Customer Service LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John is an advocate for customer service excellence and goes above and beyond in every opportunity.

He has an exceptional level of customer service and work hard to please his customers and contacts.

John provided the type of customer services you could only wish other vendors would provide.

He is dedicated to customer service and getting the job done right the first time.

He has a passion for customer service and will always put in an exceptional effort to get the job done to the customer's satisfaction.

John's customer service focus and customer oriented problem solving approach is top notch.

John provides excellent customer service, knowledge, creativity and very timely service.

His customer service was superb and he became a trusted service provider as well as a good colleague.

John has been very helpful in facilitating the customer service aspect of the reunion.

John's customers loved his service and how he found a way to always meet their needs.

He always put the customer first and increased engagement through value added services.

He was always willing to help or meet with a customer and give excellent service.

John provides excellent service and innovation in solving customer problems.

Always a pleasure to meet with and he always provides great customer service.

John has amazing customer service and grace when working with customers and clients with disabilities.

John is honest and sincere in wanting to provide the best possible service to their customers.

The customer service and follow-up provided by his department is parallel to none.

John's commitment to premium customer service is second to none and this is reflected on the entire company.

I would definitely recommend his services to anyone looking to increase traffic and customers to their websites.

He is very persistent on troubleshooting issues and provides top notch customer service.

John would be an asset to any organisation that highly values customer service.

He provides the customer above and beyond customer service and his understanding of the business world is exceptional and very impressive.

John is a great asset to any services business and has truly focused on the customer and doing the right thing for that customer.

John's definition of customer service should be upheld by any business that wants to excel in customer satisfaction.

He intimately worked with each customer to ensure the highest level of customer service and dedication.

One of the key objectives in which he exceeded is his dedication to customer service.

He is wonderful with mentoring others within his organization, as well as provides great service to his customers.

John is an optimist, well-organized entrepreneur committed to outstanding customer service.

He places the customer, and the service they get, at the center of all decisions.

John continually raises the bar for himself to provide the best customer service.

He has a great understanding of customer service and will take extra steps to assure customers needs are fulfilled.

John has always demonstrated superb customer service to me and this sentiment is shared by other colleagues.

John always provided exceptional customer service, providing me well qualified candidates for my openings.

He always takes the initiative to progress his goals and keeps customer service in the highest regards.

He would empower people to be inspirational in their leadership and customer service standards.

At his core is him sincere desire to help his customers and provide the best service he can.

He ran his department flawlessly, and his customer service orientation was second-to-none.

John excels at delivering exceptional customer service and speaking with enthusiasm.

He's extremely diligent and focused on providing the utmost customer service.

I will always call upon his expertise, as him commitment to customer service is unquestionable.

He goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure customers are pleased with their service.

John has always offered services beyond the call of duty and expectations of customers.

His experience in customer service is evident in every interaction with clients and employees.

John has a dogged determination to see things through and to provide the best service he can for his customers.

John provided excellent customer service and thoroughly understood the critical nature of my needs.

John's ability to service customers during critical situations is one of his stronger abilities.

His leadership style is participative and he has a very good service & customer orientation.

His company has a great reputation and customer service is always friendly and helpful.

His customer service staff's and his insights were invaluable and always welcome.

He also provides superior customer service and works very well with his clients.

He's very dedicated to his work and has an absolute drive to service customers.

He works hard to understand customer issues and to ensure that the highest level of service is provided to his customers.

His focus on his customer service and attention to detail is to be commended.

His attention to detail is exceptional, as is his focus on customer service.

The service given by his business is excellent with thorough cleaning inside and out and good follow up service so he gets my recurring custom.

He is very customer-service focused, thorough, prompt, savvy and gets the job done every time.

John is dedicated to providing excellent customer service to the members of the chamber.

His attention to detail, follow through and customer service has been consistently impressive.

He is detail oriented, ethical, provides great customer service and is always available.

I have followed him wherever he goes because of his level of integrity and the customer service he provides.