Computer Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Computer Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

It is an impressive skill to see how effective he is from behind a computer screen.
His computer skills were well above average and he was a quick learner.
Great computer skills & always willing to share his knowledge with you.
John will always be his preferred choice in all aspects of computing skills and would recommend him most highly.
John has excellent computer skills and is a whiz with power point and other computer applications.
He used to be quite passionate about computers, even in those days when computer revolution has been just about beginning.
John always seemed to know how to solve any of our computer problems.
John computer problem you may have, he can definitely help you out.
John is very helpful whenever we had problems with computers.
His computer skills are outstanding and he gives meticulous attention to detail.
He works efficiently and also ensures him computer skills are to the minute.
John added such great value to all aspects of our newsroom, for his directing skills, his computer skills, and most of all, his skill as a true team player.
In addition, he is extremely organized, reliable, skilled and computer literate.
His modeling skills using both clay and the computer are outstanding, an ability you don't see very often.
One of his favourite memories of him, is watching him in action as he taught newcomers computer skills.
He also had a friendly, approachable manner that nicely complemented his computer skills.
Also, his computer and internet skills add greatly to his list of strengths.
His excellent computer and leadership skills make him a valuable asset.
With his knowledge and computer skills he was the initiator and the motivator of the company.
John is diligent and committed, he has excellent computer skills and analytical ability.
John is very computer literate and can always solve problems.
John provided his first computer and has been responsible for keeping all the subsequent computers up and running in top condition.
His added skills in regard to computer games were without peer.
On top of that he is willing to sit down and take the time to explain stuff to those of us not as skilled in computer technology.
He has excellent computer skills and is always eager to help a fellow employee when needed.
He does amazing work and is also skilled on the computer with adding extras to the portrait.
Him verbal and written communication and computer skills are excellent.
John and his company have fixed out computers and our all in one printer.
This gives him the advantage to be an excellent computational linguist.
His computer expertise amazes, complemented by his teaching ability and leadership skills.
He is very detailed orientated and had strong computer application skills.
John knows his business and is highly skilled at troubleshooting computer problems and will repair any computer.