Business Operations Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Operations Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He manages his business from a long-term perspective and is not bothered too much about the actual operational issues.
John complements his inspirational leadership style with a solid foundation in operations and business management.
His knowledge of operations management is second to none, and his sharpness in making business decisions is admirable.
As well as the operations he is also responsible for vendor management so he knows business process too.
However, he also has the business acumen that places him in the category beyond operational management - the area of true strategic management and leadership.
His attention to detail and understanding of business operations can provide a lot of value to any business.
John worked well and collaborated with both the business and technical operations side of the business.
John's focus has always been doing the right thing for the business to ensure resilience in the continuity of operations.
John is very passionate about recruitment and people and this reflects in the way he operates and manages his business.
John understands the business or company's operations in its finest details.
His experience as an entrepreneur and running his own business is evidence of his capacity to manage all aspects of an operation.
John operates his business and his life with honesty and integrity.
His commitment to business and also his open way of communication contribute to the success of the business he was managing.
He ensured it was operational and open for business on-time and under budget.
He's an amazing manager, extremely well organized, and truly understands what how to operate a fast paced business.
He extremely diligent in managing cross line of business operations and ensuring overall sustainability.
This combination made him effective as a business leader, innovator, manager, and as an operator.
John is one of those rare business men who naturally serves as an inspiring contributor and reference in the business sector he operates in.
But don't be fooled - his commercial, operational management and business leadership credentials are outstanding.
John knows the business and also takes the time to get to know the people he manages.
His expertise in operations, business start, process and tactics proved essential to the business.
He operates transparently and thoughtfully to expand the relationship and the business.
He's intelligent, friendly and operates with excellent business acumen.
John's operational, commercial and business acumen were evident in all facets of the businesses he had leadership responsibility for.
He also has a deep understanding of the importance of business processes modeling and business process management, to achieve operational business goals within an enterprise.
John is a very intelligent business manager and has a strong grasp of the business community he operates in.
Professional, informed and no nonsense in his approach to business and operations.
He understands the big picture and can artfully manage the operational and organizational aspects of the business simultaneously.
His firm grasp of business operations and people management enabled him to navigate through some challenging moments.
John provides solutions to any problem concerning business management and the day to day operations of the organization.
John managed operations throughout more than one change in how we organized and measured our business performance, and throughout he provided leadership and guidance that was critical to his own success in managing his piece of the business.
He manages his department smoothly while also helping to manage many other facets of the business, from operations to technical support/expertise.
He knows his business and always manages to deliver the right solutions to its partners.
John regularly went above and beyond to ensure the smooth operation of the business and the team.
His mastery of the business operations needs was extremely helpful to his team.
John manages his businesses very effectively and his personal experience with him in business has been very positive.
John's knowledge of intricate business operations is above reproach and allows him to provide a true business partnership.
His great experience with management and business operations, allows him to be the perfect advisor to get things going in the right direction for any size business.
He knows the technology very well also the operation and management of that.
With his business background he could clearly understand the business and operational requirements our software needed to meet.
John acted as a business leader for outsourcing and reorganizing an operational business unit.
He also approached the business from an entrepreneurial perspective which was extremely refreshing and beneficial to the operation.
Happy to recommend him to anyone as a terrific operator, who is efficient in how he approaches business problems.
John listened deeply and now has a deep understanding of our business and operational problems.
John operates an exciting business and has a natural aptitude for making connections.
John led the operations side of our business through a significant growth phase.
His ability to relate operations to business is his best asset.
He understands what is required for all aspects of the business from client management and project management to business processes and operations.
John, operates an innovative, creative and highly efficient business.
He operates and manages him business relationships with utmost respect and integrity towards all individuals.
His support of him in operating his business is inspiring and very much appreciated.
He took time to meet with our hiring managers to truly understand the needs of the business.
His business acumen is top notch, he manages all aspects of business, be it the people, financials or operations with great finesse.
His strong business sense and clarity of thoughts make him an effective manager.
John excelled at driving business growth, managing teams, and achieving operational success.
His structured approach to management is married with giving his team the autonomy to operate and manage their businesses as individuals.
Additionally, he is obviously well organised, can prioritise well & from his experience, he operates successfully within deadlines, as one would expect managing such a business.
He understands business critical and operational needs and provides valuable support and guidance to enable managers to operate effectively.
He project managed a number of initiatives that delivered operational changes to our business.
He operates through the collaborative style of management and work as an extension of your business team.