Business Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He understands both the business and technical sides of the asset management business.
He manages the business by managing people, defending them whenever needed and empowering them as much as possible.
John is our company and has proven he can manage a complex business with little management oversight.
John manages both business and people well and has balanced top-down/bottom up management style.
He is a great manager of people and has tremendous insight when it comes to business management.
He directly manages a large group of people and also managed to bring in new business.
John can help do this providing the management of the business are serious about creating long-term cultural change in their business.
He is able to apply business judgment and demonstrate immediate success in managing business in which he has little or no experience.
Without his expertise, we would not have managed to win new business in a highly competitive business area.
He manages to drive a strong message on business governance while always striving to help the business.
In addition, he has managed his own small business and is currently employed as a business broker.
He's very knowledgeable in business intelligence and business performance management.
John and his team had managed his business beyond his expectations.
John manages both compliance and business in a way that protects our clients and business.
He knows his territory, and managed his dealers' challenges as though they were his own businesses.
John understands very well what the business and people managers are looking for in new hires.
John inspires him in his drive for excellence in all things, especially business management.
Not only did he manage the business very well, but was also very able to motivate others.
He manages people well - and in doing so, he transfers his own passion for the business.
John knows the business and also takes the time to get to know the people he manages.
He is dedicated not only to the business he runs, but also to the people he manages.
What he knows about management is worth the effort of engaging him and his business.
The way he manages people and the business is what makes him unique and successful.
He came in and diligently managed his business to drive the necessary results.
He collaborates well with all stakeholders, business partners and management.
Him insight on business management as well as self-publishing is impeccable.
Aside from his exceptional business acumen, he knows how to manage people.
His ability to manage people as well as the business was truly inspiring.
His approach to management and business was refreshing and motivating.
He knows people, management, the business world and what he is doing.
John particularly shines as a manager of people, not just the business.
Excellent manager, his knowledge about business needs is outstanding.
You definitely want him managing your inbound call center business.
This allows him to drive business and adapt to manage the demand.
He managed to make our company self funding efficient business.
He keeps everyone engaged and focused on what is right for the business, even when business may not be going as planned.
John knows the foreclosure business and uses best practices in conducting his business.
Those two things make the difference between him being a good business manager and exceptional business leader.
He successfully instrumented and managed many difficult business and management situations and decisions.
At a time when there are many changes in his business this course is so relevant and the need to manage his time well and set goals for his business.
He constantly anticipated our needs to manage the business and provided keen insight into business problems and solutions.
A gifted manager, his approach to encouraging the best for those he managed was clearly evident with the deliverables achieved during an incredibly pressured, busy time for the business.
He definitely is an asset to any business or process he manages.
As the business leader, he managed the business unit efficiently and successfully.
A professional, hard-driving business manager, he also makes business fun.
He is an excellent business manager and very effective managing clients portfolio's.
He's everywhere, knows everyone-and these are important places in the business of managing contacts.
He did an exceptional job of managing his employees' needs versus the needs of the business.
He provided us with the tools to manage our business differently and more efficiently.
John is very focused on business need and manage things to reach his target.
John's approach in business as well as management has been always solution focused.
John managed to focus what our business was about into three simple words.
He helps the company to anchoring new business management and strategy.
John built and managed several vital applications for the business.
John's management style is very business focus and pragmatically
He always exceeded business revenue numbers and managed the business to assign budgets.
His insight into business strategies, business relationships, and how a business should run has been invaluable.
As his manager, he was great to manage and always willing to tackle the priority challenges that the business needed to attack.
His stakeholder management is exceptional, especially whilst managing a highly visible channel within the business.
His management style allowed him to be involved in all business facets without ever being a micro-manager.
He manages to involve even suspicious ones which is a real treasure in managing any kind of business.
But more importantly, it is his business nuance, and management understanding of the business issues that matters, that really sets him apart.
John took the long view of our business dealings and was excellent at forecasting and managing several aspects of the business simultaneously.
His vast business management enables him to strategically see the whole picture, what it will take to scale and grow the business.
John stands out as a fine business manager - and this trait of his, is not a made for only one kind of business role.
As his business expands, he's taken on additional excellent trainers, and he manages his business very efficiently.
He understood his business needs and recommend the best approach to plan, create and manage his business website.
He came across as a highly energetic business manager with excellent abilities to spot business opportunities.
He manages to create a business from scratch and significant scale it up to a fruitful business.
John managed the worldwide telephony business within the global services business of our company.
As a business manager, he shows a sharp business sense, always focused on his business goals yet willing to take calculated risks.
He knows how to manage the business while at the same time how to motivate people.
As the project manager he was always clear and concise about business delivery requirements as well as managing business expectations.
John manages several business branches and the most amazing for him is how he is enthusiastic to delve into all the business processes.
John's management style is such that he is on top of what is happening in his business unit, without taking ownership from his managers.
He sees clearly the whole picture and does what is necessary to make business happen, while managing the needs of all of those involved.
Although sometimes he was quite busy, but still he would spend some time to make sure that he manages to help his friends out.
If you're wondering why he's always busy, it's because him managers can't help but give him stuff to do since he always delivers.
John is very smart and experience in his business, and he can manage everything happened around and will know how to handle.
John knows his business, knows how and where to find the best values, he knows how to manage the transaction so it can close.
He wants to understand the business you manage and know when there is opportunity for you to be aggressive or conservative.
In summary, he is an all-round business manager, familiar with all situations and always willing to take any challenge.
He somehow seems to manage all of the crazy stuff he has to do to succeed and would be an asset to any business.
Him, follow through was flawless and he could always be trusted to manage him business without much oversight.
John asks the right questions that most business managers are afraid to ask, but now need to be answered.
John allowed us to deliver our promises to the business and management and it doesn't get better than that.
He knows what will move his business forward, and manages to do so while staying competitive and innovative.
This experience enables him to help businesses make the right decisions and better manage their cash flow
He understood the business and was well liked by both the hiring managers and the candidates he placed.
John is an enthusiast, one who takes time to understand the needs of the business and those he manages.
At the time, he was managing both businesses - and both are challenging and demanding in their own ways.
John prepares him candidates with an understanding of the business and what the manager is looking for.
John always provides insightful advice that contributes to the management and growth of his business.
John is responsive to his needs and has given him great advice about how to manage and grow his business.
John is both entrepreneurial and strategic with how he manages his business, as well as transactional.
He is a manager to whom you could trust your business, as he will make sure it will become a success.
He certainly manages a business that does what they say they are going to do in the time scale given.
He also managed to keep him busy throughout the year and always pleasant to talk to and very helpful.
Nevertheless, he's not the kind of manager who sits somewhere above and mind nothing but the business.
He's able to manage across all levels of the organization to get the best results for the business.
He manages up well, even when the business environment is complex or the priorities somewhat soft.
A proficient and reliable manager, he is well-liked and conscientious in all his business dealings.
His soft skills are truly exceptional, which makes it easy for him to run and manage his business.
Developing his managers to succeed in running their business, always with positive reinforcement.
He comes across as one of the most focussed, determined, honest and passionate business manager.
Him efficiency and time management allows him to do extremely well, even during very busy times.
He does not micro-manage and is always willing to roll-up his sleeves to help bring in business.
John goes in deep with him hiring managers and gets to know their business from the ground up.
Nevertheless, he has managed to deliver the requirements by understanding the business indeed.
John also puts the business first and manages their expectations, so there no surprises occur.
He managed our new business right from its inception and is greatly responsible for its success
John is clearly a sophisticated, business manager and could be successful wherever he chooses.
All that said, he has continued to show his brilliance in his approach to managing his business.
He provided extreme value to all of the remote business managers, both domestic and foreign.
His business acumen is second to none, and his management style encourages everyone to win.
He always had his pulse on every aspect of the business, and managed with passion and humor.
John always surprised him with his insightful approach to managing business and organizations.
As his manager, he will offload anything on his plate that prevents him from closing business.
He always looks for ways to grow the business while managing the objectives of both parties.
That way he manages to do his business for years and years without influences from outside.
He also provided ideas that have helped him with growing his business and managing employees.
His approach to management, business, and supervision is always well measured and balanced.
His zest for life carries into the way he manages his business, and it is truly contagious.
John understands the value of pipeline management in his approach for landing new business.
John's business and management acumen is second only to his savvy yet friendly disposition.
John also had the business savvy and experience to make him an excellent potential manager.
In doing so, he always had an eye on the business he managed and delivered strong results.
He is extremely passionate about the business he manages, and this passion is contagious
John also exemplifies superlative management when it comes to making business tradeoffs.
He adapts his management style to bring out the best in the individual and the business.
As this was a totally new business venture for us, we could not have managed without him.
He managed to find his company as many opportunities as possible to do business together.
Rarely has he ever sent him a candidate that didn't suit his business or management style.
John managed various challenging and complex business transformations very successfully
If he's managing your business, you can sleep in your bed without any question in mind.
He understands our business needs and always manages to put forward suitable candidates.
He got into the weeds, understood our business, and managed to make sense of the chaos.
John is his interim manager during a period of profound changes within the business.
John's style of management required him to take ownership of his slice of the business.
He managed and grew the business upon his retirement without the slightest interruption.
He is a big asset for the organization and he will definitely manage and transform business.
He managed this while enabling the business to continue at pace and with flexibility.
He would be perfect for any business that is looking for a great manager or employee.
He always shows his outstanding ability on both business and organizational management.
His management style is focused on the business yet, is "collaborative" and positive.
He carefully considers business objectives while managing individuals' expectations.
But he's got a keen sense of the business and can effectively help manage an agency.
His passion for the business creates an environment of success for those he manages.
He knows what it takes to successfully manage his business and welcomes challenges.
People orientation & business objectivity are the highlights of his managing style.