Consulting Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Consulting Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is highly recognized for both his consulting skills as his sales skills.
He has strong consultative skills, client interaction skills, and leadership capabilities.
He is very skilled in consulting with stakeholders, understanding their needs and then delivering the necessary outcomes.
His consulting skills are second to none and he can always be counted on to jump in and help to sort out any issues.
I'd recommend any company looking for his unique skill set to consider him for their next consult.
He did not just put me into an opening, but instead made a match by using his consulting skills.
Together with his consulting background it was a complementary mix of his know how and skills.
John has extraordinary consultancy skills and is able to adapt to every given situation.
John is forward thinking and very consultative without compromising leadership skills.
His consulting skills are very relevant and he certainly understands the "big picture".
John is an experienced consultant with the highest interpersonal skills possible.
His consulting skills were excellent in assessing the organizational requirements.
Working under him is a great opportunity for me to grow in my consulting skills.
He is very diligent and he constantly updates his consulting and domain skills.
I greatly appreciate him consulting and highly recommend his skills for anyone.
I'm glad we've discovered this unanticipated aspect of his consulting skill.
This was evident by his strong consulting skills that he used to help assess the needs of the organization.
His guidance will help me take my skills and own consulting expertise to the next level.
What sets him apart from other consultants, however, are his communication skills.
His consulting skills are well complemented by his client facing and communication skills.
He has an excellent balance of hard technical skills and soft, consultative skills.
John is a highly skilled consultant with excellent analytical skills and broad sector expertise.
John is a skilled consultant, he demonstrated an excellent grasp of experience of recruitment consultancy.
I have always been impressed by his consultancy and client engagement skills.
He has skills as a consultant to be pro-active and looking for new opportunities to do things better of more efficient.
I can highly recommend him to any company or consulting organization looking for someone with his skill set.
I can honestly say that his skills and techniques have enabled me to become a more successful consultant.
He counts with advanced consulting skills and would not hesitate to collaborate with him again.
He not only has excellent presentation/demonstration skills, but has a great consultative mind.
That skill evolves over years of consulting and seemed to come perfectly natural to him.
John listens carefully to my description of skills needed in my consultant searches.
John uses his strong consulting skills to deliver consistently great results.
He is a smart consultant with good issue resolution and also transition skills.
He has a consultative approach and always displays strong leadership skills.
John's technical knowledge and skills are well complemented by him soft skills such as his commitment, meticulous approach and consulting skills.
He enhanced his consulting skills to do some important consulting assignments and generate downstream.
His analytical and logical skills are nonpareil and he remains by far the best with consultancy.
John' analytical and consulting skills are exemplary and he is very results focused.
He displays superior consulting and business skills and has strong interpersonal skills.
John's combination of skill, experience and intuition is exactly what we were looking for in a consultant.
John's consulting skills and experience allow him to achieve impressive results.
He's very skilled at keeping clients happy and consulting them to do what he knows is in their best interest.
His skills in consulting and in the use of technology have been so helpful to me and to many others.
John is one of the best-of-breed when it comes to matching consultant skills to clients' needs.
John is an excellent and well skilled consultant that solves lots of tricky problems.
His skills could prove useful in consulting or collaborating as a board member.
John is an excellent and intuitive consultant whose skills goes much further than recruitment.
John is very pleasant to work with and is very skilled at selecting the appropriate consultant for each opportunity.
John brought the best of consulting skills to bear during our recent work together.
He has this faculty to leverage the best skills of the consultants working with him.
John's communication skills set him apart from other consultants used before.
He has excellent consultancy skills and knowledge which is both wide and deep.
John's strategic and theoretical skills serve him well in his consulting role.
John has an outstanding skill in listening as the key success to his overall consultative approach.
The whole class admired his skill and organizational insight along with his heart for consulting.
His consulting skills and his ability to provide great suggestions are always on point.
Very good selling skills, but never looses the consultancy aspect for his partners.
He has strong consulting skills and can conceptualize solutions for complex needs.
John is one of those folks with great people skills and is a natural consultant.
John has also demonstrated admirable leadership skills in a consulting capacity.
His advice and consultancy skills have been invaluable to his business.
His consulting skills extend beyond the guidance he has given him customers, but to also him peers.
His relationship building and consultative skills were excellent.
John is a very energetic leader with strong consulting skills.
This allowed him to both consult him for help when necessary, but most importantly learn skills outside his essential duties.
His consulting skills are unquestionable as he thinks from both sides and often gives the best solution.
His human skills are also a great asset to him and make his consultancy even more enjoyable.
He has a very strong level of functional expertise as well as consultant skills.
His skill set in a consulting capacity is one of the strongest in the region.
John is goal oriented, action driven, and has superior consulting skills.
John has harvested this skill through roles in both production and consulting.
As a consultant, he has excellent commercial awareness and negotiation skills which is why many other consultants look up to him including himself.
John demonstrates excellent consulting skills and would bring great value to any engagement.
Him leadership and support never faulted and his consulting skills are beyond reproach.
His ability to connect people, and presentation skills of consultants are amazing.
John a highly skilled consultant and an expert in his particular fields.
Furthermore, he is one of the most skilled and experienced capital campaign consultants in the our company area.
He passionately follows-up, makes a systematic effort to understand consultant skill sets and enables the right match between company and consultant needs.
John excels at many skills and as a youth marketing consultant, he knows what he is doing beyond what you normally get in a consultant.
John has outstanding consulting and organizational skills and he is flexible, handling changes in requirements effectively.
These skills are inherent and he now takes them with him into the consulting arena and to a wider audience.
John's combination of facilitation skills and subject matter expertise makes him an excellent consultant.
His expertise was very apparent in his consulting skills when dealing with sensitive employee situations.
Customers really appreciate him; his skills and his background as consultant give him a lot of credibility.
In addition to having strong consultative selling skills, he is also a very thoughtful colleague.
He would be an asset to any company that would hire him for his services and consulting skills.
John sells the value and sells a partnership, his consultative selling skills are unparalleled.
His opinions are held in high regard, him consultation and follow through skills are excellent.
His true skill is his entertaining no-nonsense sense of humor and generosity in consulting.
His consultative skills and innovative abilities are a welcomed asset to any organisation.
He exhibits an expertise in high-level consultative skills that are not easy to come by.
We hired him because it was clear he possessed the skills a great consultant should have.
His first impression was confirmed by his professional leadership and consulting skills.
John's experience and skills suit him ideally for his current role as a consultant.
He took to consultancy like a duck to water and grew rapidly in skill and capability.
All this makes him a very trustworthy, loyal and skilled consultant of a high level.
Him open, approachable manner strongly complements his excellent consulting skills.
His advanced skills saved the company an unimaginable amount of consulting hours.
His skills as a strategic thinker, consultant and facilitator are first rate.
John is a very fine strategic consultant with exemplary facilitation skills.
He possesses a warm, consultative style and well-rounded generalist skills.
He also possesses high level consultancy skills in a range of disciplines.
Him social and emotional skills make him a great consultant/ headhunter.
John brings an attention to detail that only a skilled consultant can.
From knowing him at our company he has influenced his practice through his brilliant consultation skills.
He has terrific presentation skills as he is very consultative and informative as well as humorous.
John is most helpful in him consulting for social media skills.
Him coaching, counselling and consultancy skills were much appreciated.
He provided highly skilled facilitation and consultation of this training series.
A true mentor, leader and skilled consultant in his own right.
His consulting firm was well respected and he uses his analytic skills to think out of the box to get things done.
He tries to obtain the best consultant with the necessary skill sets that can solve the customer's problem.
Mads is a skilled consultant who always makes sure he delivers above expectations to clients and colleagues
Technical expertise is his trademark and his consulting skills help customers always fulfill their needs.
His skills in dealing with our clients, consultants, and outside vendors proved to be invaluable.
His expert consulting and analytical skills would be an asset in any position with any company.
John is a methodical consultant with excellent analytical and stakeholder influencing skills.
His placement skills are accurate on both ends, whether it is a client or consultant.
His analytical, consulting and leadership skills were held in the highest regard.
Put that with his top consulting skills and organisation building skills, and you have a rare leader.
Shailesh has an excellent personal skills through which he can convince the consultants and make them believe in what he says.
Roaslie's application of these skills means that he is a very effective regulatory consultant.
His knowledge and consulting skills were instrumental to navigate through the marketplace.
Apart from having consultancy skills, he is a very good-humored person.
His approach to consulting makes everyone on his team, and in turn the agency, look better, and that's an invaluable skill.
John and his team provided consultants with appropriate skills and level of experience at reasonable rates.
Thanks to this transition he acquired the necessary skills of becoming a senior consultant.
He is an outstanding resource and exhibits the best of breed in consulting soft skills.
John built the confidence of the team and attracted highly skilled consultants.
He placed him in a sweet consulting contract that matched his skills perfectly.
During that time he displayed great senior consulting skills.
Transformation is his strength and has done business transformation with his unique consulting skill.
John's consulting skills helped take his business concept to the next level.
These skills, ideally place him to fulfil the consulting needs of business.
He knows his business and consults with skilled professionalism.
John's technical and consulting skills are among the best and he is willing and able take on the toughest problems.
His technical and interpersonal skills are the envy of many in the consulting world.
Besides technical abilities, he has great consulting and leadership skills.
John stands out in his experience of consultants thus far, as someone who has quite an extraordinary range of skills and knowledge.
John's consultancy skills will be an asset to any organisation that is looking to take marketing to the next level.
John identifies consultants with the requisite and relevant skills and experience for each specific engagement.
His interpersonal and consultative skills (in meetings and behind the scenes) are outstanding and rare.
John's people skills includes respect for all, and this results in an enhanced consulting experience.
Coupled with this, good listening and consultative skills will keep him in good stead in his career.
His explanation and presentation skills made sense and were delivered in a very consultative style.
John very quickly complemented his analysis skills by conducting a more consultative engagement.
John's experience and leadership skills also make him an excellent consultant to be working with.
John demonstrated excellent techno-consulting skills with positive attitude and flexibility.
He can't hide his consulting background with his obvious people and 'get it done' skills.
He proved to be extremely good in this role, demonstrating strong consultative skills.