Content Specialist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Content Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

It opened his eyes where we lacked in content, but more importantly the type of content.
Excellent content and presentation which has inspired him so much.
John helped us out with some to the point content for both our websites.
When it comes to creating great content, he's in his element.
His content is comprehensive and rigorous yet understandable.
He has some amazing content and is very good at what he does.
Our company one else understands more than John that "it is all about the content".
Our company, John is most likely responsible for that good content.
Our company one delivers as much content in one hour as John.
John and his team always provided the content and the look we wanted.
His understanding of content, and the target audience that him content is supposed to impact, is exceptional.
John's ability to create compelling content, as well as polish the content of others, is top-shelf.
He knows his content inside and out, and then does whatever he can to help others gain his knowledge.
Each new issue, under his leadership, is better than the last in both content and presentation.
He gave him referrals to others who can help him with other content needs.
John literally "wowed" them with his presentation and useful content.
The content was excellent and he is clearly very knowledgeable.
The content was fantastic and he really engaged the whole room.
His content, presentation and take-away value got top ratings.
John's expertise was never limited to those two content areas.