Business Unit Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Business Unit Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His confidence and ability in managing a large business unit is evident for all to see.
He clearly articulated not only his own goals, but the business unit's goals, and helped everyone understand where the business was going.
His canny business acumen and his ability to serve as a bridge to other business units within the company were critical to the success of our unit.
John is a very tenacious manager with excellent focus and understanding of the business he manages.
He worked well inside of the business unit and with outside partners.
His approach and interaction with other business units was very entrepreneurial in many respects.
There is no doubt that his business unit has flourished under his guidance and stewardship.
John's approach to members of the business unit was efficient and open.
Every vendor and business unit stepped up and delivered at his behest.
His dedication to this practice echoed through the business unit.
He brought innovation and expertise into a new business unit.
John is very results and revenue-driven and focused on growing the business unit he was managing.
His keen sense of business has allowed him to take struggling divisions and companies turning them into efficient, profitable business units.
He very quickly understood our diverse business and was able to relate to all business unit managers quickly and with great insight.
From day one he has been an invaluable asset to both himself and the business unit.
His leadership and commitment to his business unit(s) and people are best of breed.
He put his best efforts to achieve the goal of his business unit.
He managed to build a whole new business unit in a matter of months.
He gets to know the business well in many areas that allow him to better understand the needs of specific hiring managers.
John is one of the smartest managers out there for any area of business he gets involved with.
Collaborating with him has taught him how to smartly manage intercultural business deals.
From him celebrant role in managing other businesses he excels in all areas.
John, thank you for an excellent presentation on managing the business of speaking.
John is asked to take on these John even though he wasn't very familiar with the positions, the discipline or the business unit.
He has the ability to multitask across various business units and add value where ever he is asked to participate.
He proved, on more than one occasion, that he can take struggling business units and return them to grow.
While he is an able lieutenant to any commander, he has all the traits to command any business unit.
His ability to clearly articulate ideas and get buy in from various business units is impressive.
John's ability to balance the right candidate and the needs of the business unit is a gift.
He re-organised the business unit to set us up to win which proved successful.
He consistently deliver results for the business unit he is responsible for.
John successfully managed the segregation of two business units, to create clarity around purpose, target and responsibilities.
John's ability to manage numerous stakeholder expectations spanning across ranks and business units is exceptional.
While we were both working in different business units, he was always willing to offer his help and guidance.
John constantly goes above and beyond for the business units and always makes himself available for questions and concerns, which has made him a valuable resource for the businesses.
As a result of this integration, his business unit was able to capture business from which we had previously been excluded.
He provides great insights on how they can better manage their business and focus their efforts.
John built his business unit into a huge success with strong partners who made huge contributions to the business.
He understands the needs of the business unit and his team members.
He managed the business unit's pricing policy very rigorously and to the benefit of the company.
John knows how to initiate, manage and complete the challenges of business and collaborates with all who participate.
John totally understood his client's needs and articulated those well to others across different business units.
John provided us with a thorough assessment that ultimately led to the right decision for the business unit.
John brought the needed structure and scale to our business unit.
He would be a great asset in any business unit or organization.
Him ability to strategically think about touchpoints with the other business units was invaluable.
His versatility across various business units make him irreplaceable in the work place.
He is tough and he knew what he wanted when we would work with him business unit.
He is easy to work with and loyal to the business units with whom he is affiliated.
He understood how teamwork across business units could improve efficiency.
His passion for work and vision for the business unit is exemplary.
He built it into the multi-million dollar independent business unit he now successfully manages.
John provided excellent guidance to the business and was often very helpful in giving advice as we built the international business unit.
John managed facilities, and provided service to his business unit.
He did a stellar job with the new business unit, and actually found new opportunities that would have gone unrealized.
John's resume speaks for itself and will be a strong contributor to any business unit.
He enjoys a great deal of respect from his peers and associated business units.
He is also a diligent and detail-oriented when he manages a business.
Since then he has moved into the enterprise business unit which he was inclined towards and done well.
He always wants to know what is happening in his business unit and open to receive feedback.