Client Associate LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Client Associate Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Today all of his colleagues know and respect him and many are his clients.
He believed in the power of ideas and did all he could to to ensure that clients and associates saw them in the right way.
He treated our associates and clients with the utmost courtesy, dignity and respect.
When it came to client deliverables, he was always on time, and always exceeded client expectations.
He takes the time to understand his clients needs and how he can deliver value to his clients.
All clients like him and has the foresight to identify client demand and requirements.
When he speaks with clients he pinpoints the needs and solutions for these clients.
Both clients and other associates agreed he was great to work with.
What impresses him the most is the way he maintains great relationships with his associates and clients.
John works hard for his clients and is straight-up with him associates too.
He knows what exactly his client wants and he works hard to satisfy the client.
His clients and associates identifies with and build rapport with him readily.
He looks out for his clients and is very thorough and detailed.
John has never let him or one of his client's down, anything that he promises will get done and it will get done on time.
You always know what's going on because he keeps in contact with you and your client at all times.
He takes time to get to know you and what you're looking as much as he does for the client.
Spend time to get to know his clients' needs and make appropriate recommendations.
Nothing is too much trouble for him and he always has time for his clients.
John's can-do attitude always comes across to both colleagues and clients.
It wasn't until last year where the timing was right for him and his client.
He will, and has, bend-over backwards several times over for clients.
He always made sure that both the reps and the clients succeeded.
Ultimately, he demands gold for himself and also of his clients.
And he made him look really good to his client at the same time.
He goes above and beyond his clients expectations every time.
At the same time, he is very client oriented and emphasizes clients' needs and wants at all times.
John goes above and beyond for all of his clients and really cares about each of those client's successes.
Never one to be driven by monetary gain he is selfless in his pursuits and honest towards his clients and associates.
His ability in understanding the clients need, often better than the client, was instrumental in our success.
John really gets to know his clients and cuts through to what's truly important.
He provided him with some of his best candidates for his most important clients.
His ability to clearly articulate this perspective serves his clients and associates well.
John knows how to address the client once we give him the details of where the client stands.
John is great with his clients and he also knows how to get the best work out of his team associates.
John respected both his clients and his colleagues and anything he had to say about either was always positive.
All of these indicate strength of leadership to him, so all in all his perfect clients.
He is the ideal client because he was responsive and very collaborative.
He is always thinking about how he can help his clients and colleagues.
John makes himself available to student, colleagues and his clients.
He is an expert in his field, and most definitely dedicated to his clients and the association he founded.
He treats everyone he meets with respect and gives his undivided attention to each and every client as if they were his only client.
John knows how to look after his clients and ensures that the client's brief is fully understood and implemented.
Multiple times he proved he was client focused and looked out for his client's best interest.
John talent for handling clients is exceptional, and always over delivered for his clients.
He is excellent at briefing associates, at ensuring that there is always a link between him client's needs and an associates offerings, plus he is ethical and honourable in his contractual dealings.
He gives every client the time as if it's his only one of the day.
The only people that come second to him clients are him employees.
He builds excellent partnerships with his clients and his associates, and delivers value.
His dedication to make certain he finds what the client is searching for and listens to what is most important to him clients.
He makes all his clients feel they are the most important client; they feel his compassion towards their needs.
He is very client oriented in that he strives hard to find the right solution for the client.
In his experience with him, he has been very thoughtful and always willing to do what he can for his clients.
Attention to detail, and his clients are what make him great.
John is committed to excellences, and he over exceeds his clients, associates and his team expectations.
John consistently receives very good reviews from his clients, peers and associates.
At our company, we had scores of people involved in associate and client learning.
His clients are people who want the very best for their pets.
He always strives for the best, for himself, his family and his clients.
What makes him the best is he truly cares and listens to his clients.
The only thing that he values more than his clients, is his family.
He does so with the consideration of him clients being family.
He picks up his phone and is always available for his clients.
He has boundless energy and is always prepared to go the extra mile for his associates and clients.
John handles everything for the best benefit of the client and while maintaining the consistency across all clients.
Organizations and individuals get tremendously benefited with his association.
Anyone who wishes to associate with him is sure to benefit immensely.
He truly wants him to succeed and reap the benefits so associated.
Someone you will benefit greatly from your association with him.
Our associations had got us several accolades from both internal our company and external clients for our effective client deliveries.
He truly cares about the people that he interfaces to be they colleagues, clients, vendors, and associates.
He works tirelessly for his clients and associates making sure their needs and expectations are exceeded.
He helped him brainstorm some great ideas for serving more clients and more members in his association.
He cares enough to do what is right for the client or associate and will go a long way in his career.
His value was cited by client executives and he proved to be one of our most valuable associates.
John cares about the success of not only our clients, but truly the associates he works with.
His association with the studio helped us attract new clients, vendors, and contractors.
John works well with clients and associates alike with easy, open approach.