Client Relationship Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Client Relationship Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John would ensure that the client did better than the client expected.

His client wasn't able to keep up with all of the new clients that flowed.

He knows what a client needs before the client knows they need it.

He does what it takes to keep our clients and his clients happy.

John is a client that never made him feel like he's his client.

His relationship with the client was excellent; client satisfaction has been always a top priority.

He will always try his best to make sure we are getting the best for our clients.

He provides all of that, and so much more, to each and every one of his clients.

He makes himself available and he always goes above and beyond for his clients.

He's not for everyone and he don't let just anyone become his client.

He always looks out for and does his very best for his clients.

He has always gone out of his way to help him and his clients.

He has done the same for more than five of his other clients.

His mantra - never ever give up, be it in terms of retaining the client or getting new clients takes him a long way in managing well defined relationships.

Him management of requisitions, candidates and the client stakeholders created the foundation for a successful relationship with our client.

We worked on the same client project together where he managed the client relationship.

John always has the interest of his client as the first and most important thing in all his relationships.

His focus is on the given client from the first minute of relationship.

Also, he never forgets the relationship with the client or partner.

His relationships with his clients were always strong and he was genuinely liked by his peers and management alike.

John is dynamic and had a wonderful relationship with our clients and he is an exemplary people manager.

He does a fantastic job of managing his clients' needs and supplier relationships.

He manages issues and client relationships well and had the respect of his teams.

He is an exemplary client relationship manager who places his client's needs at the forefront of everything he does with an astute attention to detail.

He also was an effective relationship manager for virtually all of our strategic relationships.

John's client experience allowed him to manage the agency and client relationships with facility.

His relationships with candidate and clients is first class and he always went above and beyond expectations.

He knows his responsibilities well and is excellent when it comes to maintaining relationship with clients.

John gets what client relationship is all about, he embraces change, he knows his stuff and delivers.

John goes out of his way to help his friends and clients, and always focuses on relationships first.

John's relationships with clients and colleagues are excellent and he is always willing to help.

We were able to strengthen the overall relationship with those clients because of his involvement.

Furthermore, he fosters genuine relationships - both within the firm as well as with the client.

He never drops his client and always keeps on following-up and looks for long term relationship.

He always delivers what he says he will and keep the personal touch to the client relationship.

It was always clear to him that he took his relationships with the clients to another level.

What makes him stand out is his client relationships and the way he handles and convinces.

The relationships that he forms with both the candidates and the clients is extraordinary.

He sustains those relationships, and those clients and colleagues usually become friends.

Good relationships in/outside the org mean that he gets what he needs of his clients.

He forged strong relationships with clients and was very well liked within the agency.

He placed him at several clients during that period, and it was a great relationship.

He understood his clients needs and had wonderful relationships with all of them.

His clients loved him for his leadership and value he brought to the relationship.

All of these outstanding characteristics follow thru to his client relationships.

John always looks to added value and brings credibility to client relationships.

But turning that client relationship around by himself was extremely impressive.

Seeing the relationships he's able to grow with him clients, is just inspiring.

His passion for him clients is beyond the normal client/marketer relationship.

And he can do all of this maintaining a wonderful relationship with clients.

These relationships are what reflect in his client satisfaction and numbers.

His ethics in him interpersonal and client relationships are always evident.

Establishing and sustaining client relationships is his greatest strengths.

John adds great value to our clients near the start of the relationship.

His client relationships are very strong and that is because he delivers.

Once a client of his, he is attentive and committed to the relationship.

John made for a seamless relationship between the client and consultant.

His relationships garnered with clients were solid and trustworthy.

Him client relationships with all stakeholders is second to none.

He makes sure each client relationship is a win/win for everyone.