Critical Thinking LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Critical Thinking Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He has a gift for critical thinking without coming off as critical.
What impressed me the most about him was his clear yet critical thinking.
John is straightforward and provides an excellent critical thinking.
Not only was he kind, but is sincere in his critical thinking.
He thinks nothing of going above and beyond to make something successful.
John went above and beyond to get our class thinking more critically and enhance our discussions.
John is flexible when needed and thinks critically when things need to be done better.
I was immediately taken by his critical thinking and ability to see what others can't.
I highly value him critical point-of-view and him way to say what he thinks.
He strives to excel in whatever he does and enjoys critical thinking.
Last but not least, he has strong logic and critical thinking ability.
He thinks critically, reasons well and is enthusiastically under pressure.
His out-of-the-box thinking helped us in several critical situations.
His critical-thinking ability puts him far above others his own age.
John always brought insights and critical thinking to the table.
His dedication and critical thinking seem to come natural to him.
John has the ability to effectively combine critical thinking with lateral thinking.
He always keeps us thinking more critically, reading more widely, and trying to do better.
His participation in class always demonstrated his critical thinking.
His critical way of thinking was an invaluable help for our team.
He not only gives you what you ask for, but comes up with something even better or shows you how you should have been thinking all along.
He is wonderful about being transparent so you don't have to wonder what he is thinking.
John has really gotten me to think outside the box and use my entrepreneurial thinking.
The best thing about him is his ability to ask the right questions that make you think.
He was novel in his thinking and to say he had enthusiasm would be an understatement.
John was critical to our success of each and every one of those transactions.
John is always forward thinking and will always be successful at what he does.
He goes out of his way to help his colleagues and thinks outside-the-box.
He has all those interesting thoughts that you can't help but think.
I always found him very approachable and flexible in this thinking.
He thinks with you and is always open to keep on trying new stuff.
He thinks things through and always delivers on his commitments.
John asks all the right questions, and really gets you thinking.
He's an honest, sincere and will tell you exactly what he thinks.
He always showed me the right path and the right way to think.
He thinks outside the box and provides you with ideas that you would never have even come close to thinking of yourself.
John showed us that it was less complicated than we thought, but still required some critical thinking.
In all of these, he excels because of his expertise, critical thinking and interpersonal sensitivity.
John, it was insightful to take the assessments regarding leadership, critical thinking and judgment.
He thinks critically and can problem solve even when we don't know what we are talking about.
He encourages thinking outside the box while being aware of critical deadlines.
This, balanced with his critical thinking abilities sets him apart in many ways.
I have found him to be a passionate and critical thinking lean practitioner.
He mixes critical thinking and humor to bring out the best in any situation.
His critical thinking techniques have enabled him to overcome obstacles.
He challenged my ideas and approach, enhancing my critical thinking.
He is enthusiastic, focused, critical thinking and results driven.
He displays critical thinking and is highly- organized individual.
He thinks critically and is capable of solving complex issues.
His critical and fact-based thinking is powerfully effective.
John brings a progressive, forward-thinking approach to problem solving and critical thinking.
John is not only a critical thinker, he is a critical thinking leader.
John provides keen analytical thinking as well as thinking outside of the box.
I admire him for his critical thinking and analytical capabilities.
John is always on task, always thinking how making the best out of any situation.
He's particularly clever at thinking about new things that are useful to clients before anyone else has got round to thinking about them.
He has always been a motivator at the same his critical thinking helped me to think beyond boundaries.
He has a way of thinking "outside the box" that is critical to any organization.
He requires that his clients "think", and "think" correctly/critically.
His critical thinking helps clarify reality & provides objectivity.