Cooperation With Colleagues LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Cooperation With Colleagues Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

I found him very much cooperative and friendly with his colleagues as well as with his sub-ordinates.
John really looks out for his colleagues and is willing to go out of his way to help someone in need.
He is always more than willing to help colleagues; he would always go above an beyond.
He is an example for me and my colleagues of how we should think, think again and act.
I am sure he will have the same impact on you, as he has with me and my colleagues.
Needless to say he was very much appreciated for that by all of his colleagues.
John is always willing to help his colleagues and take on new challenges.
I was really proud to have associated with him in the past as a colleague.
I have witnessed him doing this very thing with many of my colleagues.
John knows how to help his colleagues and get the best out of them.
He is a colleague who is willing to partner and help colleagues deliver.
He is truly refreshing to be around and goes above and beyond to help not only his colleagues but also his affiliates.
He is popular and well liked among his colleagues as well as those who know him outside of his profession.
John is good colleague - if you ask him, he will try his best to help you, not looking for excuses.
He is one of those colleagues who always looks to help, without ever expecting anything in return.
John was an excellent colleague- he would always go out of his way to help you if he could.
I am sure all his colleagues would say he is also their good friend and not just a colleague.
John is one of those very few individuals who everyone would like to have as a colleague.
He is highly passionate about whatever he does and is always willing to help his colleagues.
He is always looking for ways to not only better the company, but to better his colleagues.
He was willing to take on any story and was well-liked by his colleagues in the newsroom.
John is also extremely helpful and will do everything possible to help him colleagues.
The second thing you will come to know is how highly esteemed he is by his colleagues.
I never question whether he will do the right thing for the company and his colleagues.
I wish him all the best and will definitely recommend him to my friends and colleagues.
As a colleague had one like him around, he was always there and mostly from one to one.
He will never ask is fellow colleagues to do something he himself is not willing to do.
John is well-liked by all his colleagues and is known for his never-say-die outlook.
He connected well with his colleagues and was very well liked throughout the company.
He gets along very well with his colleagues and always goes beyond his normal duties.
John later became our colleague in which he was consistent with his contribution.
It was and always will be an honor to not only be his colleague but also his friend.
His dedication is contagious and he knows how to get the best from his colleagues.
He has been very well-liked among his colleagues and we will miss his happy mood.
This has brought him to be someone who you can count on more than your colleague.
Since becoming his colleague, all of that and more has played out to my delight.
He not only provides help to his colleagues, but also provides positive feedback.
Great colleague, who allows no one is overwhelmed when he has available to help.
John is an inspirational colleague who is always looking to keep things moving.
John assignment given he did well and he impressed me and him many colleagues.
John is one of those colleagues that makes you want to excel in your own role.
Through him reaching out to me we have become not only colleagues, but friends.
Clients and colleagues alike have nothing but the best things to say about him.
He has been an inspiration to me and to many other current and past colleagues.
He knows what he wants and able to work/communicate well with his colleagues.
John is probably the best colleague and boss that anyone could ever ask for.
John is certainly someone that stands out among colleagues and friends.
He is the type of colleague that you wish there were more of in the world.
I have already recommended him to some of my former colleagues and friends.
I would always and definitely like to have a colleague like him on my side.
He is always keen to help his colleagues, even when he is at his busiest.
He was always fun to be with and is well remembered by all the colleagues.
He is an energetic self-starter and gets along well with his colleagues.
To this end, he earned both friendships and from amongst his colleagues.
John is an ideal colleague and won't let you down in any circumstance.
He is always encouraging his colleagues around him to do things better.
He looks out for colleagues, even when doing so is emotionally costly.
He knows how to get best out of subordinates, colleagues and superiors.
It has been my privilege to be his colleague for the past seven years.
John is one of the colleagues who will step forward when more is asked.