Community Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Community Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His communication with organizations and management is excellent.
Most importantly the way he communicates to upper management is excellent.
His management style is one of open communication and collaboration.
His communication is always clear and his management style admirable.
His insight helped us in managing and nurturing the community.
Highly recommend him for any role as a communication manager.
Additionally, he was very communicative and an easy intern to manage.
As a manager, he is very easy to talk to and is an excellent communicator.
Effective communication and people management are are his key strengths.
His passion for community management shines through all his work.
John would also be an outstanding corporate communications manager.
He gets the big picture, he's able to communicate with techies as well as management, and can make things happen.
His open and communicative management style makes everyone feel like they are at the heart of what is going on.
He also manages to do all that while being a good communicator and being peaceful and easy to get along with.
John clearly communicates the needs of his hiring managers, and is very responsive to questions and changes.
He appropriately communicated and escalated issues to upper management when necessary.
We relied on his expertise to manage communications for major issues and outages.
He easily creates and manages a two-way street for communication and ideas.
As a community manager, he was proactive in spotting and resolving issues.
John's management and communication style were genuine, inclusive and warm.
John used good stage management to show how certain communication can be used for certain people.
He's seen the vast changes in the communication landscape, and has managed to thrive in his various endeavors.
John's energy and enthusiasm made him a perfect community manager.
He knows how to communicate with different people and manage different work styles.
More importantly, he understands the needs of both candidates and hiring managers, and makes sure the right communication happens at the right time.
John communicates well with his management and can be trusted to make right-minded decisions on behalf of the company.
As our primary point of contact, his communication and expectation management has been second-to-none.
He manages to communicate clearly, objectively and always in a positive manner without any subtexts.
The role of community manager seems to perfectly meld his many talents.
He's a great communicator and can manage quite a bit at one time.
He drives stability, manages change, and communicates issues.
He provided clear direction and prompt communication that helped to manage to the hiring manager's expectations.
He communicates well, manages his stakeholders and above all is very pleasant to work with.
John gets on with people and effectively communicates and manages his team.
John's communication style has also won him the confidence and trust of his peers and managers.
It was great to see how he managed his team with respect and open communication.
He manages his team with consistent communication and strong leadership.
John has also effectively managed the maiden aspect of the community, and helped that become a key element that makes the community lively.
For one thing, you know it's going to work, thanks to his ability to manage details and communication.
John is a decisive manager who clearly communicates his hiring needs and provides timely feedback.
He brings kindness and communication into every interaction with an employee or a manager.
His background in journalism helps him communicate very effectively.
He truly has a passion for journalism and community involvement.
John is one of the visionary leaders we have in our community.
John provides excellent communication and feedback to him hiring managers and candidates, and his opinion is always valued.
He can break things down into manageable, easy to understand segments and communicates with excellence and finesse.
He followed up when needed, he told him 'no' when needed and he managed investor communications without being asked.
John is a great communicator and upward manager; he is very proactive and always willing to go the extra mile.
As his manager, he was highly empathetic, proactive in communication and very clear in defining requirements.
He knew what the wishes of the community were and managed to turn those two features on the forum or website.
He is also great at communications and escalations to ensure issues are properly managed and resolved.
He is also good at meeting out a complicated situation and communicating it with upper management.
Furthermore, he has a keen eye on cultural differences in communication and management styles.
He is extremely articulate and can manage change effectively through his communication style.
John is a very good communicator, manages to exceed expectations and is highly competitive.
John manages to create a very pleasant atmosphere that fosters communication and teamwork.
He is principled and a clear communicator with an excellent grasp of financial management.
He is a strong thinker, communicator and the type of manager that can handle any challenge.
He is a clear communicator and an attentive manager, and his word is as good as gold.
John is an excellent communicator and group manager who sets the example for others by being self-directed, vision-driven, and straightforward in communication.