Careers Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Careers Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is one of the best in his industry, he listens to what you want, you want out of your career and matches this perfectly.

This lesson has proved invaluable throughout his career across all industries.

John listened intently to his career aspirations and from his background in the industry understood well his career path.

If you are looking to advance your career in this industry, he is definitely someone you want to speak with.

He introduced him to the best industry standards and provided him with the necessary leadership to excel in his career.

He instilled in him a passion for his industry that has stayed with him throughout his career.

He has a promising career in the industry and will excel wherever he is at.

He's already accomplished much in the consumer electronics industry but is still only in the first half of his career.

With his experience in various industries should allow himself to enhance his career track.

His experience in the industry puts him way ahead of most who pursue this career.

John has extensive experience in the career college industry.

In his career, few people have had the ability to see where the industry would end up going and react accordingly.

John's time in the industry and experience have been invaluable to him and his career.

If you are curious to see what is out there, he is the one who really knows the industry and will guide you through a career change.

In an industry that is based on bragging, he is very modest when it comes to his abilities and career achievements.

John will achieve exceptional results in any industry or career he chooses to pursue.

John will truly be an asset no matter what career position and industry he pursues.

John created two sites that are a "must-join" for anyone in the careers industry.

He can establish or resurrect anyones career in the music industry.

Of course, what he speaks for with unimpeachable authority is the career college industry.

John gave him great career advice and specific ways to target the desired industry for his career path.

His ideas work because he understands our industry and has been successful him whole career.

His willingness to do this has made a huge difference in the careers of many people in the industry.

John demonstrated an exceptional grasp of his career in the hotel industry.

John's knowledge of the automotive industry is tremendous and he has helped, not only his career, but the careers of many others through his leadership.

We have been colleagues in the career industry for many years, and his enthusiastic commitment to our profession is well known.

Obviously he understands the industry and his career history, he knew what kind of positions that would take his interest.

He brings such career heritage, any company & industry sectors should be honored to have him on board.

He will definitely bring industriousness, enthusiasm and fresh thinking to his next career adventure.

This gave him an unfair advantage to excel in his career, which he went on to win industry accolades.

It is this relentless pursuit of answers that is setting him up for a stellar career in this industry.

His compassion to help him grow in his career is a true testament of his passion for this industry.

The success he has earned over the years is a worthy compliment to his career in the industry.

John brought a long and successful career in the incentive industry to this effort.

During one point in his career, we worked in the same industry at competing firms.

John joined our team from outside the industry and he learned about our industry very quickly.

John is an inspirational leader and influencer in the industry, he has done amazing things in his career.

His career progression is a testament to the talent that he brings to this industry.

Having worked in the industry his entire career, he is eager to share his expertise.

He ensures they are learning all they can to better themselves and their career.

Also, he is smart and always wanting to learn the new things in his career.

It's been his pleasure to know him for the better part of his career.

He did help him to know things to get his career started well.