Business Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His understanding of the business is second to none, and his people skills are first class.
John is down to business and has a very strong presentation and interpersonal skills.
And beyond all that, he is an interesting, skillful and enjoyable business partner.
I'm very impressed with his business, leadership, and organizational skills.
I have no hesitation in commending him most highly for his business skills, his strong strategic sense and his diplomatic skill in dealing with business interlocutors.
His business skills are a match - he has great interpersonal skills as well as a depth of domain knowledge from running his business.
Johns enviable experience is an asset to any business who is serious about up Skilling and shaping their business for the future.
John's business partner relationship skills always resulted in the role being incredibly busy.
He was hired because we felt his skills and attitude would be best suited to implement change drive the business forward as we took the business from a small business to medium-sized business.
John has an excellent attitude, a keen eye for business needs and excellent business partnership skills.
John understands business on a global scale and is very skilled in making excellent business decisions.
I am always amazed at the new ideas that never seems to end coming from him and will recommend him to any business that needs his skills.
John's passion for helping others to grow their skill shines through, as he gets to know you and your business.
John has an extensive range of skills, which we are looking forward to leveraging further to grow the business.
We've since been in touch regularly and he has indicated that he has enhanced his business skills even more.
He is skilled at separating the emotion that is sometimes involved from the requirements of the business.
He genuinely wants to see the business succeed and use his skills and expertise to make this happen.
I very much appreciate his skills to organize and finalize business even under difficult environment.
John will do well in roles that involve both his biotech/technical expertise and his business skills.
John is the best choice for any business environment where his skills can do magic around the place.
He also has tremendous leadership skills that saw him oversee the expansion of several businesses.
Not only for the business skills he brings, but for the way he positively contributes to culture.
He has since gone on to apply his well earned entrepreneurial skills to other business ventures.
I would not hesitate to recommend him both for his skills and for his excellent business ethic.
I'm sure in his new role these business partnership skills will be even more crucially valued.
John provides opportunities for others to showcase their skills and promote their businesses.
This is a testament not only to his skills in leadership and business, but to his character.
He is not only highly skilled at his profession, but his business ethics are beyond reproach.
John is truly exceptional in his business skills, leadership accomplishments and potentials.
John is intuitive and also disciplined, which is an excellent combination of business skills.
He will most definitely be an invaluable asset to any business where skills are employed.
Detail oriented, responsive, and self starting is just a few of his many business skills.
John's confidence in himself and his skill-set makes doing business with him a pleasure.
Surely you will be impressed by him too with his exceptional skills in business strategy.
What really strikes me as impressive is his well rounded business and managerial skills.
He is particularly skilled in collaborative selling, which brought him business success.
His astute business skills and well-rounded capabilities have made him very successful.
After many years in the business, his skills and expertise shine through effortlessly.
He has shown excellent skills of entrepreneurship, in establishing his own businesses.
I was impressed by his insight and observation skills as well as his business acumen.
I was consistently impressed by his business acumen as well as his managerial skills.
John has recently joined our business and has brought so many great skills with him.
John is quite well-rounded and versatile, both in his skill-sets and business acumen.
Also, he has a skill set of how to approach the different layer of position in business.
John has always been extremely skilled in focusing on the big bets of the business.
John skills & his belief in me has been a huge transformation for me & my business.
I think highly of his skills and he would be an asset for any business environment.
I'd highly recommend him to anyone who finds him skills valuable to their business.
John gave me the skills and confidence to take my business to the next level.
He always applies his business skills in the most effective and beneficial manner.
I am in awe of his business skill, and am always on the phone with him for advice.
John is a skilled articulator and business man that does what he says he will do.
He understood our business and applied his skills to what we do to give examples.
He is well respective for his initiative, business insight and leadership skills.
John had a combination of business leadership skills that were clearly effective.
John has great interpersonal skills that show with his business accomplishments.
John has a strong analytical / problem solving, business, and interpersonal skills.
John has had a monumental impact on my business because of his expert skills.
Him business skills combined with his passion for helping others are commendable.
John's leadership skills and infectious passion for the business are unmatched.
It is a strong business skill that allows him to network, make strong business relations and conduct good business transactions.
John has very good decision making skills and also demonstrated excellent business negotiation skills.
John business will find his extremely valuable leadership skills and contributions to your business team invaluable in bringing your business to the next level.
He is skilled, knows what he's talking about and more importantly - taught him some new things that will help him grow his business.
John is always looking to take the business to the next level and he is able to do so with his exceptional directorial skills.
He is not only adaptable, but often becomes an expert in recently acquired skills which he uses to improve the business.
He gets the business, is not afraid of taking responsibility for his decisions, and uses his many skills to the max.
He has many skills that would be transferable to any business and he would most certainly be a valuable asset.
John uses his experience and skills not only to satisfy the business need, but to exceed their expectations.
Networking skills are essential in today's business - this comes natural to him and he has these in abundance.
One of his greatest skills is his capability to see possibilities in every situation when it comes to business.
John has the skills and insights to be able to make you think totally differently about your business.
His business partnership and collaboration skills are outstanding and have always been well recognized.
John's business and organizational skills would be invaluable to any organization considering him.
John and his colleagues love what they do and their business skills and experience are second to none.
Among other things has used his many skills to redesign and improve his business cards and stationery.
Interpersonal skills and business savvy are some of the other precious attributes that he possesses.
With that attitude and his business skills, he will go far in his career- in spite of the economy.
John's ability to identify the needs within the business is one of his greatest skills in his opinion.
John has the business skills and right attitude to excel in any position within any organization.
These skills with his ability to consider things from a business perspective make him invaluable.
John's skills and experience have given us a positive way forward with our business this year.
The way he applies his skills and experience to the business needs and requirements is excellent.
Not only does he have all the leadership and business skills, but he also has a solid intuition.
He knows when to use his business skills while focusing on the players experience and enjoyment.
An asset to any business and with transferable skills that allows him to adapt to any situation.
The success he has had in this business is certainly a testament to his skills and connections.
Tega understood his business, the skills that were critical, and the values of the organization.
His ability to apply his skills across very different business environments is most impressive.
And on top what was really appreciated was his passion for business and his leadership skills.
He kept of us focused on the business while at the same time helping us to broaden our skills.
You can trust in his business skills and abilities even in the most challenging environments.
Thanks to his business skills and his strong background, he is comfortable in any challenge.
John's business insights are right on the mark and his organizational skills are superb.
His balance of business and interpersonal skills are what makes him the ultimate colleague.
With his skills, upbeat attitude, and willingness to help, he is an asset to any business.
The skills and wisdom he passed on are ones that have allowed him to thrive in his business.
With his entrepreneurial and leadership skills, he can take any business to great levels.
In the very near future, his skills will be required assets for any successful business.
John is smart and skilled and he can contribute exponentially to your business growth.
John can apply his many skills to any business situation and always gets great results.
John's skills will be a huge asset to any business, and he comes very highly recommended.
He provided practical, useful skills that have already helped him to start his business.
John's commitment and nature make him easy to like in addition to his business skills.
Interpersonal skills and multidisciplinary business acumen are among his strong points.
His skills have the potential not only to save businesses money but also from disaster.
Luckily for us, his business acumen is equaled by his incredible interpersonal skills.
His proven skills will be an asset to any organization looking to grow their business.
John's impressive background and skills position him well in many business scenarios.
He listens and really knows his subject matter as well, having broader business skills.
His leadership was an example to all and his business and interpersonal skills unique.
His business experience gives him mediation skills, extra and very useful dimension.
John has great practical skills, but more than that he really understands the business
His skills, clarity and passion in doing businesses make things simple and joyful.
John's translation skills are excellent and he thoroughly understood our business.
His positive disposition and leadership skills would be an asset to any business.
John is exceptionally skilled and knows how to move a business forward rapidly.
Him business and organizational skills have earned praise from several quarters.
He would be an asset to any business or organization which matches his skill set.
John's skills and techniques for business requirement gathering are very sharp.
Him organisational skills ensured his busy timetable was always well maintained.
He also had very good follow up skills which contributed to his business growth.
His skills are broad and his experience in various business domains is broader.
He has excellent business skills and applied them with precision in his duties.
John has high business skilled and could see in different layers in the same time
His ethics and morals, as well as his business acumen and skills are impeccable
During that time, he impressed him with his broad spectrum of business skills.
His positive attitude is infectious, and his business skills are unparalleled.
His greatest skill is knowing how to position your business to best advantage.
He applied this skill very successfully during countless new business pitches.
His positive outlook and business skills will always have him in high regard.
He has impressive business skills and he is always a target and result focused.
This new found skill has helped him win new business and increase his turnover.
John also has the unique skills of a multicultural business understanding.
He's got the connections, skills and values make your tour good business.
John's skills contributed to winning significant business for the company.
This skill is an advantage of him making businesses with foreign countries.
If you could "cookie-cut" his skills, your business would be richer for it.
He uses his skills wisely to ensure that the business results are achieved.
With his new company he shows us his entrepreneurial skills and business vision.
John, with his closing skills, will bring higher profits to your business.
His skill set is versatile and can be applied to any number of businesses.
His business acumen, leadership and influencing skills are extraordinary.
John's skills and ethics will enhance any business he participates in.
He possesses the skills and experience that every busy lawyer looks for.
John has so many skill sets, he should have a hinge on his business card.
John has a huge skill in being able to help make new business simple.
By combining these skills he adds real value to any business he touches.
His reviewing skills and business mindedness is an asset to the company.
To him, this skill is invaluable when applied to a business opportunity.