Customer Service Assistant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Assistant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Just as important - he knows how to connect with the customer, offering very intuitive assistance.

John assisted him to identify tailored solutions for new and existing customers.

Him willingness to provide assistance to customers and colleagues was exceptional.

He made sure that he was always available for guidance and assistance, and his focus on customer service ensured that our guests were always returning for repeat visits.

His knowledge of the customer's needs often assisted us in delivering a solution that exceeded the customers' needs.

He worked very well with the different divisions within the company to make sure the customer was getting the service they deserved.

Next to this he is very analytic and his goal is truly to assist the customer as much as possible.

This is a man who goes above and beyond to ensure his customers are not only satisfied but in awe of his assistance.

He is the expert, fast, and accomplished in all that he did, and pleased our end customer with his expert assistance.

He treats his customers with great attention, focuses on how he can add value, and is always available to assist.

With this, he was also able to help assist our customers with wardrobe malfunctions, mishaps and mysteries.

John provides an empathetic listening ear, but he also takes action to best assist him customers.

John doesn't accept mediocrity and will go the extra mile in an effort to assist his customers.

He's great with customers and was always eager to offer his assistance to fellow teammates.

He willingly provided assistance consistent with how a leader in customer service would treat any customer- with patience, clarity and a vision for success.

As a service provider his team keeps assisting whenever required to cope the requirements of the customer.

He provided not only outstanding service to our customers and clients, but was there to assist and help any of his co-workers in need.

He created strong relationships with both his team and his customers and was highly focused on customer service.

He also was on the site many times assisting with or running presentations for customers.

He takes great pride in his company's customer service and has always been available personally for any questions or assistance.

John goes over and above the customer requirements, continuously aiming to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction and service available.

John has also assisted him through his life coaching services.

He cares about the candidates, he assist and listens to the customers needs to pair the perfect candidate with the customer.

He serves the customer first and always makes himself available to internal people who need assistance.

John's assistance and guidance in respect to customer targeting has been nothing short of exceptional.

He consistently goes the extra mile to assist his customers as well as his fellow employees.

The customers just love him and request his assistance on a regular basis.

He also provided assistance in resolving customer field issues.

John is able to understand the customer requirements, guide them if needed, and assist the customer to think about other possibilities, the future, and what he/he really needs.

John came on board and assisted by providing us with stable and reliable solutions backed up by exemplary customer service.

He would be of great assistance to any business using his services.

John gives his team the tools and guidance they need and assists them in providing the best customer service possible.

John is great to work with because he is the ultimate provider of customer service.

John has always been of great assistance to him at work, he has provided prompt service on all occasions.

John brings much experience and high level of customer service to his merchant services role.

Instead, he engaged directly with the customer to find out other areas to provide assistance.

He's professional and courteous, always quick to assist customers and provide the best level of service.

His first assignment was to assist with a key customer with exact requirements.

John sets the bar for customer service, reliability, and integrity.

He is always happy to advise or assist in any way he could, and made every effort to provide the best service he could.

His work ethic is second to none and level of customer service is extraordinary.

His insights into customer relationships has assisted us with our clients and in turn our clients with their customers.

Him customer service and personal attention to his needs has won his loyalty.

John provides a great deal of personal service to his customers.

John is passionate about him customer's well being, and readily available to assist in rectifying their problems quickly and properly.

He is always proactive in looking to solve the customers' issues and problems and quick to identify what these are and how he can assist.

He is quick to assess how he can assist a customer, is credible and always delivers results.

He assisted with technical questions very effectively and with great customer service for our clients.

John also provides high quality customer service and is readily available to assist with any questions you may have.

John is willing to drop what he was doing and fly to the customer site to assist them in getting the infrastructure back up and running.

You know from the minute you meet him that he is customer driven and will go out of his way to assist and make sure the job is completed.

He truly cared about his customers and was committed to delivering outstanding service.

He always goes beyond the call of duty in helping and assisting him and our customers whenever possible and at any time.

He goes above and beyond to assist his clients and others with solutions and services that address their needs.

He went the extra mile to assist customers with issues and make their experiences better with the company.

He also assisted by doing some focus group work without customers.

With his assistance and guidance, customer service was able to attain progressively better results and productivity.

John has a natural customer service focus which is shown by the special efforts, he took to deliver value to our customers and also by his willingness to share, collaborate and assist his colleagues.

He worked hard to provide the best service and was always available to assist whenever needed.

John is always very focused on what needed to be done and he was always willing to get in front of customers to assist in getting something done.