Construction Project Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Construction Project Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

One of his first projects was the construction of two prototype facilities.
In his role as construction manager we worked closely on campaigns on numerous projects.
He managed large construction manpower of the contractor as well as anger.
He always follows through on what he promises and delivers well-constructed content and projects on time.
His immense knowledge of construction methods proved to be invaluable to him and the project.
John project managed the design from start to finish and was meticulous with the construction of our website.
He's very analytical and can really break down complex concepts into manageable constructs.
Due to that he easily gets things resolved in order to keep project management up and on track.
John did a fantastic job of keeping everyone together, and managing the bumpy road of getting this major construction project done.
John always came through with different perspectives, leading the projects he managed to the right conclusion.
He leads by example and admired him managing some tough projects.
Let him lead or manage any project and you'll know that he'll steer you right.
John is an optimistic person when it comes to managing a project.
John came across as a very energetic go-to person for the projects he was managing.
Then he helped facilitate getting us through pre-construction until we were ready for a project manager to accept the handoff.
John demonstrates leadership and commitment in all his projects.
He is a structured manager that instills thoroughness to every part of the project that he manages.
John manages conflict constructively and looks at every obstacle as a milestone to make things better.
John's constructive criticism moves you out of your comfort zone and opens your eyes to different perspectives of your project.
He anticipates project needs, identifies opportunities and makes good, constructive suggestions - usually with text attached.
John's constructive criticism was provided always with the intent of seeing his projects, his staff and himself succeed.
John increased gross profit margin, managed construction, renovations, and projected a positive new vision for his company.
Absolutely unflappable, forever constructive in his leadership, yet also firm, he manages his projects with great calm and control.
He managed challenges very well and carefully documented all aspects of the project.
He excels in project management - juggling like crazy while herding cats and keeping everyone on task and every project a success.
His abilities in the areas of project management, program management and overall leadership are exceptional.
His lectures are completely entertaining and well-constructed.
His understanding of codes, as well as well thought out constructibility management makes him an asset.
He always kept us committed to the task at hand and his management style was ethical and constructive.
He always provided the necessary tools to complete assigned projects and gave timely and constructive feedback.
He listens carefully, disagrees constructive, and brings a positive attitude to every project.
His constructive criticism and guidance helped us complete complicated projects with ease.
John's performance has proven that he is always a valuable addition to any project team either by leading projects himself or by managing portions of projects; no manner the size or complexity of the project.
He manages teams and projects with efficiency that demands results.
His expertise in the creation and management of the project plan always resulted in a successful project or problem resolution.
John's approach to management is one of openness and frankness, he is always encouraging, collaborative, constructive and fun.
As a manager, he's not afraid to give praise or any other constructive feedback whenever needed.
He manages to achieve all of this in a positive, quiet, constructive and calm manner.
John is an effective communicator, whether he is managing a project, offering constructive feedback, or sharing praise.
This makes him a great collaborator who will either add to your ideas so your project is better, or give significant consideration to your ideas when managing his own projects so they are better.
John has an impressive capacity to manage multiple simultaneous projects spanning several disciplines; he is very effective at tracking project progress and interdependencies.