Business Operations Specialist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Operations Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He understood how to drive business operation efficiency and he has a clear vision on how to grow and take businesses to the next level.
John's tireless dedication to reducing operating costs and expenses for businesses and business owners is beyond reproach.
John can start operations from scratch, with few means, and then extend the business and the size of the company.
His ability to analyze business operations to identify issues extremely valuable.
John and the staff at his company operate a first class business.
He is innovative, intelligent and authentic in the way he conducts himself and operates his business.
He contributed to multiple areas, improving business and operations.
He truly understands how a business should operate to be profitable and helps his people focus on the right metrics of the business to keep them there.
Without any doubts he's an outstanding specialist in every business he works with.
During his interactions with him, he was a good salesperson, that also knew about the operations of his business.
He openly shares his experiences both good and bad in operating his own businesses.
He also clearly understands the operational aspect of him marketing business.
One of his other marked contributions to the business was the implementation of operational site self-assessments.
While his passions are around technology, he also loves business and is fascinated by the way they operate.
He has the ability to understand how the business operates as he comes from a large organization himself.
His contributions to our operational areas have allowed our business to achieve greater results.
Apart from his business operations expertise, he has an excellent understanding of technology.
His intellectual horsepower allows him to operate in a variety of lines of business.
John's stellar and unparalleled business acumen is consistently illustrated through his unique ability to have clearly mastered the intersection of business and operations.
He understands strategy and business operations, which means he can help a business in a variety of ways to become more profitable and to grow.
His publications on the subject of home based business operations should be one of the essentials for anyone operating or planning to operate a home based business.
His knowledge and expertise across a diverse range of business operations and lines of business was immense.
John certainly operates in this way, his knowledge and ability was never in question along with his strong business acumen.
John is an excellent business operator; but more importantly, he has the highest degree of integrity.
John operates from a robust foundation of business acumen and integrity.
His business acumen is exceptional for employees in his role making him valuable in leading business operations.
His analysis of different business operating influences on our business has been instrumental in policy setting and direction.
John understands immediately the business impact of operational flaws and he knows how to separate out those of high importance from those that will have a less business impact.
He knows how to build an operation from the ground up and run it as a smart business.
He operates from a win-win perspective, and is an enjoyable business partner.
His knowledge of business systems and how to streamline a business operation has proved invaluable.
His expertise in the business strategy and operations are essential to the team.
He does not need to prove his professionalism, because he is a great specialist in his business.
He exposed the perception of many business owners having to do all things within their operations to then free them up through delegation and outsourcing.
One of his best attributes is his business sense and overall operational awareness which allows him to keep a step ahead of any potential issues.
In his role as a new business specialist, he was the one who only got more enthusiastic as time went on while the rest of us just got more tired.
John always kept a balance between security, operational needs, and business needs.
Through his leadership we were able to operate as a small business with the guidance of big business executives.
John operates and executes his business using the most ethical and transparent methodology.
He is a key strategic partner within the business operations.
John offers comprehensive training to businesses wishing to streamline their operations.
He's extremely passionate about business architecture, business operations and strategy, and he's always ready to share his knowledge.
His prowess to quickly understand business issues and zero-in on to solutions, cognizant of the unique business and operational implications was very critical.
He is extremely detail oriented which is critical in the business areas in which he operates.
John took the time to understand his business so that he was able to partner with him to deliver both strategic and operational activities for his business.
John demonstrated incredible understanding of his business from an operational and strategic perspective.
He keeps him informed of changes and compliances that may impact our business operations.
John's business acumen is grounded in his fundamental understanding of business operations as an entrepreneur, and his diverse roles in corporate environments.
John dove deep into the operations of our lessees, seeming to understand their businesses (and, therefore, their needs) better than some of their employees.
John is passionate about his clients and their business, he puts his all into getting the best results and is a smart operator.
As a business professional he is very astute and operates very strategically to deal with all threats before they impact on the business.
His knowledge of operations and his astute business acumen allowed him to make sound business decisions - both verbally and in writing.
John always demonstrated profound business operation, competence being ahead of the business status and able to find solutions for very complex challenges.
Supporting his business operation, he is always, on the ball, striving for success both in the "day job" and outside.
John can be counted on to bring his perspective, balanced in strategic and operational aspects, with the business.
John's knowledge of small business operations would undoubtedly be very valuable for those seeking advice.
In business he operates with integrity and relentless pursuit to achieve the results desired.
His knowledge in all aspects of running and operating a tourism business is second to none.
John provides knows his subject inside out and provides expert and independent advice to enable operators to make the right decisions for their business.
His expertise in business strategy, structure and systems have shaped and transformed the way in which business is now operated.