Career Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Career Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

The consultancy has provided him & enabled him to make an immediate impact on his career and path.
As a career consultant, he is not only helpful but inspiring.
Something that many consultants all too often do for his liking.
John offered a truly consultative approach to his career search.
If you can have him consult between classes, consider yourself lucky.
He doesn't hold barriers & are available to anyone for consultations.
It has been always an honor for him to consult with him on any topic.
This probably comes from his extensive background in consulting.
What struck him the most about him was his consultative approach.
We used to consult with him very often and relied on him totally.
His consultation is always very straight forward and actionable.
John goes above and beyond his traditional role as consultant.
The consultancy provided for his course tenure was also great.
To call him a "career consultant" doesn't really do him justice.
This was before he became a well-known author and consultant.
It certainly looks like his career has gone from strength to strength.
His career, as well as many others, have thrived under his leadership.
His leadership has brought many of them very far in their career.
And he's done this consistently throughout his amazing career.
His career has been directly impacted through his leadership.
John mentored and provided career advice to him early on in his career.
He shares his immense experiences and allows you to be unique during career consultations.
He is very adept at getting those he consults with to do the right things to grow and be profitable.
He could have just run through the basics without first consulting us, and we would have been happy.
John always offered to help other consultants and was always approachable when in need of advice.
He is someone you like to consult with and he is on top of things in exceptional situations.
This he does, with ever so modest approach, which is sometimes lacking in other consultants.
It was obvious that he'd done his homework on him before we began our first consultation.
He makes this look easy, but he is always looking for ways to challenge our consultants.
Without his contribution the consultancy deliverables would not have been achievable.
People like him and other consultants, to fully understand what was really going on.
We certainly profited from his consultancy and would recommend him unreservedly.
He is an accomplished consultant as he can make complex things appear simpler.
And that's one of the reasons he's been so successful on the consulting side.
He frequently consults with others to make sure his approach is appropriate.
We have kept in touch since and sometimes he has hired him as a consultant.
Basis him behaviour, he is more a friend now than just another consultant.
Non indulgence is what differentiates him in the consulting fraternity.
He can be relied upon for encouragement, consulting, and perspective.
His rapport with clients/prospects is excellent and very consultative.
And also how much extra value he offered him when he consulted for him.
He always has the interest and well being of the consultant at heart.
He would be a great help for anyone that would hire him consultancy.
His approach is straight forward and honest and always consultative.
John is a consultant who delivers and does what he says he will.
Having him as a consultant is not only efficient, but also very nice.
Hire him as a consultant or speaker, and you won't be disappointed.
He did that for him when he got him into a wonderful consulting gig.
His approach is consultative, genuine and very thorough in nature.
His first consultation with him was mind-blowing and revelations.
His approach from the outset was consultative and well organised.
His background in consulting has given him that solid foundation.
John is an exceptionally bright strategy/business consultant.
That being said, he is a great consultant to have on your side.
It was a pleasure to have him back consulting for us this year.
He is always among the top ranked consultants in the country.
John is incredibly helpful and empathetic to new consultants.
His consultative approach to his circumstances was appreciated.
No consulting engagement in his career proved most valuable and none has been as compelling or insightful.
He mentored him through many engagements and provided invaluable advice throughout his consulting career.