Customer Service Receptionist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Receptionist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

He will go out of his way to provide the best customer service possible, and he "tells it like it is" without pulling any punches.
John has a genuine hunger to be the very best he can be, and provide his customers with first class service.
His priority is always his customer's best interest and providing them the coverages and services they need.
John understands the importance of "first class" customer service and this is one of his many attributes.
Not only does he provide excellent customer service, but he clearly has a passion for what he does.
John's passion for providing outstanding customer service is certainly evident in all he does.
John's passion for customer service and life, through its adversity, astounds him constantly.
His professionalism and approach to providing great customer service is impeccable.
He is a prime example of a customer-focused service provider.
John delivers incredible value by bringing new clarity and understanding to customer service and retention.
His approach is highly customized versus the boilerplate type resume services that abound.
His fluent understanding of customer service is a breath of fresh air.
He can see the big picture and understands how important customer service is for any organization.
Once he was brought up to speed on our shipping needs the savings and customer service took over from there.
He knows his product very well and he is extremely customer service oriented.
Him consistently high levels of customer service keep him in demand when a customer issue must be escalated.
He provides sound, valuable and trustworthy advice and is passionate about excelling in customer service.
He chose our customer service vendor and brought them up to speed within weeks versus months.
He serves his customers from a foundation of integrity, seeking to meet their needs, while delivering excellent customer service.
He gets it done right, on time and by partnering up with his customers.
He excels at getting his participants to figure out what is really important to customers and how they can help solve the customer's problems.
John demonstrates excellent customer service, reaching out to the customer to determine levels of satisfaction on an ongoing basis.
He provides outstanding customer service that is friendly, helpful, and informative.
He truly understands what it means to be a service provider - he always puts his customers needs first.
John always provided a customer focused service and was exceptional at providing good candidates.
John knows his stuff, and is genuinely interested in providing great customer service and advice.
This unique combination allows him to be extremely efficient and provide great customer service.
John demonstrated a great customer service ethos which shone through at every point.
John epitomises what a true customer service provider should aspire to be.
He's passionate about customers, delivering exceptional customer service, and exceeding business goals.
He is all about customer service and he is all about taking care of his team.
He bends over backwards to meet customer demands even when dealing with difficult customers, like us.
On joining, he quickly got to grips with the business, its customers and the service team looking after those customers.
John took the time to 'understand' the needs of the customer, whether it be inside or outside the company.
John and his company has always been ahead of time regarding customer needs or trends.
Many times he gets some of our most difficult customers without any problems.
He listens to understand what a customer really needs in addition to what the customer thinks he need.
John keeps the customer in mind at all times and if the need arises, goes above and beyond expectations in order to help the customers.
He always followed up with his customer's through the installation and beyond.
He always had the customers best interest and was able to relate to the customer through past experience.
He's committed to his role, his customers and the products and services he sells.
John always makes time for his employees and delivers to his customers.
His exceptional customer service coupled with his sound expertise was clearly evident and greatly appreciated.
John has always had the customers well being at the center of everything he does.
His customers' well-being is always at the center of his preoccupation.
John delivers with the customer's needs always at the center.
John has a very good understanding of the customers needs and at the same time he always adds value in the customer's proposals.
John did right by the shareholders, customers, partners and the employees.
John always strides to go one step ahead of the competition by providing superb customer service at his firm.
John knows the details of what he is selling, but also knows what his customer needs.
He understands what customer need and willing to learn from his superior.
Then, he learns how to connect with your customers emotionally.
John first learns to understand the customer and their needs.
John is driven by his customers and his willingness to learn.
His main concern was to meet and excel customer expectations and keep the customer involved at all times.
He takes the time to understand his customers and what they would like from his company.
John took the time to customize his message to our audience and it showed.
John is one of the most customer oriented reps in our division.
He would be able to provide any kind of customized solution to meet the customer's expectation.