Business Planning Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Planning Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

And the business plan depended on framing himself as an expert.
His business plan templates are used by future entrepreneurs all over the world.
John's intuitive insights are invaluable to his business planning and success.
When he looked at our business plan he asked all the questions nobody else did.
He'll make sure you have a clear plan for how to make your business stand out.
His bet is that he'll put you on the next level up in your business or plans.
He came to talk to him about his business strategy and plans for the future.
John helped us to get our business plan ready for talks with investors.
One of his biggest hurtles of this venture was the proper business plan.
John provides clear and concise strategy and plans for your business.
The individual attention and business planning are of huge value to him.
He will definitely add value to anyone's small business growth plans.
The effective strategies used in his business plan are phenomenal.
John turned our ideas floated into an actionable business plan.
John is strong in strategy and well thought out business plans.
His actionable plan delivered promises and business was saved.
His ability to manage through change and uncertainty and keep plans on track was of tremendous value to the business.
John is a very useful business partner: he can find the solutions for your business idea and he's very collaborative planning.
His depth of knowledge around business planning and what it takes for a business to succeed is insurmountable.
John listens to business owners and managers to understand their business before recommending solutions.
His major barrier to reach his goals was not having an effective business plan that would allow him to achieve his business targets.
The format of our forum is that a man business owner presents his business plan.
Him recommendation on reviewing business plans weekly has already helped grow his business as well.
It's all about planning, and re-planning and scheduling and he knows how doing that.
His thoughtful, interactive and well-planned approach is exactly what our business needs.
He helped him get more organized and to understand the limitations of his business plan.
The action plan was implemented and all turned out very well for him and his business.
His ideas are often innovative and offer exceptional value to the business plan.
He takes time to consider our requirements for each aspect of our business plan.
He can make great business based decisions while planning or under pressure.
He excelled in his time there, running planning on some challenging business.
He's direct and easy to understand and we value that in business planning.
His contribution while helping him plan two business reviews was invaluable.
His sessions are engaging, business-focused and meticulously planned.
His pragmatic approach to business analysis and planning is terrific.
John has provided tools to help him implement his business plan.
Doing business analysis and planning for strategy is his forte.
He oversees the implementation of the company business plans.
Even when something hasn't gone to plan, you want to get it right and not let him down.
Operationally, he is the man you need when things don't go as planned.
John is very good in many things he does, especially in planning.
He wants to make sure he comes up with plans that are realistic.
His plan is to implement his strategies going forward with his event planning business.
John's strategic planning helped business counterparts to drive their businesses to the best future possible.
John really helps him to plan ahead and work towards his dreams for his business.
John worked for him as a business strategy and planning manager.
He thoughtfully constructs business plans and analyze key business metrics.
John keeps our management team focused towards considering the effects on our people during our business planning.
He plans to engage, stimulating lesson plans, which help the kids understand academia and the business world.
His initial plan was sporadic and his new plan is more consistent with better results.
He always seems to have a plan, and a vision for accomplishing the plan.
John is the go-to person if you are in need of a business plan.
He really knows his stuff when it comes to business plans, strategic planning and setting yourself up for effective capital raising.
John uses the ideas presented by others and incorporates them into his business plan for its betterment.
John also has valuable insights into negotiation and business transition planning.
If you plan to take your business to the next level, his expertise is key.
John just 'gets it' - people, planning, the business, everything.
He managed the business with clear goals, well defined plans and in a very organized manner.
Detailed, thorough, a great manager of people he can be trusted to deliver a business plan.
He even still manages to plot a long range plan amongst the busy schedules.