Business Operations Analyst LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Operations Analyst Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He gets the big picture and is totally involved with the company's business and operations.
It is true that he owns and operates successful businesses and he helps others do the same.
He possesses a brilliant mindset toward both the operations and the principles of business.
John can optimize an operation and from a new starting point grow the business.
He understands the core of both business and operations, which is a very rare trait.
John operates a straightforward, aboveboard business with no tricks or gimmicks.
He encompasses both an operational mastery and a good business acumen.
Because he has experience operating his own business, he knows how important it is to be available and proactive.
He understands the business needs of a company which operates across multiple time zones and under varying operational conditions.
His business acumen and eye for every detail in operations is something to look up to.
John operates at the confluence of tech, business and consumer experiences.
John's operational experience makes him invaluable in running a business.
His business perspective and operating experience created value.
His passion to truly help locally owned and operated businesses become more successful comes through in everything he does.
John never ceased to amaze him with his understanding of virtual worlds and how they should operate in business.
Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he is an ace at recognizing and optimizing business operations.
He's also good with clients and operations and business stuff, but you will have to ask him about that.
His clients very much valued his approach and his contribution to their business and operations.
He listens to the needs of the business paying close attention to the employee and operations.
John so knows his stuff, can analyse the situation for a business operator and guide them to build super operations.
He adapted rapidly to the business and was soon playing a key role in the operational function of the business.
He understands the operations of a business along with the support and planning of that business.
He made a significant contribution to our operator business and look forward to working with him again in the future.
His specialism is bringing together the operators with businesses which add value to their offerings.
John consistently exhibits knowledge and insight in the operation of his business.
He is equally adept at creative pursuits as he is with business operations.
He's very intuitive and attuned to the way that organisations operate - or need to operate - and him friendly, approachable manner makes him a pleasure to do business with.
John can help businesses achieve what they want to without sending them on routes that will be against the company's operating principles.
He operates with authenticity and empathy and has the best interests of the business and the people within it at every step.
He makes sure that he understands the business he is directly impacting and the operations surrounding the core department.
John is a very conscientious and efficient business operative who never promises anything he can't provide.
Thinking beyond the operational perspective and in terms of business success is one of his key strengths.
He is a key player in the business that he operates within and adds value in all that he does.
He created an operations department that allowed franchisees to truly assess their business.
John operates his business with transparency and understands the importance of due diligence.
Excellent operator who understands the needs of the business he is dealing with and his own team's capabilities.
If your looking to get serious about your business and operations give him a call today.
He learns the business as a true operator, which further allows him to be an even stronger relied upon business leader.
Related to that he also wants to understand the larger organization he is operating in to balance him objectives with the business'.
Beyond this, his advice regarding business practices and the operations of the organization has been most helpful.
At the same time, he also taught himself a lot about the operational side of the business.
He operates a great business in our local area and is very helpful.
John operates his business professionally and with integrity.
If you want to rewrite the operating rules that are constraining your business, then you should talk to him sooner rather than later.
John is always mindful of business and operational needs, ensuring he mobilised around the priorities, showing adaptability.
It isn't enough that he owns and operates a successful coffee shop/cafe, but also in the way he conducts his business.
With his background in business, he was able to navigate the operations side of the university very comfortably.
His dealings with him required his patience in bridging the gap between business and operational requirements.
He conducted incisive operations analyses that provided business insights that were vital to our success.
John's opinion is valued on our board because of his business background and "operational common sense.
His business acumen is unrivaled and he is adept at operating two or three levels above his own.
He knows the ins and outs of business operations well, and is also a wiz with number crunching.
He has excellent command of the steps necessary to start or operate a new or existing business.
John's core expertise in operations has helped him easily cruise through all business segments.
Him business strategy and operational insights are delivered with the same precision and grace.
John is a tenacious business operator who has a great ability to think outside the square.
He is a quick learner and understands the business environment that he needs to operate in.
John is a very strong operator, knows his stuff and is a pleasure to do business with.
John is invaluable to him in ensuring the smooth operation of his legal business.
John is visionary and is changing the tour operating business single handingly.