Business Trend Awareness LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Trend Awareness Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

In his business he is not talking about today's trends, but more about future trends.
John came in to our business to help increase awareness within our sector.
This awareness allows him to make specific changes and grow his business.
There is no simply no one better in his business that we are aware of.
He always keeps himself updated with the ongoing business trends.
He can anticipate trends and their implications for business.
His business knowledge coupled with his ability to keep up with business trends is impressive.
He protects him core businesses while having great instincts about trends and new business opportunities.
His focus on business and economic trends are instrumental to the growth of his business.
He also is very aware of business trends, and communicates well to the organization his findings.
He made certain they were aware of, not only the positives, but also the downside of business ownership.
Doing so, he notices new trends and can point out new opportunities for your businesses.
John always has impressed him with his insight into business trends and opportunities.
John always had a keen awareness and interest in what was going on in the business.
John focuses on the future trends and how to take advantage of them in business.
His understanding of the platform and awareness to business needs is widespread.
John provides the no-nonsense business aware approach that gets things done.
He is in touch with all the top business and economic trends.
John is very motivational, and he is aware of best current practises to get the best out of your business.
John monitored the progression of his business and current trends.
He understands the business trends and, has the key ability to predict where it is going and positions his business to benefit from those trends.
John is very business-oriented, he understands customer business clearly, therefore, he can make a quick but correct decision towards dynamic business trends.
He always provides valuable insights into business trends, business culture, business transformation, innovation and a refreshing dose of good humor.
John uses his strong business acumen and ability to accurately analyze business trends to deliver results.
His work has always been trend setting and among the best in the business.
In addition, he follows and reports on trends in the business.
He's up on all the latest business trends and is able to make best-in-class recommendations to advance him clients' businesses.
His grasp of business trends and how to empower the business through technology is world class.
He knows his business well, foresees possible trends, is open for new ideas and goes outside his way to make things happen.
He looks forward and watches closely for trends and changes that will shape our business and our world.
He's the go-to guy when you need to know what how new business trends affect top execs.
John passion for business is only surpassed by his commitment of cultural awareness.
John has an incredible blend of business savvy and awareness that is very unique.
His insight of new trends and business suaveness make him stand out from the rest.
He stays out on the edge of the business, spotting trends well ahead of the pack.
He understands how to leverage trends and turn them into business opportunities.
Our posts get noticed and have led to increased awareness of his business.
Also, he has the ability to envision business trends in the long term.
His great strengths lie in understanding the business trends.
Combine this with great business awareness and an encyclopedic knowledge of the "business" of music, and you begin to know who he is.
His understanding of new innovation along with associated business trends always excites him.
He listens and reviews the needs of your business and also the pitfalls to be aware of.
Several times their advice or ideas, he has helped him to see the new trends in business.
John understands what business is all about and he is always aware of the bottom line.
John is responsive and is always aware of what is needed to meet the business needs.
His dedication to being ahead of business and language trends is second to none.
He makes it his business to keep up with the latest trends and technologies.
He is bright and fully engaged on the latest business trends.
He sees the trends and knows how to capitalize on those trends.
Customers love working with him and he's always aware of what's happening within his business.
He is always aware of the business implications of the work that he does.
He knows how business works and is very knowledgeable in current and possible future trends affecting his business.
He also is someone who is not only aware of business trends, but figures out how to actively leverage them for his employer.
He reads business trends very well and always finds opportunities that are not apparent.
He knew exactly what was good for the trend and business here in the cloud world.
He astutely understands business trends and is tops in his trade.
He makes you excited about what he's doing to further the business, brand awareness and viewership.
He recommended reports that would help him analyze the trends of the business.
John really understands trends - what is happening in the world around us and what you need to do - as a business - to act.
He's always aware of what's current, and he seems to always have great ideas when it comes to growing a business.