Customer Support Representative LinkedIn Recommendation Phrases Examples

Customer Support Representative Sample Phrases To Write A LinkedIn Recommendation Or Profile Comments

His genuine concern in support of his customers is evident in all aspects of his performance.
This was demonstrated by his ability to work well with customers and represent their concerns.
It was his privilege to work with him and have him support his team and customers.
Great with his customers and always happy to pitch in and support if needed in any meeting at any level.
His capability to understand customer needs and his permanent support to drive results is amazing.
He provides the tools each member needs to succeed, grow, and support the customer's needs.
We were awarded many times as a company due to his efforts supporting our customers.
This is done in a balanced approach, in an equitable, representative of the organization he represents and his customers.
He's supportive, but demanding of his team, to the benefit of all of us and our customers.
He knows to ask the right questions of customers and him technical support staff to deliver value to potential customers.
He is a stand-up guy who represents not only the company that he works for, but also the customer.
John worked with him supporting one of our most demanding customers and he did an impeccable job.
His support and dedication both to his team and to the customer is a rare find.
He went far beyond support for his customers and made sure they had the best service and support from their manufacturer's equipment.
Along with all of these tasks he also played a critical part in internal support as well as customer support.
John also regularly took on after-hours support and continued to follow the customer even after hand offs.
He also is very capable of creating custom reports and tools for support.
John also spent time supporting the customer from on-site locations and the sense of responsibility he demonstrated is gratefully appreciated by the customer as well as himself.
He exudes contagious enthusiasm throughout his approach which reinforces his passion for supporting his customer's needs and best interests.
He will tell him if he thinks he's going to struggle filling a role, supporting his customer's needs above all else.
He's been a ton of fun to watch over the years and to support his ventures as one of his happy customers.
John helped to identify problems, resolve issues very quickly and maintain customer support.
Very concerned about his people and exceptionally competent in supporting customers through his people.
He provided exceptional support for his team and customers to win proposals.
Throughout the period he worked with us he represented his organization well and supported us par excellence.
John is great to work with, very customer oriented and he goes out of his way to support clients.
He works around the clock to support our customers' need and does it with a great attitude.
Most of all, a trusted advisor to his customers and the reps he supports.
Him's knowledge and ability to support the customer help us to work peacefully.
John added functionality for us and was very fast at replying to questions and provided excellent customer support.
His support team represented the final handoff for support in every project we undertook.
He supported his classmates as class representative and peer coaching.
He is honest and trustworthy and represents products that he believes in and supports.
John focuses his energy on his customers and provides great support by being responsive, consistent and thorough.
His support was instrumental in our success in satisfying customers who had shipping deadlines.
He gave him the opportunity to move into marketing and customer support.
He works around the clock supporting his team and his customers relentlessly.
First, he showed his eagerness for the first-hand customer feedback by visiting us in support for heated discussions.
He provides excellent support in fielding the often difficult issues/questions customers may have.
Very self driven and a hardworking individual who always have an interest to deliver what's best for the customers and the organization he represents.
The successful launch of these customer programs would not have happened without his dedication and support.
Always available and accurate, as a resource for helping him in supporting prospects and customers.
Responsible for the voice of the customer, he quickly took the lead on all activities related to customer support.
He always acted in the best interest of his customers and worked hard to represent them & their issues accurately.
His intelligence and knowledge support and lend to both customers and coworkers.
John builds a great connection with the team he supports as well as the customers.
John delivers impeccable customer support with a pleasant personality.
John provided support for some of our distributed infrastructure.
Very simply, he is adept at teaching others how to represent themselves, how to reach customers and, most importantly, how to set yourself up for success.
He commits to thoroughly understand his organisation's value proposition, and he does a terrific job of representing it with customers.
He and his team has been sensitive to customer urgencies and have provided us excellent support, delighting us.
As an individual he is forthright and consistently goes the extra mile to support both the team and customers.
John's suggestions to support team resulted in a positive feedback from customers.
He personally made sure that our customers were well-informed and up to date in his role as a support renewals representative.
He works well with customers and gives great support to other team members.
He consistently set the bar high in support of our customer's need and success factor.
In his role, he has mastered the dance of representing both the company's mission and the objective of his customers.
Most importantly, he cares deeply about others and supports him customers and colleagues any way he can.
Him striking character was his honesty in feedback, his support during any obstacles that we face and him deep customer Centricity.
He knows how to keep both his developers and his customers happy providing them with his immediate support.