Change Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Change Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His threshold for change management and dealing with ambiguity are high.
At the same time he was able to confidently manage and initiate change.
His insight on change management was very helpful in smooth migration.
He advanced quickly within the company and managed change efficiently.
John adapts quickly to change while still managing to hit his quota.
He embraces change, managing uncertainty with grace under pressure.
He knows how to manage change and balance internal stakeholders.
John knows how to manage real change, not top down, but bottom up.
He manages change and shows concern for impact in his decisions.
He completely changed his perspective on what a manager could be.
Him empathy proved invaluable in managing change with the users.
As a manager of change, he proved to be invaluable in his role.
His character is top-notch, as is his ability to manage change.
He is a strong and an inventive manager for out-of-the-box change.
John helped to bring change management reform to his company.
Also, he is our company for change and flexible manager in taking up any challenging roles.
John managed the changing workforce and the changing protocols with ease.
John instituted better practices around release management, change management, and change control.
If he can see that something isn't right, he won't be afraid to try and change it for the better, and do things differently.
He does things when he says he will and challenges himself on being the change he wants to see.
One of the things that always impressed him about him was how methodical he was about change.
It made him really look inside himself and think about how things will change (in his life).
If anything ever needs changing he gets it done very quickly and has never let us down.
When he can change things/procedures for the best, he will do so without any effort.
He always looks at doing things which can change the level at which one is playing.
If we could do it over again, the only thing we would change is to call him sooner.
It makes you want to become proactive & do something to help him change the world.
He encourages change and where possible he makes changes for the better himself.
John will change how you see yourself and the world around you, if you let him.
Working together with him has not only changed his life, but most of all his mindset.
John did this with such dedication and enthusiasm, that we soon saw changes.
He never gets discouraged when we have to change something at the last minute.
He makes sure that 'change' happens and can be relied upon to get things done.
John has always been available and accommodating even for last minute changes.
John knows very well on how to handle different and ever changing priorities.
He helps you see more clearly things that you want to change about yourself.
And his ideas for changing things around are always welcome and appreciated.
John knew that like anything new, there would be some resistance to change.
But most of all, he did not attempt to change him or make him more like him.
He will also tell you, tactfully, where you really need to make a change.
To some these things might seem insignificant; to him it was life changing.
He asked him if there was anything he would need to change to get hired.
John came into an organisation that was going through aggressive change.
As needs change in the organization, he is willing to take on new roles.
It was clear to him that this was untenable - something had to change.
For those who really want to change, he's the best man you can imagine.
He also closely followed up with him and provided feedback on his change.
You won't believe how it could have changed his perspective and his life.
If you are looking for someone that can make a change - he is your man.
He can do the same for you if you have the guts to change and prosper.
We will definitely be using him again when it is time to change again.
If you want him to change anything or add anything in just let him know.
This doesn't mean if things change he isn't flexible enough to adapt.
And, most importantly, he is willing to challenge himself to change.
Don't employ him unless you really want to change your organisation.
Because of his leadership the organization will be forever changed.
He helps you for the here and now and helps when your needs change.
He came in the room, and then something changed in the atmosphere.
He can do that because he is never afraid of change and innovation.
He made some dramatic, but very appropriate and effective changes.
John can push forward change where others would be likely to fail.
John never gave up on him regardless of his ambivalence to change.
John will always change whatever world he is in for the better.
You can assume if he says it, he means it and that won't change.
Don't come near him unless you are ready for your life to change.
John knows what to change in an organization to be more effective.
Almost as importantly, he was someone who could change his mind.
John has been someone who changed that perception in his mind.
While doing this, he also empowered us to change it, and we did.
You will definitely see some positive change if he is on board.
Given the power to make change, he has made many improvements.
Whenever, we needed to change things up, he was there to do it.
If you haven't met him, you should, he could change your life.
Not much has changed since then other than his age and salary.
He is always there for him, and his advices were life changing.
He provided the foundation upon which change became possible.
John isn't for everybody, only those who really want a change.
He's someone who can actually change your perception of life.
His life and the way to look at things has changed since then.
And because of this, our company will forever be changed for the better.
His core competence is to make the change, although change never comes without resistance.
He changed the way we presented our message, hence he changed the company.
In his most recent capacity, he managed to be both the face of change and stability across the change process.
He manages change well for himself and in leading others through complexity.
He manages change effortlessly, whether it's during acquisitions or changes within his role in an organization.
He manages change very efficiently, bringing people along with him even when those changes are unpalatable.
He brings out the best in people regardless of circumstances and is especially adept at change management.
His hand in change management has made lives easier not only for himself but others in our organization.
John can manage change well, so that stressful situations will have positive outcomes.
He has demonstrated that he is highly effective at managing organisational change.
John has exceptional orientation in the change management and future publishing.
As a manager, he's clearly changing oriented, ready to take reasonable risks.
He excels in change management and is not afraid to present new ideas.
John excels when driving change management and end user enablement.
John's experience in managing change and integration is exceptional.
He also is a champion of change management and terrific mentor.
Without changing his system perspective, nothing else would have changed.
By changing his focus, he has changed his mind and his world.
John gave insight into how to manage change and see setbacks more as opportunities to change our life path.
John provided an excellent overview of change management that allowed him to plan for change in his business
John's greatest strengths are in organizational change management (which includes cultural change).
John's awareness of the change management aspects of bringing in any change is a big asset.