Customer Service Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His customers have been very comfortable with him, and he represented his company with the utmost integrity.

He did an excellent job representing our customers and their needs, and in helping us to serve them better.

He makes his customers feel they they are the most important customer his company deals with.

He understands the importance of customer service and the value in solving problems promptly.

John's focus on customer service shows through in each of his actions and is hard to beat.

His focus on great service and listening to his customers has endeared him to many.

His experience, organization, and attention to customer service is outstanding.

John's firm has an amazing "wall of fame" which represents their diverse customer base.

His renowned dedication to standards and customer service set him apart from so many others and showed in his overall results.

What is evident to all around him, is him resounding need to level the ground of customer satisfaction and service.

John understands how to close the customer and follow up with outstanding service after the deal has been made.

John provides outstanding service to his customer and as a result, he has earned their respect and commitment.

John's in-depth understanding of services and the customer requirements provided a recipe for success.

John's attention to customer service and follow-through for prompt problem solving is refreshing.

This transition ultimately delivered higher service and results to his customer based.

Nothing will get in the way of making sure his customer is successful with the products he represents.

John provided the very highest level of service not only to the external customer but to the internal customer as well.

He always ensured he represented his customers and candidates with professionalism and respect.

He and the product he represents are an added value to anyone that uses his services.

John represents the perfect balance between technology and customer savvy.

John helped him customize one, and he customizes each session to our business.

He focuses on helping his employees be the best they can possibly be and his attention to customer service is extraordinary.

John strives to understand our needs as his customers, and align his services organization to deliver on them.

He takes time with everyone he comes in contact with and offers a fantastic service to all of his customers.

As a customer he is clear and clarifies expectations and one step ahead in getting the right service timely.

John stood out from the rest due to his positive attitude and customer service orientation.

John delivers on time and fully exceeds expectations in terms of customer service.

He answered all requests in a timely manner and provided excellent customer service.

He built a world-class customer service capability and organization.

He certainly has the best interest of both the resources he represents as well as his customers - top of mind.

John represented his customers well and worked hard at balancing business needs and customer expectations.

John provides excellent customer service and communication to our customers and he ensures that all of our clients needs are met, but also exceeded.

Experience aside, him customer service, sense of urgency and work ethic are second to none.

He understands what win-win means and is the representative of his customers internally.

He always proved to be an advocate for him customers whilst balancing the company's manufacturing capabilities and customer service aspects.

His unique sense of humor and customer service focus is effective and contagious.

His number one priority is customer service, with a focus on delivering results.

Seeks and represents the best products and services for his clients.

He represents the voice of the customer within the organization with a fervor and commitment that is rare.

We had several meetings with customers and each time he exceeded customer (and mine) expectations.

He dealt with the very demanding customers and suppliers to ensure best service was provided to his clients.

He completed his scope of work with very little direction and represented us well to the customer.

He represents an excellent product and delivers superior training and customer service.

His customers have a tremendous amount of respect for him and greatly appreciate the attentive service he provides for them.

He is customer focused and ensures the quality of what he represents is nothing less than exceptional.

Most of customers with whom he worked appreciated his client servicing efforts.

John's experience in customer service and exciting way of presenting kept the audience entertained.

His vision of solid customer service was well-conceived and executed.

John is always professional & passionate about his customers & the brands he represented.

His attention to follow up and customer service earned him quota plus performances and long term customer contracts.

John always goes above and beyond colleague and, more importantly, customer expectations.

He gets along very well with colleagues and makes customers feel important.

John represented our company very well with customers, always making an outstanding and professional impression.

He always has time to listen to his employees and his customers.

He encouraged him customer service representatives to always look at an issue from the client's point of view, to put themselves in the client's shoes.

Very customer sensitive and very fair in the business alliances with his customers.

He directly helped win new customers and new business from existing customers.

He embraces the whole concept of how can we do things better, more efficient, deliver better service to our customers at a reduced cost.

Ask any of his customers - he provides top-notch service by following up on outstanding items and delivering things on time.

John consistently provided excellent service to our customers by always having a positive and "can do" attitude.