Conversation Skills LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Conversation Skills Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His organisational skills are in his opinion the basis of his leadership skills.
His leadership skills and conflict resolution skills are beyond description.
John exemplifies all of these skills and has an additional skill that is extremely important.
He demonstrated his leadership skills as well as collaborative skills with coworkers.
John has the right balance of leadership skills and team skills.
Preet has phenomenal collaboration skills, is very thorough in his follow through and problem-solving skills.
He used his skills and easily mastered new skills necessary to complete the deliverables.
John has solid cross-functional skills and leadership skills.
His decision making skill and problem solving skills is fantastic.
He knows everyone and should he not, he will after the first conversation.
Superior skills at getting the most of those around him, colleagues and vendors.
His skills and perseverance and not often found in an organization.
His leadership skills were well known within the organization.
His collaborate skills were excellent, and he demonstrates clear leadership skill.
His proofreading skills and word smithing skills are perfect.
Also of note are his presentation/communication skills and team leadership skills.
His team player skills and leadership skills are commendable.
His verbal skills are excellent and far exceed the skill level of his contemporaries.
Moreover, he knows how to get things done, which is one of the most important skills in his book.
Beyond his many skills, what's most important is that he gets things done.
His skills allow him to go always beyond of the expectations and goals.
His coaching/mentoring skills are second to none and someone who can truly help to take you to the next level.
He's extremely skilled at asking the right questions that stimulate thoughtful conversations.
Sharp memory and conversational skills help him persuade others with logic and proofs.
He's supremely skilled at getting the conversation moving and keeping it focused.
Our conversations were very poignant and helped him fine tune his own skills.
Not only does he have the skill sets, he is also responsible and punctual.
In other words, he has the skill to take things to the next level.
John's skills as an animator where matched only by his skills as a problem solver.
John conversation you have with him will be sure to make you think twice - and perhaps even more than that.
He is also very passionate about what he does, and this comes across in every conversation.
Our conversations have always given him something more to consider.
Having been placed by him himself his skill is unmatched in his experience.
John has the right skills and experience to make the difference.
His leadership skills are such that he can bring the best out of all of those in his organization.
He has done well for himself and will continue to do so with the skill sets he posses.
During that time, he's impressed him over and over again by his leadership and skill.
You need his maturity and get-it-right-the-first-time skill on your side.
Commitment, teamwork and organization are some of the skills that he has.
John is very skillful in what he does and very ethical with all clients.
He would be an asset to any organization looking for those skills.
His wide range of skills can be useful to almost any organization.
He is well organized and he has excellent collaboration skills.
He is precise with his skills and innovative with his methods.
His timing and accuracy with those skills is just as precise.
And that turned out to be the best application of his skills.
John knows exactly how to get to the job done by using his skills and his common sense.
John has an impact on other departments because of who he is and his skill set.
He can be relied to do whatever job is given to him with dedication and skill.
John made him think differently and comprehensively about his skills and goals.
His skills in leadership allow him to see solutions rather than problems.
The skills he has provided him will surely help him in his job search.
John's leadership skills really set him aside from his peers.
His skills made him and everyone else on the team that much better.
John, wants the best for his team and has the skills to deliver.
John team he is on will become better instantly with his skills.
The best thing about him is his decision making skills and always looking ahead attitude.
John is one of the skilled journalists in broadcast television.
We will miss him, and his skills will be to the benefit of his next employers.
Through taking his course and our conversations his skill set and confidence around prospecting grew immensely.