Customer Account Manager LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Account Manager Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John managed one of the key strategic accounts for him and an extremely demanding customer.
Him account management approach is very customer focused and consultative.
His number one priority is the customer it shows with his management style.
His management style blends well with his customer-centric approach.
His customer orientation is exceptional and he handles accounts well.
This was possible thru the example he set at the very top and the culture he fostered among managers of true accountability for customer and employee success.
John took great pride in the areas in which he excelled, account management and customer relations.
His attention to details and being proactive in managing his customer accounts certainly benefited the company.
He focuses on the customer first and foremost and then builds from the customer's needs back.
His humbleness and politeness makes him well liked by his peers, his managers and his customers.
John holds himself and everyone around him accountable to doing the right thing for the customer and the business.
He established effective partnerships with multiple customers and receiving much appreciation from his customers as well as management.
In addition to managing his staff, he also manages customers well.
John manages him accounts extremely well, takes very good care of his customers to assure customer satisfaction.
His empathy and making sure that all customer concerns are addressed have consistently earned him highest praise from both the customers and the management.
His attention to detail was impeccable & he was extremely engaged in all aspects of customer account management.
His commitment to the success of our customers and to the team has been instrumental in his success as an account manager.
As an account manager, he doesn't believe in selling deals that are a poor fit for customer requirements.
His customer-centric approach allowed him to consistently provide optimum customer service to the accounts he managed.
John works for his company and for him as customer as very farsighted manager.
He worked very well with customers and all levels of management.
His customers often expressed their happiness with his account management skills and diligence.
John always keeps the customer in mind in everything he does, whether working with his accounts or an end-user.
John's excellent customer relation management made him reputed accountant in the region.
As an account manager, he takes care of his customers really well, and he follows up on any problems or questions they might have.
He is a true blooded account manager - concerned about customers and ensuring he delivers what's expected of him, even sometimes beyond what's required.
Him dedication, investor management and customer focus are unparalleled.
Not surprisingly, he excelled at building new customer relationships and managing existing customers.
John's passion and understanding about the customer data, clean account assignments, account hierarchy is amazing.
John enjoys the interactions with customers and can manage all aspects of the engagement.
His opening remarks about "looking to make the customer happy" summarises him clear customer focus and attention to growing his accounts.
He excelled at managing his customer base while diligently developing new accounts.
He proved to be not only good project and team manager, but also qualified account manager for our customers.
His prospects and customers alike appreciate his easygoing manner and management style.
John's style of management was based on the values of putting the customer first.
John's management style of his staff and of his customers is one to be followed.
John does not manage customer relations reactively but rather proactively.
John's management of customer expectations and relations is excellent.
Most importantly, him customer relation management was perfect.
He communicated with customers and always helped us to transmit our thoughts to the customer.
During that time, he was responsible for customer relationship management.
Partnering with him as his account manager, has been a wonderful experience because he always set the right expectations when he brings new customer partnerships.
With a very strong account management skill, you can always depend on him to do the right thing for him customers.
His experience with him when he account managed our relationship found him to be highly customer-focused and dependable.
Him customers speak volumes about the services and account management he provides them.
He 'effortlessly' builds rapport with colleagues, customers and prospective customers.
He does an excellent job managing customer expectations and getting things done right the first time.
He brings together the customers, account managers and our internal teams, when problems arise.
He is always on top of your account in constant communication with his customers and suppliers.
He has an extraordinary way of managing relationships in challenging accounts and has won over many long-standing competitive customers.
John is an excellent customer facing account manager, who is able to integrate at all levels of an organisation.
He is a great strategic account manager, always acting as an advocate on the customer's behalf.
John gets fired up about getting things done and serving the customer.
He is a true partner with the customer and with the account team.
His approach to details and managing customer expectation is exceptional.
He understands customer needs and is skilled at managing the balance between company and customer expectations.
Apart from working with customers directly, he was also very good in managing channels.
John is often his application solution manager for most of his customer requirements.
John truly excels at managing relationships with partners and customers.
As an account manager, he knew how to motivate his team so that customers can get the best experience possible from the partnership.