Customer Service Director LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Director Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

Data shows that these customers are more likely to re-subscribe, driving up customer lifetime value of our company.
Ofer is well liked by customers because he will always keep his word and he because he gets things done.
He goes above and beyond in making sure the customer gets what they need and when they need it.
He truly makes you feel like the customer and goes above and beyond on each and every deal.
Always ready to help anyone, always do his best for his colleagues and for his customers.
He went above and beyond his responsibilities to make sure our customers were satisfied.
Challenges always seemed to him to be just another opportunity to delight the customer.
As one of his many end customers his attention to our particular needs was outstanding.
He is incredibly thorough and you could tell that he really listened to the customer.
He always puts his customer's needs first and follows through on commitments.
He knows exactly what customers are looking for when it comes to daily deals.
He doesn't make commitments to the customer until he knows it can be done.
He consistently looks to do the right thing by his prospects and customers.
He always looks for opportunities to deliver more and better to the customer.
Knows his customers and deals with them according to their expectations.
John goes out of his way, making sure the customer always comes first.
He tries to find the best deal for each and every one of his customers.
He always followed up and focused on getting getting customer results.
Driven for results, he knows also how to keep his customers satisfied.
John always had the customers needs at the forefront of his message.
Feedback from his colleagues - and customers - was always first rate.
John puts others first, whether it's his customers or his colleagues.
If he can't help his customer, he won't try to sell them something.
He has always been very efficient and he is "customer oriented".
We found him to be very thorough, attentive, and customer-focused.
He listens to the customer's needs and provides for those needs.
We were his customer and he listened to our needs very carefully.
John's attention to the needs of his customers is second to none.
He always delivers on his word, and does right for his customer.
John starts with the core of everything we do - our customers.
His commitment to doing the best by the customer is commendable.
Trust him with your most sensitive customers and initiatives.
He handled himself well, even when the customer was difficult.
Rather than needing him to solve it for him and the customer.
He provided excellent customer service both internally and externally.
He provided us with first-class safety and great customer service.
His devotion to his company, customers and to service improvements comes through very clearly.
John will drop everything in order to ensure that the service to his customers is exemplary.
He has always been there for everyone, be it his customers and friends, needless to say the degree of customer Centricity he demonstrates.
And him internal customer service is above reproach - he is very helpful and responsive.
John's customer service to him internal customers is top rated.
He demonstrated the highest levels of customer service and dedication.
John and his staff always provide exceptional customer service.
He gets the job done and provides excellent service, while maintaining high ethical standards and dedication to customer service.
John demonstrated excellent customer service and commitment to meeting and exceeding service level agreements.
John, takes the effort and time to understand his customer needs and this can be seen clearly during his customers' interactions.
He really understood what the customers were asking for and needed, which help us prepare for our initial customer interactions.
John knows how to create value for our customers and for the organization.
John always made sure that the customer was heard within our organization.
John organization would be lucky to have him as well as their customers.
He used to come up with very innovative options for the customer.
John has been one of his most proactive and engaging customers.
He continues to look out for our best interest as his customer.
The results are that he provides prospective customers the offerings and recommendations that most frequently turn them into customers.
He consistently challenged our organisation to do more for our customers and valued our customer feedback above any other measure.
John always has the best interest of all of his customers and takes great pride in getting back to customers in lightning speed.
He would never allow a customer to suffer for any reason and would ensure the customer gets what was committed to if not more.
Him replies to customers are always well written and he has a way of putting even the most irate customers at ease.
John's ability to champion customers' needs is rooted in his intimate understanding of the customers' problems.
John listens well to the customer and took steps to uncover the explicit need a customer would have.