Career Advisor LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Career Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He's already accomplished so much in his relatively short career, much more than many do in an entire career.
John has gone out of his way to help others like myself to make sure that we are on our right career path.
John comes across as someone who is good at what he does and knows what he wants in his career.
Impressive in itself when you consider the significant changes he has seen over his career.
I am looking forward to having him back and following up on his career progress.
Many of them talk about things he has done for them sometime in their careers.
I truly believe that he can accomplish whatever he wants to do with his career.
John will go far in his career and he will also make many friends on the way.
I am sure that he will do well in his career and wish him all the very best.
I cannot thank him enough for that, and for the impact he's had on my career.
I would recommend him to anybody who is looking to further their own career.
I really appreciate his guidance and help and strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a career advisor.
John has the ability to bring the best out of you in regards to career accomplishments that you might of otherwise forgotten about during your career.
He's passionate about his career and an entrepreneur within in his career, always willing to take on new roles and responsibilities.
I cannot say enough about the positive impact he has made in my career and the careers of countless others.
John also is a career mentor to me, and he always gives me good suggestion about my career.
John introduced me a prospective career opportunity which later became my career.
He has been the best career advisor for me and he has guided me towards a one way path, which ends in success.
He is a trusted advisor to him candidates as they consider new positions for their career path.
He quickly became my best career advisor with honest, expert recommendations for me.
And ever since, he has become my mentor, my career advisor, and a good friend.
John is also a great career advisor who contributes to and maintains the knowledge of career trends.
John was an amazing career advisor who truly understands each student's career goals, strengths, and weaknesses.
He was always going out of his way to help others who were just starting to get their careers underway.
John is that someone who you come across every now and then in your career, refreshing and energizing.
John tried his very best and felt like he did everything possible to help me start my new career.
John has been the go to guy for me over my career, he knows everyone and everything that is going on.
John always ensures that you have everything that you need to make your career the one you wanted.
He's someone you know is in your corner and will help you make the best possible career choice.
I can not wait to see where he goes in his career, but wherever it is, he will be at the top.
John is one of those individuals that you do not come across very frequently in your career.
John has gone fast and far in his career already, but can go wherever he wants to from here.
I wish him the best in his career and look forward to seeing him do great things in any role.
We have been in touch ever since and it is heartening to see him doing well in his career.
I look forward to seeing the other great accomplishments that he will have in his career.
I consider myself to be lucky to have met him and being associated with him in my career.
He is career driven, knows what he wants and always wants to do his best for everyone.
John is always looking for the next opportunity that will help him advance his career.
He knows how to get in touch with the man who isn't sure where to go in his career.
I am so happy to see that he is in law and am looking forward to following his career.
I look forward to seeing his career progress even more as he is just getting started.
Would definitely recommend him if you are looking for the next step in your career.
I always saw potential in him and had believed that he will do well in his career.
He has been telling me to be "proactive" just as he has always been in his career.
I will be sorry to see him leave, but wish here all the best in his future career.
I can truly say that he has had one of the biggest and the best impacts on my career.
I am certain that he brought this characteristic with him throughout his career.
I would look up to him for any suggestions/inputs regarding career progression.
I wish him all the best in whatever he may choose to do with his future career.
He is very clear about what he wants to do and what to achieve in his career.
I am sure that he will go on to do great things as he progresses in his career.
Welcome him into your circle; you'll consider it among your career-best moves.
I look forward to seeing where his career takes him and wish him all the best.
His dedication to his career and everything else he does is very commendable.
He is being appreciated by almost everyone for his achievements in his career.
John takes his career very seriously and is always trying to better himself.
I wish him the best of luck in his career because this is only the beginning.
He was more than willing to help me in my career search in any way possible.
I truly appreciate him and his desire to have others excel in their careers.
Hands on when he needs to be, and provided the freedom to grow in my career.