Customer Focus LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Focus Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

But what sets him apart is his laser like focus on the customer and his team who deliver to the customer.
John is a customer oriented, a team player as well as very focus on the need of the customer.
He has solid customer focus and is always willing to make himself available to meet with the customers at the time that is convenient for them.
John' customer focus, attitude means he is always looking for the best result of his clients and their customers.
His customer-centric focus makes the customer feel right and smart for engaging with your organization.
His primary focus is always on the customer and that is what has made him successful.
He knows his own abilities and very focuses on meeting the needs of his customers.
He also looks at the totality of the customer's needs, not just his area of focus.
John is a true customer champion and strives always to focus the organization on the needs and desires of the customer.
His customer focus is admirable and inspiring and he will go to any length to make sure we have a a delighted customer.
His focus on customers' needs and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure customer delight was always appreciated.
His problem solving capabilities, customer focus and dedication to customer success is exceptional.
John's customers are very happy with his technical abilities and his customer focus.
John's ability to focus on our customer needs to allow us to increase our customer confidence and performance.
Liked by all customers because of his attention to detail, focus to customers need and ability to change.
His eye for detail and strong customer focus makes for a sustained customer partnership.
His focus has always been doing the right thing for his customers and his teams.
John always keeps his focus on customer satisfaction, including internal and external customers.
John has a strong customer focus, whether the customer is internal or external.
John's focus is firmly set on the customer and how best to engage with that customer using the online medium.
John had a great customer focus and made sure he considered the customer perspective when making decisions.
He also had the perseverance and the focus on doing the right thing for the customer to make sure that these problems were addressed.
Moreover, he did all of this while simultaneously maintaining an unwavering focus on the needs of the customer.
John has a strong customer focus and is always looking for the best way to get something accomplished.
However, the thing that really stands out for me is his complete focus on him customer's success.
Him outstanding focus on customers and doing the right thing for everyone involved is amazing.
We were particularly impressed with his focus on the customer rather than the company's ego.
John is definitively customer oriented and him only focus is to make you satisfied.
His strategies are always well thought out and his focus is always on the customer.
John has relevant comments during our discussions, and is very customer focused.
John's constant focus on the needs of customers set him apart from many others.
His ability to focus on the customer's needs makes him stand out from the crowd.
His focus on the value proposition to his customers is clear and not cluttered.
He never lost focus and always remembered the customer is the one to satisfy.
He keeps his focus on the big picture and looks at adding value to customers.
John knows how to deliver results with a focus on what is best for the customer.
His focus on giving the best attention possible to his customer is exemplary.
He always had a focus on the customer and ensured that those needs were met.
He has an intense focus on being "relevant" and delivering to the customer.
His customer focus and commitment to exceeding their needs was unparalleled.
John was always available with intense passion for profitable customer focus.
He was always the trusted adviser at our customers because of his integrity and focus on making the customer successful.
Very quickly he gained credibility with his focus, due diligence and customer focus.
He excelled at understanding the customer and their needs, then aligning our solution to the customer with a focus on value.
As the customer, you feel like nothing is a problem and you are important; a tribute to him customer focus.
He has a strong customer focus and seeks to find solutions that will delight customers.
He challenged me to get better use cases, and help drive customer success and really put focus on the customer.
His focus is always the customer and how they will be impacted by any changes or campaigns that go out.
I know he will always focus on creating the right outcomes for my organization and our customers.
John's focus on him customers and their objectives ensures that what needs to be done gets done.
John excelled in this, always pushing to keep the focus of the organization on the customer.
John has that unmistakable, customer-focus that is irreplaceable in any organization.
His focus consistently on the customer and his attitude never less than inspiring.
He is always timely, and wins him customers over with his focus on their needs.
His customers are continually complimenting him on his focus and commitment.
His customer focus is exemplary to the extent that he goes the extra mile to ensure his customers get not only what they want but also what they are not able to foresee.
John created a very strong focus on the customer, he reinforced the "customer first approach" in everything he said and did, it was refreshing and appropriate.
His ability to understand and break down customer problems is absolutely unique and his customer focus is unparalleled.
He provides a sharp focus on customer needs, making the right recommendations based on available customer budget.
During his last position there he showed great insight into customer problems and had a determined customer focus.