Client Executive LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Client Executive Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

At deliveries, he gets praised by other executives and clients.

John executes with precision when delivering client solutions.

He executed to complex client requirements with passion and rigor.

John executes an astronomical level of commitment to his clients.

John is a highly conscientious and client dedicated executive.

His attention to detail did not go unnoticed with our client's executives.

He understands what it takes to organize, execute and deliver for clients.

The client loved his precision and execution in meeting their needs.

John works extremely well with clients, coworkers, and executives.

He provides both insight and execution power that benefits his clients.

John can analyze clients' issues and convert that to an executable solution.

John is client focused with emphasis on delivery and execution.

As a client he made the execution of our contract an utter pleasure.

It's his very thorough strategy and execution that makes the difference.

Not only does he put together the strategy, but he also executes.

He brings not just the what, but the how to execute your strategy.

From strategy through execution, he just got it and got it done.

John is rare in that he truly gets both strategy and execution.

His ideas are right on strategy, and he knows how to execute.

He balances strategy and execution well to meet his client's requirements.

John brings the very best of who he is to each of his executive coaching clients.

He can be trusted to execute under pressure and works well with his colleagues and especially with him as the client.

It was always a pleasure working with him and he was always helpful in executing the needs of his clients.

His work is insightful and meticulously executed, always to the client's satisfaction.

John knew, communicated and executed “closure” with clients.

He can come up with ideas, execute against them and present back to the team and the client.

John thrives on partnering with his team and clients to execute.

He is fantastic with clients, peers, executives and his team.

John makes sure his clients have access to the best and most qualified candidates for his executive search assignments.

John established an outstanding rapport with the client's key stakeholders and executives.

John establishes confidence in his approach and in his execution of client delivery.

He builds rapport with his clients and displays urgency in execution.

He executes on that promise and does whatever he can to make his team and most importantly, his clients successful.

John's dedication to his clients and ability to execute the plan are second to none.

He always took initiatives to follow through and was very organized in his execution.

Well-respected by his colleagues and clients, there is no reason why you wouldn't want to do a deal with this spirited executive.

But what really differentiates him is his ability to craft and execute strategy that gets results for his clients.

Has very good ability to understand the need of the client and he executes the needful actions with passion.

His passion, ability to execute on ideas, and a desire to do the right thing for his clients truly stand out.

Even when client requests can be a challenge to execute, he'll usually find a way to deliver.

His keen executive leadership gained him the trust and loyalty of his clients and colleagues.

With his clients - he is genuinely committed to finding and executing the "win-win" scenario.

His quick responsiveness and superb follow-up with clients provides a flawless execution.

For his clients he will craft an all encompassing strategy and successfully execute it.

He turned his vision into reality and delivered a tremendous dividend to the client organizations and the client executives.

Then, the very next day, he executed the perfect shoot for our landscaping client.

He pays attention to his client's needs and desired goals and executes to plan as approved by the client.

His approach to sourcing new clients is measured, well thought out, and meticulously executed.

He also is admired by colleagues and clients alike for his attention to detail and thorough execution.

His experience from the executive suite will serve his clients in immeasurable ways.

He comes up with ideas and has execution strategies that can be used around the world.

John not only provided vision and strategy, but also delivered on the execution.

He knows how to plot just the right strategy and execute flawlessly.

He also takes the strategies into execution and makes them happen.

And his approach to both strategy and execution is unsurpassed.

And he always found efficient ways to execute him strategies.

His strategies are amazing and executions are second to none.

John brings class and panache to his tasks and how he executes every move serving his clients.

John's facilitation of his client's strategy session was incredibly effective and well executed.

He never fails to impress and is held in high regard by client executives.