Customer Service Consultant LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Consultant Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

John always provides that little extra service that makes a consultant appreciated and valued.

Him move into the consulting space comes as know surprise as he truly understands "service".

John provides consulting services his firm and his advice is always well thought out.

His understanding of services is vast and deep which makes him perfect consultant.

John consulted us, and was absolutely committed to delivering great service.

We hired a couple of very sharp consultants through his service.

His attention to detail is second to none and he provides exceptional customer service.

His attention to detail and to servicing the customer was second to none.

John's customer service and attention to detail are wonderful.

John provides great customer service and is very effective in broadening and deepening his knowledge base in his consultancy.

John provides his organization with great customer service and is responsive to our needs and request.

John goes out of his way to deliver more than the service demands and exceeds customer expectations.

Our customer feedback on his ability is exceptional which is why we continue to use his services.

He's simply better than other employees at servicing customers and understanding their needs.

He delivered new services in very tight timeframes to very demanding customers.

He strove for outstanding customer service and continually delivered.

He continually delivers excellent and flawless customer service.

His focus is on people, customer service, and process/systems.

But on top of that, he provides top-notch customer service, makes the transition to him services easy and carefree, and is impeccably honest.

He also follows up with his clients to make sure the consultants are providing the necessary services.

We could not have been happier with the service he provided and the relationship he formed with us as his customers.

His understanding of customer service as both strategic and just-the-right-thing-to-do is refreshing.

John understands what the customer needs and provides the knowledge and services necessary.

He always made the relationship with customer service very pleasant and entertaining.

His knowledge of his customer and his ability to service their needs is unparalleled.

More importantly, he understands the value of customer relationships and service.

John's product/design knowledge and customer service is truly exceptional.

His knowledge is only outshined by his superior customer service.

Instead, he took a consultative approach and worked with the customers and him (as his services partner) to figure out what would actually help the customer achieve the results they were seeking.

His interactions with him were primarily as a consultant with some co-customers, and also as a prospective customer at another engagement he was in.

John saved him and provided customized and personalized service.

He brings lots of added value in connecting him customers with the right consultants.

John's consultative nature keeps even the most demanding customer request on track.

He truly gets to know him customer's needs and partners with them to deliver great service and results.

John goes above and beyond to provide not just the perfect gift, but also exceptional customer service.

He provides first-rate services to all of his customers and made each of them feel equally important.

Almost equally important, him customer service and responsiveness are second to none.

He values each of his clients and provides them with lifelong consultation services.

John and would retain his consulting services any time it deemed appropriate.

John's services have proved invaluable long after the original consultation.

John provides excellent customer service and builds strong relationships with customers and suppliers.

His technical skill, his approach to customer service and also his excellent customer service is unmatched.

He loves what he does and deliver best in class service to his customers, those always counts on him to help them in their requirements.

John always provides the highest level of customer service, often going above and beyond to exceed expectations.

He is focused on results and is successful with this because he is understanding of the customer service needs.

He also believed that superior customer service was what distinguished our division as best in class.

John provides excellent insight into what's required to excel at superior customer service.

When he connected with students he was always sure to give the utmost in customer services.

John would be an asset to any company that prides themselves on excellent customer service.

John took customer service to the next level and fought tirelessly at all his endeavors.

The service he offers is the benchmark and him customer satisfaction rating is first class.

He provided a superior level of customer service and was always available when needed.

John's level of customer service far surpasses any expectation you may have of him.

This was reflected in the excellent levels of customer service which he achieved.

He provides a level of service that draws comments from all of his customers.

He is articulate and consults with customers, and he really understands the solutions that he sells.

He constantly provided great solutions and was outstanding on consulting with the customer.

He delivered results and went above and beyond in providing exceptional service as our consultant.

When meeting with customers he is truly a consultative salesman, always asking probing questions until he understands what problem the customer is trying to solve.

As a result, he founded his company and does consulting gigs for various customers who want an honest assessment of their customer interactions.