Certified Personal Trainer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Certified Personal Trainer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John's words to him was that he didn't think he was the right person for the job.
John always makes you think that you are the most important person on his radar.
He did the right thing by the company, regardless of personal compensation.
For him, more important than everything is the personality of his colleague.
But to him, it is the character of the person that is most important.
These are his personal opinions and not those of his employer.
John is an inspiring trainer and person to meet and work with.
When comes to details he is an attentive, kind of a person and usually quite an observant person.
He's a nice person, and his experience he's an open minded person.
He is the first person to say that he does not know everything, which is very refreshing, especially on the internet.
John not only interviewed him, but made the effort to get to know him personally.
He is an asset not only to the company, but to him personally.
He's definitely the person to go to when considering a change.
John would be an asset to any organization with his personal attributes, vision and a congenial personality.
John is standing up person who does exactly what he says he's going to do, is honest, has integrity and a great person.
A person who has become his personal friend from shear integrity and his unwillingness to quit.
Every once in a while a person of integrity, character and personality comes his way.
From a personal point of view he is very personable, funny and intelligent.
John makes every person and organization better when he is on the job.
Him cheerful and energetic personality is quite contagious, and can be useful to him career as a trainer.
As a trainer, he is charismatic and personable and is able to engage and stimulate participants.
In that sense he is a role model for other coaches and personal trainers.
His personality and energy kept us all going when we didn't think we'd ever make it to the end.
All of this shines through in not only his personality, but, also in his performance.
In his experience, all these things are hard to come by, especially in one person.
Drawing on his personal experiences, that no one should ever have to go through.
John is the type of person that will not do anything unless he can do it well.
John's personality is one that makes you want to learn from him and be around.
John's energy and personality come through and make it all the more exciting.
He does what he says in his personal description and he does it very well.
And, of course, his performance and personality makes it all the better.
This way it is not taken personally, but you learn from what he said.
The best part about him is that he is very down to earth person.
His personal experience is he knows what to do and gets it done.
It really makes other person like him to get along with him well.
He is personable and considerate of those around him as well.
On the personal level, he is very cooperative and friendly person with whom you enjoy the company.
If you want someone that colors inside the lines, he is not your person.
He will always do what's best for the company, even at personal cost.
Even more so when he invited him to meet him over coffee in person.
Make sure you go our of your way to meet him online or in person.
If he cannot help you he can direct you to the correct person.
Based on his personal experience working with him, he is a very committed person.
He is a very friendly person but at the same time his mature approach proves that he is a reliable person.
He's personable, strategic, and above all, someone you can trust.
John is an outgoing person who lights up the room when he walks in with his personality and enthusiasm.
But what makes him a wonderful person to work with is not his talent alone, but his personality.
John's personality and personal experiences make it easy to talk to him about any topic he teaches.
John's personality and intelligence make him a wonderful person with whom to work.
John as a person is very sensitive to his surroundings, very caring and a person who has not limits when he wants to help someone.
The second thing that is important to know is that he is an extremely capable person.
He is very personable and he makes you feel like you are right at home.
The most important thing is his friendly and approachable personality.
John collaborates and partners well with every kind of personality.
Another important characteristic of his personality is the couching.
Trust his recommendations and appreciate his down home personality.
John has an accessible personality and is easily approachable.
He is personal, savvy, thoughtful and best of all accessible.
Equally as important to him, is his strong personal character.
He values loyalty, which is very important to him personally.