Consulting Industry LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Consulting Industry Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His consultation and recommendations have always resonated and been spot on with industry trends.
His major proficiency and recognition in the consulting industry can be an example for everyone.
His expertise in the business/professional consulting industry are immense and impressive.
He's a trusted consultant and extremely well respected in the industry.
John consulted with him on a paper he authored intertwining both industries.
When it comes to business consulting, he is probably one of the best in the industry.
John's industry knowledge is second to none and is often consulted by others for his counsel.
His deep understanding of various industries underpins his strong consultative approach.
His interactions with him left him with no doubt that he has in-depth understanding of the consulting industry.
This shows the true consultant as he started his career in this industry.
John's mixed consulting and industry experience made him the go-to guy for industry trends, best practices, and for getting things done.
He is a rare gem in the consulting industry and won't sell solutions that he doesn't believe in.
John fit this requirement, having consulted on these topics within the industry for many years.
His inquisitive nature allows him to be one of the best consultative sellers in our industry, and is what ultimately sets him apart from the pack.
First, he understood the subject matter as well as we did, which is so rare in an industry where most consultants can only "talk the talk".
Because his consulting takes him to so many companies and places, his industry knowledge is always fresh and up to date.
John is not a consultant, he is a start-up industry expert that has successfully done it before him.
John is a true asset to the nonprofit industry as a consultant.
John level of expertise and experience in the consulting industry is far above what anyone can ask for.
He has been in this consulting industry for quite long, the amount of experience he carries is fabulous.
His consultative approach and knowledge of the industry is key to his success.
His consultative approach to driving results is the need of the industry as opposed to being more prescriptive/control oriented.
Under his leadership, our airline consulting practice grew to be the largest in the industry.
He knows all of the best consultants in his industry and maintains excellent relationships with them.
His knowledge in a variety of industries sets him apart from the typical consultant.
His consultancy and advisory is most sought after in the industry as he comes with knowledge of technology and industry exposure together.
His on the ground implementation experience differentiates him from many in the consulting industry.
His ability to talk to consultants and understand the best fit within the industry was truly amazing.
He approaches problem solving with so much dynamism, which he draws from his background and years in the consulting industry.
With a diverse background, his consulting expertise is valuable to a myriad of industries.
He personally involved with several industry surveys, consultations and forecast.
Everyone he has linked him to actually have the capacity to further his company's objectives, which is rare in today's competitive consulting industry.
John is an industry veteran and he is going to be a tremendous asset to any organization in his new consultancy role.
John is a great consultant with excellent knowledge of the publishing industry.