Business Owner LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Owner Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He understands how to find new business and, more importantly, how to listen closely to what they those business owners are looking for.
If your self-employed or own a business owner, you will be amazed at the extra value he will bring to doing business with him.
Since he is a business owner himself, he has a great understanding of what it takes to help you keep your business running.
His ethics in business are unquestionable and his vision will inspire any business owner to achieve all they can be.
He is well-focused on business growth and ensuring that growth doesn't compromise the business owner's values.
John is cut from the same cloth that helps business owners and businesses doesn't only succeed but sustain success.
He is exceptionally good as the business enabler and in making the business owners to identify their course.
John is a business owner, who knows the joys and struggles of entrepreneurship and small business growth.
John deals with a side of the business that many business owners - myself included - often struggle with.
All of this is achieved within a proven mechanism to help businesses optimize what they do, and helps business owners really get to grips with running their businesses (as opposed to running after their business, or trying to push them along).
He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of business and is very driven to help business owners make the changes needed to give them the business they desire and can have.
He is particular about protecting the interests of the owner and the business.
His experience as a business-owner and entrepreneur have been of extraordinary value for the growth of my own business.
He is a small business owner who has grown his business with energy and enthusiasm.
I would recommend his seminars to all business professionals and especially small business owners.
He provides mentorship and valuable guidance to other business owners as they strive to grow successful businesses.
John is an enthusiastic and compelling business owner who is wise and confident in his business practices.
John small-business owner, having a machine down means having my business down.
Being a business owner, he knows that business owners put a lot into their business - passion, heart, love, time and money just to name a few.
John introduced me to other business owners who had also been through the same procedures, all of whom help me greatly.
Him agreements clearly spell out what he can and will do, and what is expected of the business owner.
John has also connected me with several other business owners, which has been beneficial for me.
Working with him has been one of the best things that could've happened to me as a business owner.
John provided us with a fresh look at who we were as individuals and business owners.
As an owner of the business, he always balances outcomes for different stakeholders.
He is approachable and very honest, which is advantageous to all business owners.
He has been through it and can really identify with issues business owners face.
He is great with small business owners and really is out for their best interest.
He absolutely deserves all the success that has come his way as a business owner.
I am pleased that he has agreed to help the business owners with his expertise.
John has the ability to understand what business owners need to be profitable.
It is small business owners like him who make the difference in our country.
John has always been authentic, genuine, friendly to all the business owners.
He has worked hand in hand with each of the business owners to help them in every aspect of their business.
He builds "amazing business and spectacular life" not only for himself, but also for others business owners.
He has proven himself to be very knowledgeable in several facets of business, especially those associated with helping small business owners.
If you're a business owner who wants to truly see your business thrive, then you shouldn't miss an opportunity to work with him.
He can easily switch to a business owner as he understands how businesses work.
He understands where the small business owner is coming from and works well with the constraints common to small business owners.
He is the person who understands the business needs in a way that is really reflected the needs of business and its owners.
He has created countless business opportunities for other business owners from our network.
His willingness to help business owners capitalize from his extensive global network of business owners is legendary.
He was exemplary of what business owners require, when some important discussions had to take place about what was best for their business and future.
John is passionate about equipping business owners with capabilities that enable them to make their businesses work for them, thus growing the individuals, as well as their businesses.
He is able to take the business owner to another level with new ideas to brand their business.
John has been in business for himself for a long time and thus he gets the demands small business owners have.
John's positive and can-do attitude is something that every business owner wants to see in collaboration.
I will continue to use him and would recommend him to any business owner that wants to make an impact.
He truly wants to help business owners achieve more success, without all the stress.
He earned the respect of other business owners by contributing to the conversations and navigating his way through numerous business challenges.
John has an uncanny ability to help business owners become the success story they dreamt of becoming when they initially started their business.
John is excellent at helping small business owners understand new concepts and help them adapt them to their business effectively.
He has served as a business counselor/mentor for current and prospective business owners committed to success.
John has a sincere business savvy and as a business owner myself, this is what makes a company thrive.
I have yet to meet other business owner who puts so much of his heart into his work and the growth of his business.
He increased our business knowledge drastically allowing us to prepare to be business owners.
He gives so much of himself while working with entrepreneurs and business owners.
I have seen first hand the impact he can have on others and would recommend him to business owners who are ready to transform their life and business.
I would encourage any business owner to employ his time and expertise if your goal is to grow your business.
He makes life too simple for the business owner and that's the way it should be.
The best part is, he's selfless in providing his global business expertise to other small business owners.
As a busy mom and business owner, taking time for himself oftentimes takes a back burner.
Our company John would be a tremendous asset to any business owner looking to better understand their potential and the potential of their business.
A driven entrepreneur, he also looks for opportunities to help his fellow business owners to grow their business via our company amongst others.
He works well with business owners and all those who come together to promote new business and the creation of jobs.
They know the technology that helps business owners like him to run our businesses faster and more effectively.
John not only provides strategies to business owners, but he also helps those businesses connect with the resources they need.
In the past years, he has taken in so much of them that he can pull from all of them to add value to different business owners and entrepreneurs.
You need to look at what he has to offer, if you're looking for someone who can help you keep more money in your pocket as a business owner.
John came to him as a relatively inexperienced business owner who knew there was more he could do, just not sure what or how.
His passion and craving to be the best at what he does makes him an inspiration for other business owners like him.
John knows how to cut through the fluff and make an immediate and significant difference to business owners.
It is testament to these traits that he is now the owner of the business that we first employed him in.
He really stands behind his friends and really wants to help small business owners to be successful.
John provides one of the voices of clarity and sensible advice that many new business owners need.
He is very diligent in what he does and is also passionate about helping small business owners.
John knows how to ask the tough questions that all business owners must answer to be successful.
His passion in this regard is one that any business owner would come to trust and appreciate.
Furthermore, he is frank and genuine, and as a business owner that is what you want and need.
John's expertise in the business resulted in the new owners retaining him as the president.
He understands the barriers faced by business owners and how to get us to take new actions.
His entrepreneurial mindset allows him to collaborate with business owners on all levels.
John is an amazing business owner who really loves what he does through thick and thin.
As a business owner, he provides flexibility for his employees and is very understanding.
This is the number one reason he is very successful as an individual and business owner.
As entrepreneurs and business owners, we're fortunate to have him nudging us forwards.
As the owner of three businesses, he knows how to take a dream and make it a reality.
He is a business owner himself so he approaches each assignment from that perspective.
John is genuine and forthright, and he attracts those same kinds of business owners.
He takes time to fully understand the needs of the business and that of the owners.
If you're a small business owner, you probably should have contacted him yesterday.
He's one of those unsung heroes that every small business owner should know about.
He has inspired him as a female business owner through his example and dedication.
He consistently wins over business owners when in competition with competitors.
It's no wonder he has such a fiercely loyal following of small business owners.
He really focuses on key issues/challenges that we all face as business owners.
John's leadership and his commitment to women business owners is unparalleled.
He's more than welcome to join forces with small business owners like himself.
He facilitates sessions to bring business owners together so we are not alone.
He will connect with you very easily, and help you succeed as a business owner.
He'll quickly identify the business owners and all influencing constituents.
He sees things from a different perspective than most small business owners.
John knows the challenges that face small business owners and entrepreneurs.
His first observation was his passion and concern for small business owners.
The ways that he has connecting and helping business owners are fantastic.
John may be an astute business owner, but he is also a good friend.
He provides value for business owners in the form of real dollar savings.
All business owners need to give him a ring to see what he has to offer.
He has experience that is invaluable to today's internet business owners.
It's no wonder he's so dedicated to helping business owners achieve more.
He takes business owners and turns them into accomplished entrepreneurs.
John is an energetic, ambitious and highly successful business owner.
His key message to small business owners is to look after yourselves.
He will not let a business owner give up on themselves or their dreams.
His company is aligned with business owner needs and they "get it".
John is a business owner with enthusiasm, experience and expertise.
Up until this point, his mindset was one of a small business owner.
Besides for growing the business he's also a great company owner.
As a business owner, he knows that time is money for both of us.
He cares about not only your company, but you as a business owner.
Small business owners get to (have to) wear many different hats.
From a business owner's perspective, we are blessed to have him.
Additionally, as a business owner this gives him peace of mind.
He is an intelligent business-owner and all around great guy.
John goes above and beyond each month to organize one of the our company's best groups for business owners.
Phillippa our company is the quintessential 'fairy godmother' of organisation for any business owner.
Our company is too much trouble for John and always delivers on promises made by business owners.
He encourages all employees to think of our company as their business - to act like owners.
Highly recommended for business owners looking to get their websites ranked in our company.
He's smart and clever and understands our company inside out for the business owner.
Our company focussed & driven, John would be an asset to any business owner.
He looks at his position at our company as more of a business owner than an employee.
He helped connect him to some great business owners here on our company.
The attendee's were our company business owners who often have high expectations.
John is an outstanding owner of his businesses at our company.
He helped transform him from a practice owner of a business owner.
His dedication to his clients and unrelenting resolve to make one's business success is something every business owner should experience.
His methodologies and techniques will certainly help any entrepreneur and business owner receive referrals and grow business.
He can also see the bigger picture of campaign and business strategy and advise the business owners accordingly.
John's workshops provide the tools to make business owners more confident in building their business.
His advice has been hugely helpful to our business and to him personally as a business owner.
John's course was made simple to understand, and even allowed a busy (and not really that technical) business owner like himself, to get back to the business and make some immediate changes to our website, which had an immediate impact.
As a business owner he is not only competitive with service and pricing, but he is also very well connected and strives to make your business profitable by connecting you with other businesses.
John makes business law accessible to small business owners - not only in terms of cost, but also comprehension.
For these reasons, the business owner has always relied on him to lead him most renounced group of businesses.
His organization has helped him make many connections with business owners, which lead to business for his firm.
His approach to business and contract law makes it easy for business owners to access and understand.
His business simplification philosophy has benefited many businesses and their owners by removing unnecessary complexity and freeing up business resources.
John also enthusiastically provides his talents to business owners in need of advice.
Plus, he is always more than generous with other business owners who ask him for help.