Counter Person LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Counter Person Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

You have to meet him in person to get a wind of his personality.
John can win clients over through his kind and personable personality.
John by far is a very focus person and is a highly motivated person.
On the personal front, he is very friendly and straight forward person.
John helps you personally drive for results and personal satisfaction.
John dedicated to the cause of each and every person he meets.
He knows how to engage even the most difficult personalities.
John's personality was such that his people followed him willingly.
He gets to know your objectives and provides great personal attention.
Humbleness and friendly nature are the two jewels of his personality.
John always was an engaging, personable, and insightful colleague.
One of the nicest persons you will ever meet, he always listens.
He listened to him regarding his objectives and personal values.
He is the most dedicated and loyal person you will ever meet.
His leadership comes from his influence and personality charm.
And in the personal front he is a person on whom you can count at times of requirement.
John is a very open and friendly person, respectful to others in that he will never disapprove of an opinion or choice made by another person.
John is not only a great person and fun to be around, but he is also a very hard, dedicated and respectful person.
Third, he is a very open-minded and curiosity-driven person with deep respect for other persons.
Improve - he is always looking to improve on the things he does as well as personally within himself.
What makes him very special, though, is that he's an all-round lovely person.
Whatever it is that makes those certain personalities, special - he has.
He makes every person that he comes across feel very special.
He seemed to question and counter when necessary and was always on point.
John is probably the most attuned person when it comes to people's needs without anyone having to say anything, he'll know what do say or do.
John in helping the people around him and always goes out to the end with the person that he is helping.
Where he could not help us personally, he always gets the right people involved to get us back on track.
John is someone that people want to be around because he is that magnetic of a personality.
One of those people who always strives to do better than his personal best and he succeeds.
He knows how to pull in the right people, and position things the right way to each person.
He also helped him personally in seeing things better from other people's perspectives.
He's extremely personable and is one of those people who you just like to be around.
In addition, he's very easy going person and can get along with different people.
His personality is gracious and he understands how to get the best out of people.
He goes out of his way to help people and above all has a pleasant personality.
On the personal side, he is approachable and is always there to help out people.
John is truly a great person who will do whatever he can for his people.
Combine that with the fantastic characteristic he has as "people's person".
One of the few people who has impressed him immensely with his personality.
He came highly recommended by not just one person, but several people.
John understand how people think and what makes each person unique.
His personality is one that makes people comfortable right away.
On top of things he is an always smiling very people person.
John has an unbelievable ability to focus on the other person.
He always have been a really friendly and cooperative person.
If you need someone who will get it done right and in record time, he's your person.
Because of his competence and personality, he is respected by everyone he meets.
John will continue to be his go-to person in his area of specialty.
His style is participative with an appropriate degree of flexibility to allow for different personalities.
He also makes every effort to be collaborative and personable when sharing his insights.
Honest, dedicated and diligent is few of the words that describe his personality.
Planning, follow up and results have no secrets for his committed personality.
For more than two years he has been mentoring and guide for him personally.
John can take on any assignment with the critical personal interface.
His personality makes us open up and share our thoughts willingly.
Well organized and disciplined person with his pleasant nature makes him a very approachable and friendly person.
John spends personal time and asks challenging questions to truly understand the person he is helping.
On a personal side, he is polite, soft spoken and has a friendly personality.
On a personal level, he is always very calm and listens to the person in front.
On a personal front he is very jolly person with an astounding sense of humor.
If you need some help or new ideas about your job, he is the right person.
John makes every person and organization better when he is on the job.
However, he was the person doing all the graphics for the organization.
If you want to get the job done, he is the right person you should look for.
Ambitious persons, he is always on the search for new things to learn.
He uses his personality to get the job done where others had failed.
Secondly, he was decisive when we found the right person for the job.
If you cannot get to know him personally, read one of his books.
He is the kind of person who never gives up in doing his job.
His personality and motivated personality serve him well as his continued successes clearly demonstrate.
He is also personable and patient in his interactions with a variety of personalities.
John is an extremely good social and personable person and he makes sure that he understands what you need for your role.
Him insightful questions and his personable demeanor rank him as one of the internet's best teleseminar personalities.
One of the most interesting parts of his personality is the personal pride that he brings to everything he does.
He is extremely personable and is the master at establishing personal connections with whomever he encounters.
More than anything he is a go to person for any questions or help needed either professional or personal.
Whether over the phone, email or in person, he has an exceptionally friendly and personable disposition.
He asked questions of each person at the table and listened carefully to what each person had to say.
His upbeat personality could breed excitement and was contagious in person and over the phone.
Strong personality, keen eye and attention to detail makes up some of his personal tribute.
He is very personable and delivers items personally rather than relying on royal mail.
In fact, he takes personal ownership of all details and personality follows through.
His personality is one that he needs little direction and is very self motivated.
John is one of the most engaging personalities that you will meet.
In the end and he may not know until now, that he was the most influential person in his life during that time.
John can do whatever he wants in life as he has that amazing personality and can do attitude.
He's the go-to person for anything we need, and we are always confident in his follow-through.
This makes him an immediate go-to person in times of question and uncertainty.
He never stops and is always thinking about how to help the next person.
Every so often the right person shows up in your life at our company.
His personality could be described as positive, and forward thinking.
He always thinks of the other person first and how he can help them.
You should get to know him to see the best part of the person he is.
He's one person with whom you don't need to follow up umpteen times.
But, the best beauty come from him delicacy and courtesy as a person
He's personable, strategic, and above all, someone you can trust.
John's personality is only part of what makes him so successful.
The best part about him is that he is very down to earth person.
Sincerity with the organization is also part of his personality.
He listens and collaborates closely with each and every person.
He's always been forward thinking, insightful and personable.
He's proactive and creative in his means, and personally, just a very pleasant person.
He is not only a terrific creative person, but a very genuine person.
He's very thoughtful and personable person while staying focused on the job at hand.
He is very creative, personable, and will do anything he can to help you succeed.
John is creative person and there is no brief that he would not beat.
Choosing only three attributes, he is very personable, very creative.
Artistically talented, his personality is one of his strengths.
Always found him to be creative, enthusiastic and personable.
He's also very personable and approachable - a nice combination of drive and personality: you don't usually find both of the qualities in the same person.
John naturally gets the best out of every person he leads simply by being the best person he can be himself.
He's the type of person that leads by example and makes you want to be a better employee and person.
Plus, with his cheerful and playful personality, he is also a great person to have around as well.
Mayank is a very committed person and he leads by his personal example.
He can be best described as the person that can inspire anyone to do anything and to do it well.
He gives all of himself to everything he touches mostly to his own personal cost.
He never said no to anybody & always delivered whatever be the personal cost.
He knows how to get things done and how to find the right person or resource.
He does what he says in his personal description and he does it very well.
Clients and candidates have found him both personable and resourceful.
He is always willing to help and he is a very resourceful person.
It really makes other person like him to get along with him well.
A part of his technical expertise, he is gem of a person in a personal capacity
Besides, technically strong person he is nice and easy going person.
His approach is personal: who are the people, and what are their objectives, strengths and frustrations - and not in an abstract way, but personally.
John is the type of person who is liked by everyone and he is able to maintain good relations with even the most difficult personalities.
John is the rare breed that he gets more personal satisfaction out of seeing people he has helped succeed over his own personal success.
When it comes to interpersonal relation, he is able to deal with different level of persons with many different backgrounds
John as a person continues to be one of the best people to know- bright, genuine, always upbeat and very personable.
As a person he has such a warm personality and cultural sensitivity that makes him get along very well with most people.
As a person he is really interested in other people and will dig deeper than just the surface of things and persons.
His personality allows him to gain respect quickly and at the same time disarm you with an engaging personality.
However, it is his personality and manner in which he delivers this material that has personally impressed him.
John is the cream of the crop as a person, he's highly personable and can relate to anyone in any situation.
Deep personal loyalty and commitment to people around him are indicative of the fine person that he is.
His personality is great and he makes solid personal connections with people very easily and naturally.
John is a passionate person and has the ability to motivate every person he touches at our company.
Most of all he's just a good people person and that makes him a very good person in his books.
His personality and sense of humour make him a person that people love to be around.
Him strong personal code of ethics inspired him to improve himself as a person.
John is a result oriented person with a personal interest in other people.
He's a tremendous people person, with a warm and outgoing personality.
John brought his personal charming style and upbeat personality to every engagement.
John is one of those people you always look forward to seeing because he is so personable, but rarely need to because he does it right the first time.
He makes himself readily available to all of his students who have any questions or would like to get together with him in person.
One can confide with him on anything and at low times, he is the best person to look up to for mentoring.
He never keeps any expecting person down, he will always keep them going on & at & will always motivate.
John understands people and how different they all are and gives each one him own personal attention.
Above all he is an amazing people person and knows how to get the best out of all his collaborators.
Organized, transparent and direct he is one of those persons that you will always want to be close.