Business Objects Administrator LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Objects Administrator Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John clearly understood our business objectives and not only delivered, but exceeded our expectations.
His leadership ability is one that is inclusive yet focused on the overall business objectives.
He understands business objectives and focuses on getting messages across that will convert.
John provided excellent advice and an objective eye to help us grow one of our businesses.
Clients loved him because he understood their business objectives and delivered results.
He concentrates on the business objectives while ensuring that he is delivering value.
His approach was very targeted to our business objectives and him approach was genuine.
The way he met business objectives even in the most complex situations is exemplary.
He clearly explained the business issues and objectives and was receptive to advice.
He always exceeds expectations on delivering quantifiable business objectives.
His devotion to achieving his business' profit objective is without compare.
John broke down the big picture and clarified business objectives.
Their inventive ideas ensured his business objectives were met.
John makes sure that he thoroughly understands the business he is creating and how he will accomplish his objectives.
He clearly understands an organization's business objectives as well as the obstacles that could impede achieving those objectives.
He never lost sight of the client's objectives whilst always achieving his own business objectives.
He not only deals with the details, but also understands the overall business objectives.
This combined with his overall business awareness and his clear understanding of our business and its objectives as a region.
John is not saved nothing and gives everything he can and is available to go beyond the objectives.
He knows what he is doing and he will strive toward his objective.
His alignment with strategic objectives of business is perfect.
Providing the perfect connection with his department and mine whilst maintaining our business objectives.
He listens first to his business objectives and always comes back with a compelling solution.
His contribution to our business objectives has been acknowledged by our key stakeholders.
People orientation & balancing it with business objectives has been key to his success.
John's commitment to accomplishing key business objectives was unwavering.
Moreover, he gets team spirit, leadership and business objectives.
Clients depend upon him to make thoughtful recommendations to help meet their business objectives.
He always suggests ideas which help meet the organization's business objectives.
John's subtle grasp of our business, and appreciation of our objectives make him a formidable business coach.
The way in which he contributed was perfectly aligned with our business objectives and the culture we trying to achieve.
What was refreshing was his objective and unselfish approach: he clearly put his needs before his own business interests.
He's good at getting his "homework" done to reach his objectives, and makes it easy for others to do business with him.
John will analyze business objectives with precision, looking at all possible outcomes, either intended or unintended.
Specifically, he combines an in-depth understanding of our business with an objectivity that we sorely need.
He also maintains a solid balance between his particular assignment and the overall business objectives.
John also has a broad business appreciation into which he can position his specific objectives.
He follows through his commitments and strives to achieve big and bold business objectives.
He gave him great insight on how to close more business as well as how to answer objections.
He consistently met or exceeded every business objective and expectation we had.
He understands a great variety of businesses and their disparate objectives.
He takes ownership of his objectives and the company's objectives.
His administration background and knowledge allows business owners to feel confident in entrusting him with their administrative tasks.
He can take his peers, sub-ordinates and superiors along too well to meet business objectives.
John prioritizes key objectives which drive the business forward.
Customer experience is paramount while always ensuring that he keeps sight of the overall business objectives.
His experience and background would be of great value to anyone seeking to further their business objectives.
John looks at the business strategically and is always forthcoming with his objectives and goals.
He puts the client and business objectives first and is a solid business professional.
He blends business, technology and organisational structure together to deliver on business objectives.
On top that, he knows where and whom to push around to get the things done for meeting the business objectives defined in the role.
First, although he has lots of good ideas for new businesses, he is objective about determining which have the most merit.
He clearly understands the value of business partnerships which he leverages to meet him and the company's objectives.
His input is always trusted & relied upon, as he knows how to translate business objectives into results.
He constantly looks for new ideas for him clients without drifting away from their business objectives.
In short, he is someone who is able to translate business objectives into practical outcomes.
Johns ability to engage with all audiences guarantees business objectives is delivered.
John always keeps his clients and candidates' business objectives top of mind.
John's business objectives are constantly in line for optimal results.
When he met with him one-to-one, he seriously took the time to understand his business objectives and career objectives, as well as his capabilities.