has established himself firmly in his business arena.
John makes things happen and is a true entrepreneur and business leader.
He is an excellent leader, with an excellent vision and business acumen.
His traits as a leader resonates throughout any business he is involved.
His experience is effectively applied to help business leaders progress.
Finally, he has been the leader in major business deals of unique nature.
They helped him look at his strengths and weaknesses as a business leader.
John is not only a great salesman, he is an outstanding business leader.
John is a business leader who lives the values he expects others to follow.
When it comes to business he is results driven and a committed leader.
His suggested responses are a must for business leaders in all sectors.
John is a successful entrepreneur and leader for businesses everywhere.
As an entrepreneur and business leader, he acts quickly and decisively.
In the business world he is certainly a leader rather than a follower.
He excels in all three categories, making him an ideal business leader.
His mission: transform the world by transforming its business leaders.
If ever there was a future business leader in the making, this is him.
John has grown into a very strong and well rounded business leader.
In every phase of business, he sets himself apart as a thought leader.
A great leader and extremely disciplined and focused on his business.
John has years of experience as a business leader doing just this.
John is an excellent leader in a busy, competitive environment.
He is a leader in character and performance in and out of business.
John is a very effective leader who adds business value every day.
John has always been a dynamic business woman and fearless leader.
As a business leader, he is very decisive and swift in his actions.
He is a true leader, of which he business world needs right now.
He is a strong business leader dedicated to the pursuit of excellence.
John not only helped the business, but helped him grow as a leader.
He has a strong sense of business and is an accomplished leader.
Undoubtedly, he is a true business leader whom you can rely on.
Our company for the emerging culture of the future business leaders of John.
Our company, calm and fair; John is an exceptional business leader.
As a new business leader, his our company needs were different from the rest of the company's
He is an absolute leader, by example, and is destined for great things in his our company business.
Our company leaders need people that will follow, and John is one of those leaders.
He is a mature business leader who is dependable, driven and committed to doing the right thing for our customers and the business.
John is a business leader who focuses on delivering value and business benefits of whatever is he involved with.
Deep understanding of strategic targets of each business unit to allow him to be an efficient business leader.
He gets technology and knows exactly how it can help businesses to be leaders in their space.
He collaborates well with both business as well as technology leaders.
He keeps the things we do in alignment with the goals and direction of the business and has defined himself as a strong leader within the business.
He can grasp complicated business issues and present them to business leaders with clarity and solutions.
He comes with very pleasant personality, firm business leader and innovative business mind.
Under all of this is a very driven, focused and exceptional business leader who understood his business so well.
Cincinnati is lucky to have him as one of the business leaders in our community.
The relationships he has created with him business leaders are unparallelled.
Allows him to rapidly add value to business and business leaders across the whole spectrum of their operation.
He continuously provides solutions for leaders that will meet the needs of the business.
Our company his role as a technical and business leader, John is very savvy when it comes to business.
Despite being one of the busiest leaders within the business he always has time to 'compare notes' and provide input in other areas of the business.