Business Relationship Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Relationship Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is always pleased to help in any way that he could to further business and relationships within the reseller channel.
He maintained an excellent relationships without our clients, and through those relationships quickly expanded our business.
He is always looking for what he can give instead of what he can get out of business relationships and it is a pleasure to be associated with him.
He will always do what is best for the business while maintaining a balanced relationship with all those involved.
He has some great relationships outside the business, which was hardly surprising because he has an easy manner.
He also created some additional value propositions that we're strengthening the relationship between our businesses.
He also has the ability to see the potential in business deals and relationships that others might overlook.
He understands the value of relationships and conducts all aspects of his business with that value in mind.
He highlighted how this could be detrimental to forming relationships and taking our business forward.
One of his best abilities is the way he establishes relationships, transforming business in friendship.
John goes sometimes hard, sometimes soft towards the uncomfortable truths in business relationships.
Not just in his business dealings, but with the relationships he forms along the way "off the clock".
John goes out of his way to make a solid business relationship with others who are on the climb up.
In our business relationship, he has shown himself to be trustworthy and delivering on his promise.
He's great at cultivating relationships, but also very aggressive when it comes to closing business.
John clearly understands the value of using the platform to create genuine business relationships.
He also possesses meaningful business relationships with almost everyone which hasn't hurt either.
He is constantly hunting out new opportunities to further grow relationships and new business.
He understands that business relationships need balance and that one side cannot always win.
We have enjoyed our relationship with him and we look forward to a successful business future.
John's extensive expertise in business relationships and their synergy is extraordinary.
He's the man with the money and he knows how to keep business relationships flowing smoothly.
Johns relationships and connection to the selling side of the business was also first class.
He knows the value of a strong relationship and treats your business as if it were his own.
He will go above and beyond to make sure the business relationship is a win-win situation.
The extra effort he provides in business is noticeable in the relationships he creates.
John knows what it takes to cultivate new business relationships and keep existing ones.
John also formed close relationships with the business stakeholders for whom he served.
John brings an ethical nature to him business relationships that are second to none.
His genuine concern for him as an individual transcends the business relationship.
His ethical perspective on business relationships is to be admired and emulated.
He got very good communiq and believes in relationships than just mere business.
Our business relationship is ongoing and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.
His approach has been to maintain good relationship for betterment of business.
He is interested in a win/win relationship with everyone he does business with.
He brings passion and enthusiasm to every business relationship he establishes.
His insight and understanding in complex business relationships is invaluable.
John's and his business relationship has been long standing for over a decade.
John transforms and moves up any business relationship to the next level.
He approaches relationships and business opportunities in an open manner.
He forges great relationships across the business and gives great advice.
He approaches business relationships with an eye toward the long term.
The business relationships that he forms are solid and long-lasting.
He knows how to nurture long term lucrative business relationships.
John forges strong relationships at all levels of the business.
This has allowed him to be very effective managing business relationships in a complex, global organisation.
John to be very knowledgeable about business marketing and business management.
John will work very hard on your business and is incredible at forming a true business relationship.
He also managed relationships with publishers from small to major, as well as relationships with authors.
He instilled in everyone the importance of our relationships with our managers.
John also managed the relationship with other departments effectively.
He's also great at putting like-minded business people together, which is ideal for creating fruitful business relationships.
He values the business relationships with people while balancing business outcomes that invariably turn out positive.
He connects fast to people creating unique business relationships that allows outstanding business results.
He closely managed many of our business relationships as well as treated patients and marketed to the business.
He learned our business very quickly and established relationships with hiring managers that they truly appreciated.
He works with business relationships, having their best interest and their business growth as his primary goals.
As a relationship manager, he has always demonstrated very good knowledge of his business.
Whether it's connecting with clients, business to business relationships or prioritizing your (valuable) time, he has your answers.
He achieves business objectives by focusing on the relationships and the needs of all the stakeholders.