Customer Service Specialist LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Service Specialist Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

First class customer service, great with his clients and an overall stand up guy.

He brought together the marketing and customer service organisations to run focused and customer orientated initiatives.

He provides extreme service on preparing resumes and creating customized employee handbooks.

His customer service is fantastic too: he's very organized and client-centric.

John encountered customers both internally and externally offering very well executed customer service.

He is very knowledgeable in his field and his customers always speaking very highly of his focus on customer service.

John never tries to oversell his products and services, but rather provides the customer what they need and at an excellent value.

John knows his customers well and is very adept at targeting their needs with the distinct value of his products and services.

John always had our customers interests at the forefront when we were enhancing our products and services.

He understood the customers needs, and was able to articulate the value of our products and services.

He clearly understood how to show the value of the product and service offerings for each customer.

His customer service is excellent and makes the entire experience a complete luxury.

He provides top notch customer service to each and every one of his clients and truly knows the ins and outs of retargeting.

John provides superb customer service to clients and is willing to stay after hours if necessary to help resolve issues.

John makes it a point to know and understand the needs of his clients and is the absolute epitome of customer service.

John always strives for excellence in customer service and the feedback from his clients reflect this excellence.

His clients have had nothing but compliments on his customer service and quick response to the needs.

John potential clients can rest easy knowing he is offering them the best in customer service.

John listens to his customers very thorough and always delivers solutions that best fit each one of his customers needs.

John always quickly engages with prospective customers to learn about new opportunities and the customers' needs.

He wanted to get to know the employees, our customers, our products and services right away.

His excellent analysis and customer friendly approach enabled to provide quality service to customers.

In his role at that time as a professional services specialist, he always challenged himself and everyone around him to make sure that we deliver the best solution to our customers.

He understands the need of his customer well and talks their language.

His repeat clients will tell you that his customer service continues long after the paperwork is filed.