Corporate Recruiter LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Corporate Recruiter Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He easily adapted his recruiting style to our corporate cultures.
He easily made the transition from contract to corporate recruiting.
John is working for our corporation as a contingency recruiter.
John at several corporate recruiting events over the past several years.
He made the transition from a corporate telecoms recruitment background into academic recruitment look easy; and it certainly isn't.
John he has given him the tools and motivation necessary to become a successful corporate recruiter.
His ramp up time was minimal as he is used to the corporate world of recruiting and expectations.
He's at his best in a corporate recruiting environment where he continually exceeds expectations.
His integrity and ethics are noteworthy, and he will not misrepresent the corporation nor the recruit.
Using this strength in the recruitments he adds value to the corporate image with the applicants.
John worked for him as a corporate recruiter with great success.
He understands recruiting from all the angles and knows how to navigate the corporate maze to deliver results.
He sincerely does go the extra mile to recruit the best and brightest to world class corporations.
John possesses the insight and elan of a seasoned and experienced "corporate" recruiter.
He formed our corporate recruiting team almost like an agency where we were encouraged to cold call and really do the right thing in recruiting.
John is the consummate corporate recruiter as he has the ability to make decisions under pressure and recognize the need for urgency.
John is a different breed of corporate recruiter - he is very insightful and really makes the candidate think about how they present themselves.
It would have been great working together with him in the same corporation.
He's a great recruiter, understands the needs of employees, but also keeps the corporate objectives in mind.
His knowledge of corporate recruiting is extensive and is second only to his professionalism.
John truly sets the standard in corporate recruiting, both in ethical values, as well as consistent follow through.