Customer Service Administrator LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Administrator Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

One of the greatest assets he delivers is his follow-through and commitment to customer service.
John truly practices what he preaches in relationships and customer service.
A testament to his understanding of what real customer service is all about.
John's customer service focus drives him to work outside the box when necessary to ensure that the customer's expectations are almost exceeded.
Him level of customer service and attention to every last detail does not go unnoticed.
John knows the records space and has a great customer service acumen.
John really spent the time to understand us as a company and always provided us with great customer service.
He made customer service a priority, which that lesson has carried over into his new career.
And a strong sense of customer service and engagement comes naturally to him.
His consistent follow up and customer service drives our customers not only to renew, but to add new business.
Him customer service and administrative support etiquette; as well as work ethic are admirable.
John provided him exceptional customer service value in the purchase of his home.
He understands the customer-service provider dynamics and knows how to use this understanding to his company's advantage.
The difference is in his ability in identifying and offering the perfect solution plus him customer service.
His dedication and desire to provide top-notch service to our customers is unmatched.
John's advice is highly regarded by other systems administrators and by our customer.
He is competent, focused, and keeps the customer's goals and needs in the forefront of the service he provides.
John's business engagement and service to his customers is exceptional.
His customers are most often raving fans, as he goes out of his way to assure his customers are most satisfied with his products and service.
He has become his one and only go to person for this service.
Johns customer service is second to none, he has a "can do" attitude, always willing to help and find solutions.
Him 'can-do' attitude is refreshing and his focus on servicing the customer is enviable.
John puts his customer first, providing a world class and truly dependable service.
Over the years he has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to first-class customer service, whether the customers are students, colleagues or acquaintances and friends.
John helped us with the organization and administration of our our company's data services.
John also has excellent customer service skills, and has always put the customer first when completing a project or service request.
John embodies customer service, with a contagious energy and spirit that you can't help but want to emulate.
His dedication to detail and customer service truly made a positive impact on the company.
He works very hard to ensure his customers receive the best possible service.
He not only took the time to explain things to his customers, but also helped them understand what kind of opportunities his services can offer.
In this economy his service offering is timely and can greatly enhance the profitability of his customers' companies.
Keeping customer service as a priority, he comes across as a sincere, spirited and engaging individual.
His understanding of our business and our customer's needs is superior, and has enabled us to continue to offer first in class customer service.
In the context of service provision, he demonstrates a strong customer-focus.
The experience he had with large customers, global customers, and financial services customers provided us with someone having a solid proven track record.
His focus on customer service allowed him to have even greater success because his customers realized he was there to help them make their business better.
He led his team by example - good customer service, enthusiasm, interest, and kindness.