Creative Designer LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Creative Designer Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John has been extremely prompt, reliable and creative when it came to being my website designer.
He is very creative and innovative with his design concepts and always has new and fresh ideas.
John is always looking for new and creative ways to shape the future of interactive design.
John's is the type of designer who thrives in the exploration of creative interactions.
His design was well thought out, creative and thoroughly in line with our mission.
John's creativity allowed him to meet these complicated design specifications.
John is a creative & innovative designer who knows decorating inside and out.
John was a very creative and energetic, interactive designer for the company.
He is a doer, but also creative and therefore good at innovation and design.
It's this calming influence which makes designers and creative respect him.
I was always impressed with the way he would allow the designer to work without smothering his creativity.
He is very thought-out and thorough, with not just creativity but also intelligence and design sense.
John encompasses design and creativity in everything he does and it definitely shows in his work.
John is very creative in his work and comes up with excellent designs and ideas.
It is through his designs were both his creativity and subject knowledge surface.
John is nothing short of brilliant when it comes to graphic design and creativity.
He is creative, flexible and very knowledgeable about all aspects of design.
John is also adept at green design and is well ahead of other designers in the field.
John is the ultimate creative professional who designs with both tremendous creativity and intellect.
He has a tremendous creative eye and as such always had the respect of the creative.
He will take feedback and apply it to his designs to deliver the best creative for the job.
This comes through in his designs which is sometimes a rare find with creative people.
John's creativity and yearning for design is inspiring to his colleagues and peers.
Him creative know-how and design experience are great assets to any design team.
We consider ourselves lucky that we will not have to look for anyone again, for all our designing and creative needs, we have only his number to call.
He was also one of my favorite design studio participants, always coming up with far more creative ideas than myself and the design team.
John is a very creative designer and also extremely detail-oriented, a winning combination for a designer.
John is a wonderful designer - creative and detail-oriented, with a refined sense of design.
He's also one of those people who's analytical and creative with an eye for design.
His creativity appears to know no limits and he is able to turn his design talents to any area of design.
We were not only thrilled with his craftsmanship, attentiveness and design sensibilities, but also by his creative input.
He not only got underneath the 'skin' of the concept, but also taught me a great many things about creative design.
He listens to our ideas and comes up with creative and inventive designs we would never be able to do on our own.
He is a very creative designer, who takes on board the brief given and always comes back with fantastic ideas.
He gives thoughtful feedback on design, encourages others to do their best, and has highly creative vision.
John is an incredibly creative designer, and can always add that extra bit that makes things look great.
We have used many different creative concepts designed by his group to better the image of our company.
Him creative briefs are concise and offered us everything we needed to make the best designs possible.
John is a very creative and driven designer whilst also being an approachable and helpful colleague.
John knows how to help our designers get their creative juices flowing, ready to give their all.
John's creativity and vision are singular and have proved invaluable in every facet of design.
I always enjoyed his creative, unconventional approach and his design ideas were exceptional.
He is very creative, always thinking outside of the box and coming up with cool new designs.
He is an incredible designer with an endless capacity to come up with amazing creative ideas.
He is creative in the way he approaches and designs effective road maps toward success.
He is highly creative with an intuitive sense of design that is rare for one in his role.
John displayed inspired creativity, often coming up with design concepts from scratch.
He was able to take my ideas and notes and transform them into clear, creative designs.
John came through with a creative approach and design that gave us the competitive edge.
Him messages on creativity were targeted to the audience and designed to make us think.
He has morphed well into a creative designer and a specialist in his assignments with us.
His creative opinions were very valuable to me, helping me push some designs further.
His out-of-the-box creativity has earned him his reputation as a fantastic designer.
Having been a designer himself, he understands the daily challenges creatives face.
John is a creative thinker, and my ad design showed it - it was the best in the book.
His creative design is always top notch and with the quickest possible turnaround.
John is a truly gifted designer: very bright, very creative, and a perfectionist.
He has a strong sense of creativity and his designs are always fresh and polished.
John is an outstanding designer, with great creative problem-solving abilities.
His creative flair resonated with fellow designers as well as the company itself.
John went beyond his role, beyond being the "creative one" and designing a storyboard.
His designs are incredibly well thought out, comprehensive, creative, and insightful.
The re-design of his website and blog were carried out with precision and creativity.
He's a real encyclopedia of the movies, maybe that's why he's so creative designer.
As a designer, he was creative, intuitive and always eager to help out when needed.
John is creative and responsive in designing and maintaining his political website.
He is very a diligent and creative designer who keeps his word and get things done.
John bridges the gap between creativity and technical design in a way that few can.
He is very creative and has always delivered his raw concepts in refined design.
John designed a jewelry website for us that was very creative and affordable.
He comes up with creative, interesting designs and pushes the apps to their max.
When it comes to design, he is very creative, empathetic, and detail oriented.
John's enthusiasm and creativity are what inspired him to become a toy designer.
His design explorations were thoughtful, interesting, creative and successful.
If you are looking for a reliable, likable, creative designer, he is your man.
John's design approaches are always unique and creatively pushing the edge.
He continually surprises him with creative, thoughtful and "perfect" designs.
His creativity and designs, with cakes and artwork, are extremely innovative.
John has an excellent eye for good design, photography, and is very creative.
He is an excellent designer who shows great creativity in all his endeavors.
He guided him every time to express his creative thoughts, though his designs.
He took our vision and made it come to life in a cool and creative design.
His creativity, insight, experience, and design acumen are second to none.
John's design expertise and strategic creativity were always on display.
He is a strong creative thinker which goes well beyond interface design.
He could be counted on for creative and effective user interface design.
The design was created, met his requirements and was delivered on time.
John is a self-disciplined, self-critical, amazingly creative designer.
He's also super creative and can design websites and blog interfaces.
Always open for creative feedback and improvement on his design tasks.
His creative brilliance has helped him become as a stronger designer.
He brings his own ideas as well as offering creative input to design.
Him design concepts were always fresh and creative yet very practical.
John is a brilliant designer with an eye for the unusual and creative.
He's a true creative who's whole heatedly passionate about design.
The signs exceeded his expectation with creativity and layout design.
We immediately loved his creativity, ideas and designs for the site.
He combines unique creativity with the rigors of design principles.
John definitely has a creative flair and an amazing eye for design.
John is a creative and seasoned designer with entrepreneur spirit.
He turned out to be a creative, capable and accomplished designer.
John is an amazing designer, full of creative ideas and enthusiasm.
John designs with precision, great structure and creativeness.
Among other level designers distinguishes him a great creativity.
John totally gets what goes into good design and creative thinking.
John fosters creativity and dreams of unique, impactful design.
He always brought fresh ideas and creative designs to the table.
His designs are unique, clever, whimsical, and highly creative.
He used to be a designer so he has a real creative sensibility.
John's firm leveraged best practices in designing our creative.
He has a great aptitude for distinctive design and creativity.
He values good design and allowed him to be creative and fun.
John's design brought all these contributions together effortlessly and creatively.
His creativity and design abilities have set our company apart from our competitors.
He's also very creative when it comes to designing just-in-time training.
John designed the cover for his book, designed the publisher logo, and had creative ideas for the interior.
You can rely on his creativity to deliver the best possible designs for your clients.
He is of course very creative in his designs and he has his own unique style of art.
He is an amazingly talented designer and very well respected by all our creatives.
His creative abilities go far beyond design talent-which he has in abundance.
He is also very talented, creative and could be a designer if he chose.
As a designer, he's the best of both worlds: creative & analytical.
His creativity extends well beyond his formidable talent in design.
The layouts of the graphics are always well placed demonstrating his creative design.
John, as well as his creative floral designs is approachable and engaging.
He's an excellent, creative partner to have on any design job.
His creativity and resourcefulness were very helpful during the designing of his website.
His designs are well thought out and methodically and creatively implemented.
John and his team have provided creative and fresh designs consistently.
He definitely helped the design team be more creative and less restricted.
John and his team are exceptional designers and creative geniuses.
His designs are excellent, and his creative energy is always on.
He leverages his abundant creativity and energy in his designs.
He is a very creative designer and comes up with innovative designs to meet customer requirements and standards.
His creativity is topped only by him snark, and that in turn makes him creative work that much more creative.
He's consistently creative, but not created for the sake of creativity; his ideas work.
He is very explicit in directing him to what he wanted in the design yet didn't stifle his creativity.
Everything he touched really just came to life with excellent and very creative sound design.
He is very creative and always presents us with an interesting range of design alternatives.
He worked well with others and was always very creative and clever at the design board.
He has an outstanding sense and inspired inner motivation for creativity and design.
His creativity and verve lend themselves well to thoughtful and compelling designs.
John has been just wonderful to work with in the design and creative assignments.
As he designs he is thinking how the user will interact with the creative.
John will get all his creative and design work for as long as he wants it.
His creativity is inspiring and spills into him design and writing alike.
Our designers flourished when working with him on new creative concepts.
He "gets" interactive and has very strong creative and design standards.
He mentored other designers, letting them stretch their creative wings.
John's creativity exploded out of every design we worked on together.