Business Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Helped him by talking about different issues, by common business projects, by just being his colleagues.
He excels in his ability to understand the business requirements and has managed several projects through successful completions.
His particular project and our company grew to new heights thanks to his outstanding management style and business approach.
He managed and successfully delivered multiple projects spanning diverse business functions/industries.
John is an excellent business manager bringing years of expertise to any project he is involved in.
He fully understands the role of project management within the bigger context of a business.
John excels in a busy environment and is able to manage multiple, complex projects.
John's role on this particular project was crucial as he was managing a number of key deliverables for the project as well as some key business stakeholders.
He managed to find the appropriate business drivers to make this project successful.
He effectively managed complex business and technical projects.
On his first project he embraced him and his business partners as we were the only people that mattered during our business acquisition.
Not only was he involved with the business aspects of the project, but certainly managing the deployment as well.
He completed all his projects as business expectations and received much recognition from the business partners.
John manages a variety of projects from both the business perspective and infrastructure perspective.
He has a creative business mind and he is able to sort through complex business projects.
John is his primary business partner on several projects at our company.
His schedule was very busy, but always managed to make time for us and always checked in to see how we were coming along with our projects.
Although very busy with the rest of his job, he devoted all the time he could manage to helping with the project.
As a project manager he was always engaged and focused to deliver the best possible solution for business.
John has not just managed the deadlines for the project; he took the initiatives to understand the business and functional requirements for each project that we worked on together.
He shared his business experience when project issues were encountered and provided leadership so that our project stayed on the time management track.
He examines your business from the inside and projects your image out.
He clearly knows his business and brings great energy to any project.
His leadership on each project also required strong partnership with a business project team.
His knowledge and ability to manage people and projects would complement any business.
His research projects have helped him close new business and increase existing business.
His business acumen and articulation helped the project team to get the required sponsorship from business.
He fosters teamwork on his projects, is well organized and is able to manage several complex projects simultaneously.
John's unparalleled understanding of project management helped drive projects to success on many occasions.
He came in and was able jump right into projects and meetings like someone who had been in the business for years.
He will take the time to ensure that you are getting the best results on your projects and business ventures.
An experience like this is rare and his role in the project covered many different areas of the business.
As busy as he is, he pushes aside all outside distractions and concentrates on the project at hand.
All of the projects that he assigned were always done in time and during regular business hours.
You can trust him with any project and business decision that the organisation would face.
John brings his expertise and his passion for cycling to the project for our business.
He also understood business needs and was accommodating to project demands, as necessary.
John's projects always had clear deliverables that mapped back to business objectives.
He always has good and innovative ideas for new projects and business opportunities.
John understood the business and the project requirements and delivered every time.
John understands business and how to add value to his clients and their projects.
John for different projects and established lots of business activities.
He immerses himself into any project, initiative, role, or business review.
Thanks to him, an academic project of mine became a successful business.
He delivered in a whole range of tasks and projects for the business.
His open mind was always valued by project members and the business.
Under his management the project was delivered on time, under budget, and with no adverse impacts to the business.
Each time he's managed the project very effectively and built out world class infrastructure for his business.
This breadth of technological and business comprehension makes him an ideal project manager.
He isn't daunted by projects dealing with businesses of all sizes, and has had no trouble picking up other teammates' projects and bringing them to fruition.
In these projects he provided superb clarity regarding key business initiatives as well as the primary project goals.
He keeps the strategic needs of the business in mind when working on projects, and thinks about how his project will impact other parts of the business.
Completely focused on business results, he still manages to be well liked and respected.
He manages his business very well and also open collaboration with others.
John manages his business with incredible enthusiasm and precision.
John is a very switched-on business manager; he definitely has his finger on the pulse of all the companies he manages.
Each one of his projects provided the business with a solid foundation from which to grow and handle the capacity of future business growth.
John pursues a clear business impact for his projects, ensuring there is indeed a business value or need prior to commencing.
John's work as a project manager was outstanding and vital to the success of these projects.
John works well as an individual contributor and as a project manager on larger projects.