Customer Account Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Account Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John spent time on one of his teams as an inside account representative.
He also represents his customers in the same way; they are proud to work with him.
He always took end to end accountability to get things done to ensure a "superb customer experience".
Him, follow through and attention to detail of customer accounts is something to be admired.
Puts his customers first - include the actual customer as well as those who work for him.
He convinces each customer with his knowledge and customer orientated style.
John always puts the customer first and customers loved working with him.
John would be a good addition for any company looking for an accountable and reliable representative.
His level of accountability to his customers is second to none as he always gets all the gaps filled on-time.
He follows up as needed, meets deadlines and always takes the customer's best interest into account.
He made our customers smarter and more accountable, and raised the success bar for all of us.
Among many of his strengths is his ability to gain entry into new customer accounts.
John consistently brings forward a 'customer-first' attitude to his accounts.
He can win over any customer and establish very strong relationships with his accounts.
John focused on several of our strategic accounts, existing customers and new logos.
We have worked together on several accounts and the customers absolutely love him.
John worked on some key customer accounts, always delivering results where the customer was his main focus.
John represents his customers in a professional manner and genuinely seems concerned about paring up the right candidate and customer.
He is very customer oriented and ensures he represents the company at the highest level.
He is dedicated to his job and responsibilities and he holds himself accountable to get customers what they need when they need it.
He is able to take on the big challenges and see them through and he was accountable for commitments to customers and partners.
He takes ownership and accountability for his duties and is always willing to help his peers and customers succeed.
He takes the initiative to keep his accounts current and is well respected by his customers a peer.
He gives each account the attention it deserves and customizes solutions with seemingly no effort.
He led the contact with the customer and had key input all aspects of the account.
John responds quickly to request which clearly shows his accountability for his responsiveness to teammates and customers.
Managing large accounts, bringing in new customers, constantly looking for opportunities all come naturally to him.
He found new accounts and had an uncanny knack for understanding customer requirements and pain points.
John delivered exceptional results for his customers and advocated tirelessly for him accounts.
We were able to quickly promote him to assume responsibility for customer accounts.
He is always consistent in his professional approach to the customer and to the company he represents.
John truly wants what is best for the team and for the customer.
By all accounts he is engaging, results-driven and always does what's best for his internal customers.
John is a true ambassador of the regions and customers he represents.
His thorough account preparation and sense of urgency has helped him to provide more value to many of his customers.
John works with his customers' interest at heart, and always the customer first, even if he is not profiting from the transaction.
John works well with customers and is good at converting customer needs into appropriate actionable items.
He always puts the customer first and made sure that the customers' interest are communicated properly.
John looks out for his customers or even potential customers and is a pleasure to work with.
He will come up with innovative solutions to make his proposals stand out and take into account the needs of the customer.
His rapport with customers was very personal and he did whatever it took to make sure customers' needs were met - no excuses.
Where possible, he will think out of the box to resolve customer issues and owns up to his decisions by taking on the accountability and responsibilities.
He is willing to go the extra step for both employees and customers, thus he fosters an environment of loyalty and accountability.
John is "hands-on" with the accounts he oversees and understands the problems his customers face.
John brings value to the company and our customers, not just due to his ability to articulate his thoughts, but by his constant accountability and bias toward action and customer needs.
By watching him work with several accounts, it became evident that he truly puts the customer first.
His customers have fought to keep him on their accounts and colleagues love to work with him.
John always tries to comprehend customer needs and also understands where the brand has to be to reach customers with precision.
John always provided him with excellent customer service when it pertained to his account.
He provides the customer with updates and strives to personally connect on accounts.
His focus is always taking care of the customer first, which is apparent with his accounts.
Customer oriented and focused, he has never been caught short trying to ensure customer satisfaction and doing the right thing by the company he represents.
His recommendations have always been on point and he has taken the best interest of his customer into account when providing candidates for openings.
He positions himself as a partner to the customer, and goes for an overall approach of the whole account, not resting on his laurels.
His consistency comes from his accountability towards achieving his own goals as well remaining extremely customer focussed.
He valued the internal customers' needs and balanced them against the customer experience.
John is great with customers and accounts, as he is very sincere, full of energy and very competitive.
No other account representative or team has ever come close to matching the standard he set.
John made time to meet with his customers - even those that were "captive" corporate accounts.
He goes above and beyond for our customers that we work with together.