Customer Service Advisor LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Advisor Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Concern for his customers, commitment to service, communication when you need it.
John taught him the value in good communication and customer service.
He takes him jobs very seriously and was highly appreciated as the trusted advisor of his customers.
John brings this and an outstanding customer service background to the team.
He ensures the team always provides a great service to the customers.
His focus on customers' business initiatives makes keeps him in the trusted advisor role with his customers.
He shows a great sense of customer service to both his external and internal customers which is very much appreciated.
He revived customer service and it shows in the attitude and excitement of his employees.
John is very good at what he did; reliable, organized and customer service oriented.
His commitment to innovative improvement and customer service are impressive.
His passion for doing the right thing for his customers, coupled with his ability to take on the trusted advisor role are second to none.
He truly understands and excels at the "trusted advisor role" which makes him an asset to any customer as well.
John is looked at as a trusted advisor by his customers and for good reason; that was exactly what he was.
He's truly a trusted advisor to our customers large and small because he's walked in their shoes.
A super saleswoman who creates an environment of trusted advisor within him customer base.
John always provides quality service and is very accommodating to customer requests.
The quality and service that his customers get is without doubt second to none.
The quality of his service and commitment to his customers was fabulous.
Focused to do his best to deliver top quality services to customers.
John's service has proven to be very accurate and he is an extremely capable advisor, with a great mind.
John ensure that our customers had the best service and support for many years.
He understands what being in customer service and support is all about.
John supported him on some significant customer service challenges.
John focuses on meeting his customers' needs, and strives to provide the best service possible.
Our customers are extremely pleased with the continuing and successful services he provides.
John provides quality service that reflects his integrity and resolve to service his customers in the best way possible.
That's why we consider his organization an extension of our firm's customer-service team.
His customer service was number one and he was very loyal to his team and organization.
He dedicates all of his energy to serve others, thus provides unconditional and first class service to his customers.
His overwhelming concern was for customer service, and he performed several miracles in this pursuit.
John's team, trusted advisors and customers are truly in good hands.
He provides excellent customer service and provides a quality focused service delivery.
This combination of talents means that he can analyse your needs and get your site in from of the customers who are looking for your service.
He provides the highest level of customer service and has rates that no one can compete with.
With outstanding talent, also comes great customer loyalty (and service).
His friend is also happy with the services he provided comparing to their former financial advisors.
He has a knack of becoming a trusted advisor with the customers he interacts with.
John communications is well regarded as a service driven provided that looks after its customers.
He worked very well under pressure and definitely has a strong customer service orientation.
John also will excel in any role where customer communication and service is essential.
John makes customer service a priority, communicating well and often on any issue.
He worked diligently to ensure our services meet his customer requirements.
His relationship with the customer moved him far more towards being a true trusted advisor.
His level of customer service is second to none and we utilise his services knowing that he will deliver absolute quality.
His commitment to end-to-end service delivery delivered the best results for the customer in any situation.
Him customer service focus is second to none and his phone manner is nothing short of exemplary.
John during their stay plays an important role in our customer service strategy.
John and his team have since provided his customer with a comprehensive and helpful service for some time.
Not only is he there for his team of peeps, but him customers/clients get top notch customer service.
You never see him sweat - confident in himself and his team to deliver stellar service to customers.
Furthermore, he cultivates in his team the same customer service ethos, values, and approaches.
He delivered on all expectations set by his team and provided excellent customer service.
John would be a boon to any team or organisation that relies on customer service.
His commitment to the hiring team and the candidate exemplify customer service.
He also made our team look good by winning multiple customer service awards.
As a customer advocate and trusted advisor, he takes the time to understand the needs and then match the right solutions and services.
John's customer service skills amongst many other things separate him from the rest.
John always goes above and beyond and possesses superior customer service skills.
Him customer service skills are the best and him follow through is outstanding.
Besides being multilingual, him customers service skills are second to none.