Business Office Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Office Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is the business manager for our non-profit organization.

Internally, he is passionate with his business and the people he manages.

We started as business partners and then he became his manager.

His course management strategies have also helped his business.

His objective was to ensure the success of these business managers.

He manages organizations well while growing small businesses.

John knows how to make the office fun, but still take care of business.

He understands business, management, and perhaps most importantly, people.

His ability to manage people as well as the business was truly inspiring.

Both his approach to business and people management was very refreshing.

He knows people, management, the business world and what he is doing.

He expertly managed the dynamically across all levels of the business.

Additionally, he managed with a balance of business and personnel needs.

John is a business oriented, responsible and reliable manager.

Obviously he denotes natural ability to manage people and business.

His management style and business acumen are keys to his success.

He makes a great manager and business partner if you need one.

Him ability to manage a business and his people is fantastic.

His understanding of their business and needs results in successful outsourcing of many back office functions.

We are now better organized in our client management business because of him.

John's personal and business life so he could concentrate on his business.

As the office manager, he is reliable, hard-working, and made sure the office ran nothing short of smooth.

This was the reason he was favorite with all of the students in our business management class.

John managed one of the largest and toughest business territories in the country.

The one who soon comes to your office to share his ideas about the product and business.

John brought a positive energy to our office and got down to business quickly.

Thambu loves independence and has his own lanky style of managing business.

John's positive attitude and business savviness have brought all kinds of success for our office.

He understands the needs of his business very well and manages his people and his vendors fairly.

John's focus on the practical business of managing our planet.

John is a great addition to the office, he had some of the best relationships with candidates throughout the business.

John manages his life and business with honesty and integrity.

He's one of the very few freelancers that everyone in our office actually enjoyed doing business with on a regular basis.

Even being a busy manager, he seems to find time to enjoy his family and the life outside the office.

Unlike just about everyone in business he actually understands risk, and how to evaluate and manage it.

His ethics and business management practice mean that things get done, correctly and successfully.

Organized, insightful and diligent, he manages the client's business, not just assignments.

He understands the business objectives and participates very actively with the management.

His proactive management style positively impacted both our business and organization.

He endured a lot of changes in management and business requirements and yet still always managed to stay on top of things.

John is one of the best all around recruiters in the business.

John, while we were operating from same office, but handling different category of business.

He is the guy you want leading your business when you have managers that do things right - he'll make sure you're doing the right things.

He manages the business as though it were his own and strives to always lead by example.

When he walks into the office, he immediately gets down to business which influences others around him desk.

He's got the right attitude towards the business, manages to engage people and get things done.

He understands not only the needs that the business is trying to address, but the positions of all of the partners in his managed ecosystem.

With him access to upper management he often would brainstorm with them looking for ways to grow their business.

In one short week, he managed to provide him with many things which were vital in the start up of his business.

He understands how to connect workforce management with business needs, clearly articulating the value.

He established himself as a true partner with both himself and the hiring managers in the business.

He is very ambitious, but he managed his business very cleverly and hired very good people.

He managed to deliver solutions that matched the business needs, with no delays or issues.

John managed his business very effectively, addressed issues and drove them to solutions.

He managed the business, stakeholders, partners (and him) with just the right touch.

John also understands the fiduciary aspects of managing a business or department.

John's approach to managing both people and business issues was awe-inspiring.

Stakeholder management, strong business understanding and analysis are some of his core competencies.

John understands business management and how to align organizations for the best structure.

John knows the business inside and out, he listens closely to requirements, and manages to exceed expectations consistently.