Completing Work LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Completing Work Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He works independently and completes his work thorough and on or before deadlines.

John has an excellent work ethic; he is very hard working and is willing to go an extra step to complete his work load.

He constantly completes work ahead of time, allowing him to help others as he is always working.

He made it very easy to work with him and he follows up to ensure work was completed on time.

He is organized in his work, and consistent with the way that he does his work.

John works well with others and works diligently to complete assigned tasks.

His work is always complete, he is dependable and asset wherever he works.

He not only complete his work on time, he also takes pride in his work.

John completed the work on time and was very pleasant to work with.

He works with great enthusiasm and completes his work on time.

One thing you can be sure working with him, is that he follows up activities/projects through completion.

He works very hard to make sure that everything is done right and to completeness.

He goes above and beyond in every way and involves himself completely in his work.

John work given to him was completely even before one could ask for the status.

He makes sure work is completed and that everyone around him is happy.

John is passionate about what he does and how he completes his work.

John ensures he completes the work given to him in complete honesty.

He knows how to get others to complete work without having to push.

He always took his work very seriously and is completely into it.

John dedicates himself to his work to see it through completion.

John will go above and beyond to complete any work assignment.

He can be serious and stern, but still get his work completed.

He not only does his work efficiently and in time, but help others to complete their work in time.

His work ethic is second to none and he was always willing to do what was necessary to make whatever he was working on a success.

John is very easy to work with and works well with individuals that have completely different backgrounds than his own.

He can be trusted with any type of work and will work diligently to get it done completely and correctly.

John is a hard working & very keen on the results till he gets that completed in any work.

We worked together on many occasions and he always was accurate and precise in his work.

He does outstanding work, is a pleasure to work with, and can be relied on completely.

John has a great work ethic, he works efficiently and follows through completely.

John is very much oriented to his work, must say that he was master of his work.

John has worked hard to where he is now, and has an impressive work history.

He completes work at a quick pace and always works to the best of his ability.

We worked together for years and his work was always both fast and good.

He is easy to work for and makes the working environment pleasant.

John is hard working, passionate, and sincere about his work.

It has always been great to watch him work and work with him.

He completed the tasks he was expected to complete and came back to ask for more work.

He completely gets on with the task and does not stop till the work is completed.

He is involved in his work completely and will see to it that its completion on time.

He's able to work independently and completed much of his work without much supervision.

John works independently and is always thoughtful and thorough with his work.

He makes you see how much he enjoys doing his work and working with him residents.

He is great to work with in that he always completed his part of the work load.

He works well under pressure and is always willing to work overtime and on weekends to get the work done to meet deadlines.

He is very nice at work and handle any kind of pressure at work, especially as he makes you feel as you are working with him rather than for him.

John is someone who works hard and ensures that any task he begins is worked to completion.

Once the work is handed over to him John never worried doubted about the completion of work.

He works under pressure and always try to finish his work on time.

He always took deadlines seriously and made sure his work was not only completed, but done the best way possible.

He takes his work seriously and makes sure what needs to be done is completed within the appropriate timeframes.

He is clear in what he is doing, so any work given to him, he completes it with his efficiency.

John made sure there was an environment of fun, even though serious work was being completed.

Much of our recent work would not have been completed without his valuable contributions.

John follows with consumers of his work to make sure there is complete understanding.

Not only did he complete all his work and then some, he always wanted to do more.

He allows others to get their work completed without breathing down their necks.

John isn't satisfied until all work has been completed to both or our expectations.

Fully and completely recommend working with him - we were sorry to see him go.

Even when he's completely swamped with work, he is always available to help.