Communications Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Communications Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He knows how to manage people and that makes him an excellent communicator.

He's also demonstrated himself to be an excellent manager and communicator.

He also helped us communicate some of our thoughts to higher management.

His sessions were meticulously tailored for the management community.

His management style made it easy to communicate and ask questions.

He communicates effectively with managers and employees alike.

People still remember him as a great communicator and people manager.

As a manager, he is collaborative, encouraging and openly communicative.

A willing and active listener, he managed to also communicate openly.

His communication with managers and candidate was excellent as well.

He emphasizes the role of communication, time management, and the results.

He knew the people he is managing and knew how to communicate effectively.

The communication styles we learned about and how to better communicate with each other was of tremendous value to him, his managers and his entire team.

He manages the numbers well, and is dedicated to him team and community.

His leadership and communication capabilities should be modeled by all managers in every aspect.

He's communicates clearly, manages expectations and challenges in a very transparent way.

His stakeholder management is very strong and he communicates effectively at all levels.

In his role as community manager, he was responsible for advising founders along the way.

John knows what makes a community, and manages the fans and critics with aplomb.

He managed his staff very effectively, and provided excellent communication.

As a manager, he was thoughtful, communicative, and a great listener.

As a manager, he was open, honest and easy to communicate with.

John manages all engagements with integrity and open communications.

He organized, communicated and managed the work successfully.

There were many applications that he kept track of, managed risks and appropriately communicated to management.

It's amazing how he managed to find time for communications with so many partners.

John is incredibly thoughtful and leads by example in how he communicates with his community and manages his online forum.

John managed an extensive community with ease and professionalism.

He communicates well and manages his time well considering he is in high demand.

At the same time, he communicates openly and is an inclusive manager who is well liked by colleagues and subordinates.

Upbeat and positive, him employees viewed him as approachable and effective in both management and communications.

John's communication with him as his manager was outstanding and he always provided him with a great sounding board.

Not only did he successfully manage to balance tasks, but he also did so with pose and clear communication.

John's ability to manage effectively, communicate clearly, motivate, and inspire others are second to none.

John's management provided prompt communication and issue resolution with all concerned parties.

He also provided managers with communication points for dealing with change in the organization.

John's style is communicative and engaging which helped to manage our expectations effectively.

He encourages teamwork and communication that help keep tasks manageable and streamlined.

His ability to communicate, manage, motivate, and turn deals are off the charts.

John always led with open communication and did not micro-manage; traits that many managers lack and all employees value.

His outward facing customer and community management, communications were always well written, on point and funny.

John immediately established himself in the communications world as a top-notch communications manager, equally strong in both internal and external communications.

His communication always managed to achieve its goal of getting the message across in the most effective manner.

He very effectively communicated his goals, capabilities, and timeline, as well as managed our expectations.

John has demonstrated his ability to manage and communicate at all levels, both directly and indirectly.

His communication is very clear and he has demonstrated strong capabilities in terms of management.

His clear, concise management and communication style allows him to do his job better.

His focus on change management and communications were successful and impactful.

John taught him how to build a lore through community management.

His multi-tasking abilities were unparalleled and he managed and communicated very effectively.

He communicates with us, and is very open to feedback from those he both directly manages and those of us who are a bit lower down the totem pole.

John always adds value, whether it be in advising on the right communication approach or in the wider stakeholder management required.

He takes initiative when needed to yet communicate regularly so that you never feel things are not being managed effectively.

He communicates incredibly well managing to both make sure expectations are clear while also encouraging open dialogue.

Always seeking the optimal outcome, he has excellent stakeholder management with thorough and punctual communication.

John's communication with staff was second to none and is a great example of what managers should aspire to become.

In each instance, he managed to assess without blaming, and yet communicate honestly the status of the situation.

His communication style is transparent, blunt and straightforward, which makes him a very effective manager.

John effectively communicates with all levels, from individual contributors to upper management.

The stakeholder community he managed was incredibly broad and diverse, as well as ever-changing.